watchers and lurkers

  1. ok, i can see that there are 7 guests and just me as a member on here, are you all watchers and lurkers?
    we would love more nurses actually writing anything that they want to on the uk threads.
    its good to hear from all parts of the uk and all types of jobs that you all do.
    i painstakingly tried to recruit from the hospital where i worked before i left and then again got some carribean nurses to sign up when i was on st croix.
    i love hearing whats going on in the uk, please tell all.
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  3. by   english_nurse
    i am not a lurker

    i could never keep quiet for that long
  4. by   cariad
    i know the feeling.
    whenever i have time to spend reading the threads on here, i want more. i want to know whats happening at home, but it must be nothing 'cos its not written here.
    i must be getting more like the americans, they say that if its not written then it didnt happen.
  5. by   english_nurse
    i know what you mean
    i write myspace every week, its become addictive!!
  6. by   madwife2002
    I could quite easily be a lurker :spin: but like EN I cant keep my mouth shut I would probably have an easier life if I didnt open my mouth, or get involved.
  7. by   english_nurse
    keep mouth shut????

    now that is against my religion
  8. by   RGN1
    You & me both - tried - just can't do it!!:spin:
  9. by   nightmare
    I'm usually found in Geriatric and LTC,my speciality---and my age! I occasionally creep out and come to UK forum as well.It's so interesting that ,even though we're different continents(or should that be incontinents)that we have the same problems.I also find interesting the different methods and qualifications ,there seem to be so many different nurse qualifications in the US ,soooo many abreviations!Lately I've been surprised that US's moving and handling isn't so "none lifting" as ours and I agree that we are definately seeing more upper back and shoulder probs moving hoists,especially on carpets!I'm also intregued by the full body assessments,we assess but not in such depth.It's getting very adictive,shortly will not have time to go to work because I'm spending too much time on the forum.( I wish!)
  10. by   UM Review RN
    I usually visit invisibly, although if I peek at the threads at work, I'm under the "guest" category.

    Like most Americans, I'm very curious about other cultures and how nursing is different in other parts of the world.

    I was fascinated with someone's story on a different thread about how many patients UK nurses have and what type of assessment is done, and I'd love to see a thread about that.

  11. by   ayla2004
    I Dont lurk like to be involved
    i wish more uk student nurses posted the american system is so different
  12. by   Fonenurse
    Like some of the other posters, I am guilty of engaging mouth a little too often at times - and being a tight northerner, being a premium member I want to get my money's worth - lol
  13. by   karenG
    ok.. will stop lurking and start posting again.. maybe get up to 3000 posts!!!