Interview today...why ask me to come if you've already decided on someone?!!


I am really upset.

I had been trying to get into this LTC facility since they opened a couple years ago...then as a receptionist (it had been filled)..then a cna (wasn't certified and was about to start nursing school)...and now finally as an LVN.

I dropped my resume/references and filled out an application on a walk in. No posted jobs...but asked that they keep me in mind as I really wanted to work for them.

Got a call...can u come tomorrow to interview. YES!!!!

I felt great about it. This LTC is super close to my house. It's the shift I wanted...the dreaded (to everyone else but me) overnight... and yes, I'm available to work OT should someone call out.

I walk in and know instantly they weren't interested in me in the least.

The DON was rude. Didn't smile one time the entire interview.

Couldn't find my application or resume on her desk. Then says...well do you have your resume?! I told her ..I was told do not bring a duplicate because you didn't like them floating around. I don't know WHO would say such a thing! you should always bring a copy with you! uh I'm lying to you???

Asked ridiculous nursing based care questions...then when I answered...would say "We were looking for xyz". Ummm xyz is included in my answer as in the overall assessment...I'm sorry I didn't realize you wanted a specific breakdown of my assessment technique.

question 2... same crap.

question 3.... a procedure question ...ok. I know the procedure but I CAN'T know their specific policy on implementing it because...ta da! I don't work there!!!!

I don't know why they bothered wasting my time if it was obvious they had a candidate already chosen. I felt like they were just trying to be able to say...we interviewed 5 candidates for their corporate office.

It was by far the worst interview I've ever been on and while I'm really upset. I wanted that job. I don't want to work for that DON. She was a.... less than pleasant and I figured if she interviews like that then she probably works like that. I'd never know what was expected of me.

I walked out pretty angry. I really wanted that job...but if I were a psychic I'd be living in Vegas...not working at a LTC facility! I just wish they didn't waste my time. Next time I'm going to just politely explain that I can't possibly know what they want if they are asking vague open ended, a million of answers would be appropriate type questions.

It was a waste of my time.


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I had a situation where they called me and then cancelled without even meeting me because they had chosen another "more qualified" candidate. It hurt! IDK which situation is worse. But, in the end I ended up getting a job that is much better for me in the same hospital, I just had to wait a while. Everything for a reason I guess? Good luck!


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The whole

"we were looking for __________ "

made me feel like I was on some kind of twisted game show!

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Oh wow, I think I used to work for her. =)

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I had an interview kind of like that, it was for a LTAC, and I had worked in a SNF unit with vents who some patients were LTAC, but the unit itself was not.

The DON, wanted nurses with acute care experience, but I was called for an interview and the DON spent the entire time stating how he wants nurses with acute care experience, then asked me acute care questions some I was able to answer but others I had to say I am sorry I don't know, but I am willing to learn, and his response was very smugly "I didn't think you did, you don't have acute care expereince"

Why take me on a tour of all 3 floors of the facility to then sit me down and try to make me feel dumb, all because I didn't have acute care experience, I didn't lie on my resume I had SNF with vent experience, but whatever wasted my time and his.

Who knows why the DON acted the way she did, maybe she was having a bad day, maybe she is related to the DON I interviewed with, but it is very frusterating when they waste your time when the clearly have no intention of hiring you


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That seems like a tough situation, hearing your side of it. Rejection is awful, even when done nicely. One potential employer told me once that she thought I'd be too bored-clearly she didnt pick up on my lack of ambition for promotion.;) Good luck in your job hunt.

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Sorry that happened to you. I can imagine how you feel. I posted an experience on here about landing the perfect job within walking distance to my home, only to have the offer withdrawn right before I was due to report for duty. :crying2: The DON said she would "consider" me for the next positioln that opened. After calling & dropping by for a follow-up, I finally just gave up. Now everytime I pass that place, I think "evil thoughts" of revenge!!!! Yes it's childish & petty, but I initially moved on.

I don't know if my most "hurtful" interview measures up to yours, but I'll share it with you anyway. I was interviewing for a position with a group of NP. The clinic manager, who was not in the medical field, but managed to get the job since her niece was one of the NP's, was doing the interviewing. There was also another office manager sitting in on the interview. Even though the manager had no medical experience, she was possibly the sweetest person that I've ever met. She engaged me in interesting conversation & made the interview seem like it was a meeting between friends. However, the "other" manager sitting in on the interview must have recognized me from a past life. She sat during the entire interview rolling her eyes at me, without saying a word. Once I was offered a tour of the facility, this same lady snatched my paperwork from me before I could even finish with it. Needless to say, when she did that I knew I wouldn't be getting the job. It's kind of funny though, because everytime I look up, this same facility is advertising for this same position.

Sorry, I had to catch myself. I found myself "jacking" your thread. Anyway, things will get better for you, just wait and see!!!!:yeah:

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OP, you only thought you wanted that job. I'm sure there are a lot of things about that facility that made it seem like a place you wanted to work. You didn't waste your time, because now you KNOW what kind of a place it really is.

You dodged a bullet. Thank your lucky stars and find yourself a job worth having. Good luck to you.

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I've had this happen to me in a similar situation.

I rang the person who interviewed me not long after, and told her I did not appreciate my precious time being wasted. Of course I didn't get the job, but like you, I knew I wasn't going to get it anyway. My interviewer was flustered & didn't seem to know what I was talking about. But I did it because it made ME feel better. Now I've got good, solid experience, I don't have to crawl to these $h*tty people anymore.

File it away for future reference. Write in a journal if you have to get it out - that is what I do. Other than that, if ur stewing over it all, ring this DON and tell her what you think as you've put it on here - unless u really want a job there.

I'm sorry this happened and I always tell newer nurses/grads that you will have to move to get experience - that is just the way it is.

Learn and move on - you did nothing wrong by the sounds of it.


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are nursing homes getting flooded with applicants? I applied for 2 positions at one nursing home, I didnt get a interview and the position is still open


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sorry you had to go through this. i have been called for interview by a state agency four times and every time i go to the interview the same person tells me "you have made it through round one, now you have to meet the director and the ...". i reminded here that it was my second, then my third, then my fourth. like they never saw me before.

another nursing home called me and said if i wanted the job and can get there in 45 minutes it was mine. she cancelled me 20 minutes later after they scheduled me. i was already on my way. i never got dressed so fast in my life. i thought that i was being punked!


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At least you all got calls when they cancelled! Although this isn't nursing related, I showed up for a second interview to a place and the manager canceled on me, in front of my face! It wasn't a job down the street. it took two different freeway to get there!

The second was while I was being interviewed, the managers boss called him. He took the call and spoke to his boss for over 20 mins while I sat there. I basically lost the job after that intervention. I don't know how people stay and get hired by such rude people.

Those are my 'non-nursing stories'

You will find something somewhere. And I agree with another poster about calling them asking wth? I mean you already lost, it will make you feel better. These things dont happen to **** out off. Who knows? maybe your dream job will give you a call, be respectful during the interview and offer you a job.