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now this might seem petty to you but it is important to me. let me explain my dilemna briefly. i went on an interview recently. i don't have a need for business-like clothes so I have one dress that i only use for interviews. i put it on for the interview and change right after. i refer to it as my "interview uniform". anyway my question is for the fashion conscious out there. i have been invited back for a follow-up interview with the same person. should i wear the same dress or should i go out and buy something else. like i said i don't have a need for business-clothes so it seems silly to spend money on more business-clothes. any suggestions? :p

btw - i don't know anyone with the same size as me to borrow something.


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a nice pair of dress pants/skirt [black/navy blue] and a nice top would do fine with a nice pair of dark shoes.

with a second interview, sounds like you may have the job! all the best.

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Trousers are fine with an appropriate top. I wouldn't spend the money to get something that you are not going to wear again. There are more important things for you right now to consider.

Good luck with your second interview,,,keep us posted....... :balloons:

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No, don't wear the same dress. Invest in some classic trousers, black or dark gray, and a simple top. These can be worn again for years, and who doesn't have a need to "dress" once in a while? You'll feel better if you know you are dressed appropriately. Good luck!


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I would not wear the same dress. Why not wear one of your nursing uniforms. One of your nicer scrub sets would be appropriate.

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i would either invest in another outfit or go with something you already own, like a nice pair of "dress" pants and a shirt or blouse. i usually wear a pair of pants and a sweater or shirt/blouse.

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I totally understand your dilemma! I don't have that much need for the business casual look myself, so I have very few "serious" outfits. Mostly I have jeans...or party dresses. So what worked best for me was what most everyone else suggested - get a single pair of dark-colored slacks (wrinkle-free material) and one or two nice blouses or sweaters. You really don't need a whole expensive business suit for the interviews, and you'll probably wear the pants again. Later on in your nursing career you'll probably end up going to conferences or hospital events where you are expected to dress business casual.


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I worked for quite awhile as a nurse recruiter for a large city hospital.

And while I never expected nurses who were applying for staff positions to look like they were on their way to a banking board member I did want to see them looking professional and neatly dressed. Most recruiters feel that this is when the applicant should be performing at their very best, putting forth their best impression. Because of this, someone who shows up poorly or inappropriately dressed may not be seen as the best candidate.

No jeans,

No summer sun dresses, spaghetti straps or mini skirts

No super high heel "throw-me-down-and-do-me" open sandal-type shoes

No pants and tee shirts

No "frou-frou" church dresses

What we usually want is a professional looking outfit. A nice dress that looks like you could wear it in a professional situation, it doesn't have to be a suit.

Pants are certainly OK, but make them dark brown, blue or black with a dress blouse, sweater set, or jacket.

I, personally, thought scrubs were OK if you were interviewing after work but I'd rather see someone in professional clothes.

What you wear does not have to be expensive. something from Walmart or Target can look as professional as something from Lord &Taylor. If you spend a little money to help you get a job you really, really want - it will be an investment in YOU, in your future and this will be money well spent. This is especially important when applying for positions where there might be more than one well qualified nurse applying. You should do everything you possibly can to make you look like the best person for the job.


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Yep...go to Target or Walmart or some store like that, buy a pair of nice slacks or a nice skirt. Make it black, navy blue or brown & then get a blouse or nice sweater to go with it. I have a black's so good for interviews...and all you have to do really is change the blouse or sweater & it's a whole new outfit.


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i once bought a really nice suit on my credit card, wore it, and returned it right after my interview. i know, it's wrong, but sometimes when you have no gotta do what you gotta do...

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I have bought nice interview clothes at Goodwill.

I would not wear the same outfit twice.


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I know everyone says wear black or navy, but I got my best job wearing tailored lilac trousers and a matching top. I think I just stood out from the crowd of black & navy!

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