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  1. oh my dear god. get a lawyer and insurance
  2. roma4204

    How fast did you find your first job?

    about 4 days after i graduated
  3. roma4204

    Tampa General Info

    I'm a current RN thinking of applying there. I am really interested in their Neuro areas but I have no idea about the work environment. Of course it appears to be so amazing for nurses but they may just have good marketing skills! Anyone want to give any info on working there? Reputation of different departments? Thanks!
  4. roma4204

    What to do, what to do.

    I don't have any LTC experience but it seems this would be a really simple fix on the part of your DON. A policy should be made regarding delay of care...I mean my god - that is ridiculous! If I see an order for a med that is new...I assume it means start it ASAP unless it is written for another time.
  5. roma4204

    potential future nurse seeking wisdom from current nurses

    If you are treating nursing as a back up plan, then you have a very harsh reality coming to you. Nursing is a completely different profession with different goals than those of a physician. It sounds like you have flip flopped countless times and still haven't found what is right for you. I would encourage you to get off the internet and get into an actual hospital. Talk to the nurses there and get some experience. Then decide what the best plan is for you. You would be miserable for the rest of your life if you are working as a nurse and nursing is not what you love to do. You can say that about any career but nursing poses a very specific challenge. There is nothing you can do to make the job more "bearable" besides go into it for the right reasons and know that it is for you. If you want to be a physician, go to med school!
  6. I see now you're not even graduated yet...good luck when you are!
  7. Job listings do not equal actual jobs. Where did you find your RN job?
  8. roma4204

    treating hemolyzed potassium level...

    Anything above 5.5 is considered too high on my floor (nephrology) for dialysis patients and the MD may want to order dialysis treatment depending on the patient. I would be concerned to call 5.7 "normal" in a HD pt. Maybe common, but not normal. This is just what I have seen on my floor, of course!
  9. roma4204

    treating hemolyzed potassium level...

    Why didn't he order it STAT so that it didn't take an hour to come back?!
  10. roma4204

    Need advice!!!! I hate my job

    "This is not directed at you, but my goodness I wish everyone would stop complaining. I'm really looking forward to being a nurse, and I come to this website to get motivation, and then I see countless posts about hating jobs and how this happened at work and the pay is not enough and I have too many patients BLAH BLAH BLAH...Here is the best advice I can give. If you don't like your job...QUIT. What are people going to tell you in a forum that will make your job better. get real and grow up this is the real world." DO NOT insult a nurse about being a nurse when you are not one yourself. You have no idea what it is like until you are in those exact shoes.
  11. roma4204

    A Word of Wisdom

    So again, why are you directing this post towards young nurses? Shouldn't your frustration be directed at the nurse managers?
  12. roma4204

    A Word of Wisdom

    WOW...I wouldn't want to work for a new nurse who was doing the hiring! Sounds like you need to redirect your statement.
  13. roma4204

    Question about drawing blood on an inpatient

    it's not the worst way to do it but it's not the best way either...the chances of germs getting in the draw site are pretty minimal as a nurse you almost always take off a piece of tape and stick it to something so it will be readily available (unless you have 8 hands) - whether it's your pant leg, the counter or the bed rail it's all contaminated. unless i was working with a sterile field i wouldn't honestly think about this too much
  14. roma4204

    Any runners out there who work 3 12's???

    I think I might do the Space Coast marathon in November...there aren't many in the summer here because it's so hot. I have run some disney races though and had a lot of fun so we'll see. Did you find it tired you out at work or gave you more energy when you had to get up to run before?
  15. roma4204

    Any runners out there who work 3 12's???

    That's what I've been thinking...I think I'm going to start getting up before work. Especially with the weather already getting hot here in FL. I can stand to run a short run before or after work but it's fitting in the long runs that I worry about.