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Tanvi Tusti has 20 years experience and specializes in ICU, midwifery, Nurse Practitioner.

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  1. Tanvi Tusti

    Non-Medical Prescribing

    I assume you did the V300 not the V100/150? If I remember correctly, I passed the V300 at the end of June and was up and prescribing by the end of September. It doesn't take too long to have it registered with the NMC, and your NMP lead should sort out all the requirements at the local level. Depending on your trust you will have to fill out of form outlining your competencies but I don't think there is any formal logging as such. As an NMP you can prescribe all medications in the BNF within your level of competencies, which will hopefully be developed as time passes, so they cannot really log what you will or won't prescribe. Hope this helps.
  2. Tanvi Tusti

    Welcome to the Forum - General Aussie Chat

    Hi Im in NSW we do 12 hour shifts off a 6 week roster with rotation to nights 1 week in 6, works well here, everyone seems happy enough with the 12 hours and its great having the 4 days off. Some prefer to work the 3 shifts in a row, others prefer to work 2 have a day or off then work the other. Everyone works well around this as there is a good mix of staff here. I personally love doing it and havent really got anything bad to say about it. Hope it works out OK for you. x;)
  3. Tanvi Tusti

    getting agency work in london??

    Hi rummie Ive done the reverse lol, UK nurse working in Australia. I have lived in London for a few years myself and getting agency work there was no problem then. London usually has a big staffing problem mostly because of the costs of living there. Im not sure what its like now, in terms of getting agency work, but to my knowledge there has never been a problem in London. Try these agencies, Ive used them all and they were pretty good to me: http://www.adevia.com/nursing_jobs.shtml http://www.prestigenursing.co.uk/ The longest part for you will be registering as a nurse in the UK. You need to contact: http://www.nmc-uk.org/ If I can help any more about general living costs etc. in London dont hesitate to ccontact me. Good luck. xx
  4. Tanvi Tusti

    big retirement in NHS?? anyone heard this?

    Dont get too despondent, you WILL get a job as a nurse, it may take a little while. Like a previous poster said, the NHS goes up and down, I remember many times that this has happened and newly qualified nurses have been without work for a time, but if they really want to do it and maybe are prepared to look in other areas then the work is there. Good luck
  5. Tanvi Tusti

    Comparison of US and UK pay

    Trying to prepare people to the reality of life in the US is very hard when all they seem to do is badmouth their own country. Many on here seem to have a very rose tinted view of the US that will not be discouloured until they get there. Life in the US is good if you have a job, money AND good insurance, but god forbid if you haven't. My 59 year old father in law, who has worked all his life in Portland WA, paid his insurance, done is bit and now when he needs help, its not there. He had a stroke in June last year, had 2 weeks rehab covered by his insurance, still needed it after this but insurance would not pay so he paid from his megre savings. In September he was diagnosed with bowel cancer. His insurers would not pay for all his care. Having spent his savings on the rehab the previous months, he had no option but to remortgage to free up some money from his home. Now he is in a position where he has no idea if or when he will be able to return to work, he has no income from anywhere, his money from the remortgage is dwindling and he is beside himself about how he will mangage. We seriously considered not coming out to Oz and having him come over to us in the UK, but he would hear none of it. The stories I hear from my husband about how he managed when he was unemployed through no fault of his own, sitting for hours waiting to get work just for one day so he could afford to eat, life out there can be incredibly tough so be prepared for it. There is no social support there like in the UK. However bad it might be in England, believe me, having some support is better than none at all. And for anyone considering having a baby out there, dont expect maternity pay, you just wont get a thing.
  6. Tanvi Tusti

    Skilled Indepenent - 136

    Hi, to apply for a 121 visa you have to have been working in Oz full time for 2 years but only 1 has to be for the employer who nominate you. As far as I know you can change position in the hospital, its not the job, its the employer who provides the nomination so as long as you stay with that employer for at least a year you can move areas. In order to apply for 457, the first step would be to register with Queensland Nursing Council. Im resgistered with the NMB NSW but Im sure its pretty much standardised. You can download the forms off the website, get all your certificates notorised, provides letters form current and previous employer, send it all off and wait the 8 or so weeks. Then find yourself a job, which is VERY easy, either go via a recruitment agency such as http://www.profco.com/, or ring around hospitals yourself, either option is good. Once you get the job offer they will provide a nomination letter which has your nomination number on, then fill in your online application at: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/sbs/index.htm, this takes all of 3o mins to do and you will get a response, usually within 4 weeks, although I have heard that there have been delays of up to 8 weeks just recently. During the wait find yourself somewhere to live, this is a good place to start: http://www.realestate.com.au/. Book your flights and your away! Working here is great, work practicies are much like in the UK, the people are very helpful and friendly. We are in Sydney, which is considered an expensive place to live, and yes the quality of life is overall slightly better than in the UK. The weather certainly helps too. I would say that financially I am slightly worse off here, but the lifesytle more than makes up for it and if we were to buy rather than rent then the type and size of house that we could get would be way better than in the UK. Anything else I can help with dont hesitate to ask. :monkeydance:
  7. Tanvi Tusti

