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General Medicine, Renal and Cardiology
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Clarecartwright has 5 years experience and specializes in General Medicine, Renal and Cardiology.

Im Clare a Ward Sister on Renal/Cardiology ~ I hope to emigrate to America in the next couple of years

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  1. Clarecartwright

    I'm thinking of persuing a career in Nursing

    Hi Jonathan So pleased you are considering becoming a nurse it is a great profession and you will meet so many wonderful people, It is one of the few jobs in the world where you go home after a long day and actually feel as if you have helped to make a difference. I agree with Silver Dragon do not worry about specialising just yet as you have 3 years to decide what part of nursing interests you the most. Obviously you have to decide now which branch of nursing you want to study there are 4 in all : Childrens, Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Adult, I would always reccomend people to go for adult first and then do a further 18 Months if you decide you would rather choose a different branch of nursing because then you would be dual trained which is a bonus. Keep us posted on how you get on Love Clare
  2. Clarecartwright

    Shifts in the USA

    Thanks for the advice guys, I was feeling as if I wasnt been flexible enough turning the posistion down for the shifts - I will keep looking though :)
  3. Clarecartwright

    Shifts in the USA

    Hi GUys As you know I am scheduled to have my face to face interview with Rhode Island Hospital in April, They have sent me a information pack in which was included a possible contract for me too read in advance I noticed the only shifts that they are employing for are lates ( 3 - 11.30) and Nights (11 - 7.30) I do not Mind doing any shift but the actual times especailly the late shifts really put me off I dont mind 2 - 10 but 11.30 I wouldnt be home until after Midnight. The agency have clarified with the hospital and these are the only shifts they have at the moment - should I cancel the interview and wait for something else or is this the times of late shifts in the USA Thanks for your help in advance Clare
  4. Clarecartwright

    Any UK Nurses sitting the CRNE in Feb 2007?

    I agree re : the name
  5. Clarecartwright

    The envelope was open!!!

    Congrats - Great news and good Luck :)
  6. Clarecartwright

    to Tanvi Tusti

    Good luck and cant wait to hear how its going ? :)
  7. Clarecartwright

    Questions for UK nurses who have made the move to the USA

    Thanks everyone for the honest replys - Moving to America is not a whim for us infact it is something we have both wanted to do for about 8 years now, Oz sounds great and when Im on an early I do watch the down under programme - I love it and everyone always decides to move LOL ! but I couldnt be that far away from my family Myself and my Mother are both terrible flyers and have to have valium in order to get on a plane lol so neither of us could fly to Oz atleast Rhode Island is only 7 hours away from the UK. Thanks for the networking advice Madwife, Adam (DH) has been on careerbuilder.com looking at toolmaking jobs and there are alot in Rhode Island and the pay is good and he does have all the relevant qualifications so hopefully it wont be too hard for him, he has started emailing big companys over there with his CV and just trying to get some advice on his employability. Anyway thanks again it has been so welcome to have such honest and indepth replys.
  8. Clarecartwright

    Questions for UK nurses who have made the move to the USA

    Thanks for clearing that up for me guys :)
  9. Clarecartwright

    Questions for UK nurses who have made the move to the USA

    Thanks for that link Claire I will check it out
  10. Clarecartwright

    Questions for UK nurses who have made the move to the USA

    Hi Guys Thanks for the replys - My husband left school when he was 16 and has worked at an engineering firm ever since, he has worked his way up from sweeping the floors to becoming a press shop manager - he is a "Tool Maker" by trade and this is what he has qualifications in - he has NVQ level 4's in engineering. But my problem is he has said if moving to America he would want to do something different ? But hes not particuarly sure what, We are moving to Rhode Island if this helps in answering my questions. Also I was told by a Family member that when we get there my Hubby wont be allowed to work for 3 years - I presume this is untrue as I have not seen anyone else on here mention it ? Thanks again for all your help
  11. Clarecartwright

    new filipino nurse planning to work in the UK

    I just want too add though that although the conditions may not be ideal in the UK the nurses and Doctors are great they love their patients and they are extrememly caring, Im very lucky where I work the pt ratios are usually 10 patients to 1 trained and 1 untrained nurse, I think my pay is good compared to alot of other jobs I could be doing for alot less money and we always have one half hour and one 15 minute concessionary break throughout a eight hour shift.
  12. Hi Guys As you know Im at the beggining of this long and winding process and although have done a huge amount of research and got lots of useful information from here I ahve a couple of questions well really my hubby has a couple of qyuestions he wants me too ask you guys. He is all for up and moving to the USA but his concern is that if our quality of life will not be the same over there as here he has a very good job and is the major bread winner and I also have a good job as have managed to work my way up to sister in just 5 years. In the USA he will not have any qualifications and will be starting from scratch as he didnt even get any GCSE's when he left school. Was anyone else in the same situation ? How long did it take your partners to find jobs ? Was it easy ? Do they take into account any of the qualifications from England or do they want High school diplomas etc Any advise would be hugely appreciated Love Clare
  13. Clarecartwright

    Help Please!! Psychiatric Care in your country.

    Im also happy to help if needed I will be online ost of the evening
  14. Clarecartwright

    Registration complete

    Congrats wow that is so quick Rebecca dont change your mind Im aspiring to you for all the advice I need on this long and winding journey to the USA
  15. Clarecartwright

    cannot get another nursing job ..

    Im so sorry to hear about your situation but you are not alone - we only employed 10 nurses out of the 300 who applied from Octobers intake at our Hospital, alot of those are working agency to keep their skills etc , Have you thought of that plus its a great way to get your foot in the door as you will be able to listen to when jobs are coming up on certain wards etc and if you have worked their as an ageny Im sure you will be highley considered Good luck
  16. Clarecartwright

    US RN looking for nurse in UK to email

    If you need anymore Im also happy to help you out :)