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  1. BON Appeal Letter

    I would definitely start with the truth. Then I would follow up with how I've learned from from my mistakes.
  2. RCPs or RRTs or CRTs in Texas

    Many years ago in Texas, you could become a CRT with only 1 year of school. After completion of the second year of school, were eligible to sit for the RRT certification. Now, the minimum education required is 2 years for both the CRT & RRT. Yo...
  3. Pay discrepancies? Security makes more then ER tech?

    I'm getting a little off topic, but I am thankful for contractor work in Afghanistan. Having extra $$$$$, no debt & $$$ in savings account = priceless!!!
  4. I'm a navy nurse and have a question

    The rules about dating sailors are in place for a reason. Not to say that sailor you've befriended isn't great, but is he great enough to risk your career in corps? I say follow the rules and stop trying to find ways around them. If the relationsh...
  5. What do I do with a nasty nurse?

    Since you've already given her a verbal warning, follow up with a written one. There's no reason for her be acting in such a manner. We all experience personal things that threaten to affect us, but hopefully we draw the line and leave those proble...
  6. just informed that mom wants me to drive her kids to school

    The Price Is Right part is too funny!!!! If I had been in your shoes, the client would have met her match because I can hang with the best of them when it comes to shouting out prices!!!!
  7. Why RNs cannot say 'That's not my job'

    I was a respiratory therapist before I became a nurse. I must be lucky because I never had a debate with a nurse, only a CNA who came at me the wrong way. Once while I was in an alert patient's room, the CNA got all in my personal space (while sti...
  8. Nurse trying to scare me away from RN/Nursing in general

    Hopefully she's just trying to push your buttons with her comments. She's probably more overpaid than she lets on.
  9. Any of you LPNs bridging to RN in your very late 40s

    I say go for it!!!!!!
  10. To break the contract or not....that is the question

    Sorry you're in such a "sucky" predictament. Like some have said, I would definitely finish out the remainder of the contract. I don't want to say it'll get better later, because it probably won't. Not that age has to do with anything, but being s...
  11. Things You Know Now (And Wish You'd Known Then!)

    When I started nursing school, all of my instructors (with the exception of one) would say on a daily basis that you don't have to make A's to complete nursing school; the only thing of importance would be passing NCLEX. Although I made A's in clini...
  12. First Job

    Congratulations! It was really nice of your friend to give you a heads up on the job lead. I hope everything goes well.
  13. Interview today...why ask me to come if you've already decided on someone?!!

    Sorry that happened to you. I can imagine how you feel. I posted an experience on here about landing the perfect job within walking distance to my home, only to have the offer withdrawn right before I was due to report for duty. The DON said she ...
  14. Help, I am very conflicted about turning peer into nursing board

    Hell yeah!!!! LOL.
  15. Please help me LPN's or former LPN's...

    Just felt the need to chime in on this one.... To those of you who decided to help the OP with his/her questions, thanks alot!!! Whether it was homework or not, it was mighty kind to offer help, which I'm sure didn't take no more than 5 minutes of yo...