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  1. imagenthings

    Is being a CNA a really hard job?

    It is hard work, but some places have little or no lifting or moving of patients. Nursing home? Lots of lifting, moving, bathing, feeding etc. A clinic? Mostly vital signs and blood draw. We have CNAs in our clinic, but they call them PCAs, dont know why, but there is no physical labor to aggrevate your neck and back issues.
  2. imagenthings

    What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    a bluetooth speaker and a nurses lapel watch with company logo.
  3. imagenthings

    getting hired in a hospital with an associates degree?

    Go to Lincoln Hospital. They love new grads with associate degrees and you are more likely to get on staff right away than someone with a BSc and experience. They leave. I asked someone on staff what was the reason for this, she said, and I quote, "Associate degrees are more likely to stay because not many places will hire them, so we take them to decrease nursing staff turnover". If you speak spanish it is almost guaranteed you have a job there.
  4. imagenthings

    Are NPs going to Saudi Arabia?

    Saudi Arabia is a personal story for me, and want to know what my chances are as an NP. If the position can be translated there. Looking for information from the personal experience of others.
  5. imagenthings

    Are NPs going to Saudi Arabia?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and I have plans to go to Saudi Arabia and am looking for feedback about current experiences from nurses who are there or just went over. There are lots of posts on here but many are really old ones. They were a great help. I am an NP student soon to graduate and want to migrate for a few years and Saudi Arabia was one of the countries I had on my list. Some of my questions are: * Agencies to use, experiences with these agencies * Are NPs in need there * Any NPs out there think that this a good move? Please feel free to share anything else you want to. Thanks.
  6. imagenthings

    Tired of being angry

    Nursing school painted an ideal picture, but in reality, your description is exactly what is out there. What can you do? People are people.
  7. It depends. Some patients will not budge. I had patients who were raised not to bathe everyday so they will not wash the oils out of their skin. They did not use deodorant either because the chemicals were dangerous. The charge nurse used to send them to psych, but there would come back cleared. No psych issue. They were raised to bathe only once a month or when they were going someplace special. Just like some people were raised to take a shower morning and evening. We had to keep offering.
  8. imagenthings

    Screaming match with my preceptor

    I am sorry to hear this, but you cannot blow up. Not to say that I am never tempted, but I have a groove in my tongue from biting it. By blowing up you owned her bad behavior. People take control where they can take control. Again I am sorry that this is happening to you. Try to learn your responsibilities as fast as you can and it will be over soon. Nothing lasts forever.
  9. imagenthings

    Aging Nurses - Where do we go?

    I know someone who retired to the caribbean, bought a house on the beach and works as an expat nurse educator. She keeps just about all her paycheck. She is in her 40's but was experiencing depression (winter) and burnout (fixed schedule and long hours). Try the agencies and see what they have.
  10. imagenthings

    Mocked by teacher in post conference.

    Pick your battles. Someone like that could be very spiteful. If the school is hard-up for instructors she will be right there next semester. What do you want? To see her gone or to graduate? Lets just say when I was in a similar situation I picked graduate. You will have co-workers just like her and worse.
  11. There are nursing positions out there for new grads. It took me 2 years to find a full-time nursing position. Think far outside the box and talk to people. Hospitals, LTCs, clinics and doctor's offices are not all that is out there for nurses. I found a position in an Adult Day Health Center - Medical Model. I never heard of any such thing in my life. Had no idea that a new grad could be considered for case management. They were asking for "3-5 years experience in med/surg, or ambulatory care, case management experience preferred." I had no experience, no money and no confidence left. I tried out anyway. I got it. The director later told me that she met with me first to see if I would "fit". Believe me, you will meet that person willing to give you a chance and train you. Keep your chin up. Some ideas, try lesser known hospitals, school nursing, working with the differently abled, drug rehab centers or diagnostic/imaging centers. Per-diem nurses and travel nurses are also good resources because they work or have worked in many different environments and may be able to give u a lead that you never knew existed. Good luck.
  12. imagenthings

    Getting your first RN job: The secret rules.

    Networking is key, and do not just depend on family an friends. Tell everybody! I have never got a job any other way.
  13. Do not worry about this person and do not complain about him either. Yes he is dangerous, especially in the workplace, but the people that need to be aware will be more convinced when they figure him out on their own. Do not try to make it your business to convince anybody of anything.
  14. sorry about your disappointment. that said, be thankful you have a job. it took me 2 years to get a nursing position, and yes i was at my lowest low at times, but i forgot about my preference a looonnnngggg time ago. i am not saying to do this, but some good may come of it. i am in a field of nursing where i had no interest. none. and i like it. i have wonderful co-workers i must say. keep your chin up. i hope you find some happiness in icc. maybe make some great friends or learn some helpful skills. hey.
  15. imagenthings

    3rd Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    "Forestry is down the hall sir."
  16. sorry you had to go through this. i have been called for interview by a state agency four times and every time i go to the interview the same person tells me "you have made it through round one, now you have to meet the director and the ...". i reminded here that it was my second, then my third, then my fourth. like they never saw me before. another nursing home called me and said if i wanted the job and can get there in 45 minutes it was mine. she cancelled me 20 minutes later after they scheduled me. i was already on my way. i never got dressed so fast in my life. i thought that i was being punked!