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roma4204 has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. roma4204

    Coeur D'alene

    Just to follow up we made the move. I’m not working because of the cost of living difference. Ridiculously cheap here compared to SoCal.
  2. roma4204

    Gonzaga MSN FNP 2019

    Have you heard back yet? The admissions advisor told me 10 weeks but then she said mid March? My application is competitive but not a sure thing so I could see it going either way. Glad you posted!
  3. roma4204

    Idaho online FNP

    I am interested to hear anything about Idaho State's online DNP program. Thanks!
  4. roma4204


    We have had some issues with transport of patients. Recently they want an RN to go with ALL patients not just ICU, pts with PCA's, etc. This causes us to leave our "more fresh" post op pt to go with our stable one to the floor, wait for the nurse to show up, takes forever. We have a NA that helps us but they want an RN to do a check of neurovascular, dressing, drains with the oncoming nurse. It is supposed to reduce RRTs and I think the only reason it does is because it gets the floor nurse's ass in the room sooner because I'm calling them while my new patient is down in the pacu with god knows what going on while non primary nurses care for them. Thoughts? Solutions?
  5. roma4204

    Coeur D'alene

    I am currently a nurse in San Diego. My fiancé wants to move back to CDA where he is from. I love it there but I am concerned about working. Ideally the lower cost of living would allow me to work less, right now in socal I am the primary money maker and I love my job so it would be a big shift. I worked in CA after working in FL, and I do NOT want to go back to a poorly managed environment. I work in PACU now and have great hours and great pay. I have experience in ICU and tele as well. What are some websites to look at jobs just to get an idea of what I may be agreeing myself into? What are thoughts on working in the area, esp from nurses who came from Cali or other areas with mandatory ratios. Any Idaho PACU nurses out there? What are your ratios?
  6. Had a patient with a teratoma - basically one organ tissue growing somewhere else. He had TEETH growing in a pressure ulcer on his bottom. Not sure what came first. I looked it up and it turns out these tumor like tissues can grow hair or any other organ. HOLY stem cell potential!!!
  7. roma4204

    My Defining Moment as a New Graduate Nurse

    Great story but why the hell isn't there outside cardiac monitors that someone would have seen?! or was he in PEA?
  8. Thank you for all the advice! It eased my anxiety about my decision of jeans and a t shirt. First day jitters done!
  9. My first day is tomorrow and I'm trying to decide what to wear into the hospital because we use the OR scrubs in my new department...what do other nurses do???!
  10. roma4204

    Saw a nurse yelling at a patient in ICU

    It sounds like the ICU is not a good place for you. As a pre-nursing student I encourage you to not be so naive to the realities of nursing if that is what you aspire to become in the future. Very often nurses have to yell at confused or just plain combative patients so that the patient does not harm themselves. Some patients simply do not respond to asking nicely. Have you ever heard a patient yelling at a nurse? Or seen one kick and severely hurt a nurse? These situations are reality and the difference between you and that nurse is that she IS a nurse. You cannot judge the situation whatsoever because you are in no way a qualified professional.
  11. roma4204

    Lakeland Regional Medical Center

    I worked here as a new grad. I now work in CA and in critical care, so I'm not sure what makes the biggest difference now, but let me give you some advice. Lakeland was not a good fit for me. I read an article about how uneducated the area is and I think that had a lot to do with it. It was hard for me to make close friends. The patient population has a sense of entitlement without care compliance. This was frustrating. I worked on a medsurg floor and sometimes had 6 patients on telemetry. It was sink or swim. I shutter at the shortcuts that were acceptable working there. Thankfully I never had a huge error but I caught many very, very scary ones. Looking back it worked out very well career wise for me, but it really is not a good hospital to start out in and if you have good experience then I think you'll be horrified to work there. I would look at tampa general or orlando hospitals. From what I've heard, it's best to get out of the south. In CA I get adequate staffing, enforced mandatory covered lunches, breaks and education. If this is where you have to start off and have no other choice, then go in with caution.
  12. roma4204

    Orientee Horror Stories?

    I oriented this horrible but experienced nurse. He could not remember if he had given the patient metoprolol or not. We always pulled meds together, but you would think giving a PO medication to a patient would be okay for an experienced nurse to do on their own. I forget if he lost it or what his excuse was, but he was awful at everything including his communication. Unfortunately he was the brother of one of our nurses who I loved. I just told my supervisor that I thought he was horrible and a few examples of what had happened. Apparently many sounded identical to what he had been fired for in his past job. So whyyyyy did we hire him?!
  13. roma4204

    Irritating things about being a nurse VENT

    Lab calling to make sure they have to actually do their job. This person was admitted for DKA...yes they need q4h BMPs!
  14. roma4204

    Irritating things about being a nurse VENT

    OH MY GOD THE PHARMACY/Pharmacy techs... I am a freaking ICU nurse, I have critical thinking skills coming out of my ass...don't you think I checked both pyxis machines, tube stations and patient cubbies before calling you???
  15. roma4204

    UCSD strike

    State to Seek Court Order Preventing UCSD Hospital Strike - Top News - La Jolla, CA Patch Just an update, the union has declared the dates they're going to strike. I don't work there, I just was curious
  16. roma4204

    What to do when a patient has an acute mucous plug?


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