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  1. this is an interesting debate and really shows people who happen to be nurses for their own personal opinionated selves. americans think that they dont have an accent...where did that come from, and speaking english, maybe the americans should insist on an abbreviated free world where everyone uses letters for everything in health care....not safe. as for coming to america as a nurse and not having to take the n-clex another fallacy, everyone who is a nurse in the states takes the n-clex regardless of who they are. i speak english perfectly well, english is what i speak where i come from, not americanised english, so sometimes even after being here for a long time i have to ask what the american nurse means when they are speaking english. oh and the nurse who said get back to your own country...you must be an american indian....you know those people who this country belonged to in the first place, other than that your family has emigrated to america from somewhere....
  2. cariad

    Socialized Medicine Part 2

    i am in immigrant from the uk, and have experienced care both sides of the atlantic. from what i have experienced in the us, is that the government dont run your health care system because after all that is known as socialised medicine and god help us if the americans allow that! but the americans do allow any insurance company that they pay through their employment to have the say in their health care, it could be just any old joe bloggs who is telling you that you are denied health care, and of course they get bonuses for saying that to you. the american health system works for those of us in jobs that have good health insurance and are not really sick,,,,you know sick for longer than 12 weeks because after that you dont really have a job anymore. as far as i can see what is happening around me, socialised medicine is already here for those of you work its called insurance companies and for those who have nothing inarizona its called achss, there are wait times in the uk, but from the moment i was born and my mother had free maternity care while she was carrying me to free birth for me and free care throughout my whole life which then continued into my own life, i didnt appreciate socialised medicine until i was without it. the ordinary american just doesnt know what they are saying no to......theres nothing worse than having a medical crisis happen in your life and not only is the worry about the recovery from it, but then having to worry about paying the bills that come afterwards, and thats with good health insurance!