    Comparison of US and UK pay

    I dont know why you would only be earning £7.67 per hour. Band 5 point 3 at £19166 PA is the lowest start point for an RN (as quoted by the RCN) and that works out to £9.80 an hour so even if you are newly qualified you should be earning way more tham £7.67 an hour. Wherever it was that paid you that are totally ripping you off. As for relaxing in a jacuzzi, get yourself off to BandQ, they do some great offers on whirlpools!!
  8. Tanvi Tusti

    Skilled Indepenent - 136

    Hi I am a UK born and trained RN in Sydney for the second time on a 457 temporary business long stay visa. I can change employers but the new employer has to log an application for said visa, this hasn't been a problem for friends that I know have done this. It also allows you to easily apply for a 121 permanent visa while you are here in Australia. Any nurses wanting to work in Oz permanently, I would advise to go that route as the application for the 457 along with registration with the appropriate nursing board, only takes around 4 months, then you can begin the longer 121 visa application whilst you are actually here. The longest part of the process for me was the registration with the NMB, this took just over 8 weeks, whereas the online visa application took only 4. You need 12 months post reg experience to be considered for most jobs although some will accept you with less. Good luck
  9. Tanvi Tusti

    Nearly there...

    Hi all Well we are in Sydney, arrived on Thursday last. The apartment is great, we spent the last few days getting it sorted and just managed to get online this AM. Its so nice to be back, we are in Camperdown this time round and so far so good. I start my job on Monday next, its the same as I did before so at least I will know the ropes. Thanks everyone for your good wishes and to safeway, no we dont have kids, but Im sure they wouldn't put the limit for immigration with parents at 16, my feelings are it would be 18, it is most other places. xx;)
  10. Tanvi Tusti

    Nearly there...

    Well here we are! Spent a couple of days in glorious Dubai (anyone whos never been get yourself over there right now!!), arrived in Melbourne Wednesday afternoon. We will spend a week here with friends and then take the train over to Sydney next Thursday. We have a week and a half there before I start my job. Still jetlagged, on UK time. Its 9:50pm here, feels like I should be just getting up though. Ah well its a small price to pay. And for all you lucky enough to be here, can I say hello and my god, the weather is FANTASTIC. Over 29 degrees here today and more to come. Ill keep you all posted on my job when I get there. :D xx
  11. Tanvi Tusti

    Hello - French speaking nurses?

    Hi Im English and have worked in ICU in France for two years and am a fluent French speaker, I'd be glad to help :Snowman3:
  12. Tanvi Tusti

    Quick question...

    We are coming back to Sydney in January but wanting to check out Melbourne for a couple of weeks prior to. We were thinking of taking the XPT Melbourne-Sydney train service rather than fly, anyone know roughly how long it takes and what the cost is?
  13. Tanvi Tusti

    Thinking of moving to UK

    I am very close to that pay if you use current conversion rates and taking into account the high price of living in the Bay area (my husband used to live in Emeryville so he pretty much knows how much things cost there), I am actually WAY better off finincially here in the North of England. Yes, sure some parts of the States are cheaper to live, like WA state which was DH's home for over 20 years but certainly not in San Francisco.
  14. Tanvi Tusti

    Thinking of moving to UK

    Hi Im what they like to call nowadays "modern matron" (I never chose the name lol), and independent nurse prescriber so had to work a few years to get to this point in my career. Im on the top of pay scale 8 with 2 discressionary points so my annual salary is actually £46,900, which at current US exchange rates works out to about $91,924. If we decide to go back to the US (which is looking unlikely at this point), my salary in the Bay area will be $52,416, hence the reluctance. I am very lucky in that I really enjoy my job here in the UK. Im primarily based in primary care, although some of my work does involve the odd few hours in hospitals. That is where the problems lie. There are severe staff shortages which leads to poor moral etc, etc. I dont see that in my job. I work with a happy bunch of people, sure we have the odd grumble, who doesn't but generally things are pretty good. Ive worked in Australia where things are pretty similar to here in the UK, they have staff shortages too as do the US. Ive seen some pretty horrendous tales of woe from American nurses about their working conditions etc, especially ICU, so I certainly dont see the US as all milk and honey like some people do. Yes I love the country and the people (my husband is one of them), Im just not sure that working there is for me. I almost see it as a step backwards. My nurse prescribing is not recognised. I have two degress and a masters, my midwifery degree is not recognised, I would have to jump through hoops to get my MSc. recognised, whereas in Australia, its just a matter of getting a few certificates notorised and filling in an online application for a visa, all of which can be completed in less than 4 months. No exam, no burocrasy, and I get virtually the same pay and can use all my skills.
  15. Tanvi Tusti

    OZ or US whisch is best??

    I think you hit the nail on the head there. The culture shock thing can be quite overwhelming in the US. I lived there on and off for over a year, have travelled to just about every US corner but never really got over it, even being married to an American, whereas I felt at home within a week of arriving in Oz. Distance is obviously an issue, especially if, like me, you dont like flying , but Oz is well worth it, anyone who has been there will know.
  16. Tanvi Tusti

    OZ or US whisch is best??

    100% agree, thats why im coming back!