Wish me luck !

  1. Hi Guys

    Sorry I havent been on properly for a couple of weeks - Ive been extremely busy at work lately with implementing a new Heart Failure Pathway, But I have a little bit of news.

    I have a phone interview tonight at 7 pm with a Lady from Rhode Island Hospital in the US and im absolutely chewing my fingernails off lol

    Ive submitted my transcripts and application to the BON in Vermont and am just waiting to hear back from them before I can sit my NCLEX

    Adevia the agency im with have been so great in finding me this fab direct hire hospital and Im so excited but I need to get the interview over with first

    So wish me luck

    Hope everyone else is doing well here :smiletea:
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  3. by   suzy253
    Good luck to you! RIH is a great level 1 trauma center. If you want more info on Little Rhody, let me know (I live here)
  4. by   sirI
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Let us know.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    good luck
  6. by   Clarecartwright
    Thanks guys and Ive Pmd you Suzy
  7. by   cariad
    it all sounds good, nice to have a place to focus on at the beginning of your long journey. good luck with the interview.
  8. by   Tanvi Tusti
    Good luck in everything, hope it went well and keep us posted.
  9. by   Clarecartwright
    Hi guys thanks for the good luck wishes

    It went really well and they have asked to see me in London at the face to face interviews in April - Ahhhhh thats going to be alot more scary than a phone interview lol

    Thanks again
  10. by   madwife2002
    Congratulations that is wonderful news-Rhode Island that sounds great
  11. by   english_nurse
    congratulations, i would imagine that a face to face interview is easier than a telephone one!!! it should be a breeze
  12. by   Clarecartwright
    Lol I hope so
  13. by   janelola
    Well done! What sort of things did they ask you in the 'phone interview? I've decided to go with Avedia too, they've been very helpful up to now. I applied to CA BON to sit Nclex, I'm still waiting to hear from them 4 months on! I wish I'd taken everyone's advice and applied to Vermont too! Hope yours comes quickly! Good luck with the Nclex exam!
    Janelola x
  14. by   Clarecartwright
    Hi Janeola

    So glad you decided to go with Adevia I cant praise them enough especially my wonderful recruiter who has been a godsend lol.

    In the phone interview they asked me firstly a bit of background like have I applied for immigration before if me or my hubby have any criminal convictions. She then asked me what I knew about Rhode Island Hospital and why I wanted to move there. Then she asked me what I would do in the event of making a drug error and what I would also do if I disagreed with a supervisor. That was it , it lasted about 15 minutes and I really wish I hadnt worried so much about it lol.

    Are you hoping to go to California - as Adevia are hopefully getting direct hire hospitals in California, Massachusetts and Cape Cod which are better than going with an agency

    anyway good luck and hopefully you wont have too wait much longer atleast you have more time to study for your NCLEX
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