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  1. by   talaxandra
    i've just done a new search and found an article ([color=#003399],10117,18553702-29277,00.html) that reports the enrolled nurse "observed mr hammett's rapid decline. 'she was recording but not responding to his deterioration, particularly his oxygen levels,' [said the prosecutor]," which is certainly an issue.
    the registered nurse went on break at 1am, around the time that (i assume according to the documentation) the patient's condition seriously deteriorated.
    from what i've read both nurses were relatively inexperienced.
  2. by   katie258
    Well yes but still if it is true that the nurse only recorded and didn't report that is an issue. We have only an EN and an RN on nights here, a 25 bed rural hospital with A&E. I have wondered what would happen if things turned to whatsit O/N.But when things do go off the docs and other staff have in the past been called in. We also don't have a break on our ten hour night shift. It's scary stuff.
  3. by   nyapa
    Quote from Scrubby
    Chigap-If this ward was working under their staffing requirement did you write an incident report? I certainly would be. I'd also be contacting the ANF about it as well.

    You took the words right out of my mouth Scrubby. They cannot afford to ignore an incident report...especially if you keep records at home about what happened that night as well, should there have been any consequences...
  4. by   nyapa
    Quote from talaxandra
    From what I've read both nurses were relatively inexperienced.
    I bet the hospital won't take the skill level into account...they just want 'bums on seats' until something happens...
  5. by   Grace Oz
    you don't need to be a 30 year experienced nurse to be able to see someone looks 'crook!'.
    Not judging these nurses by any means, however, if someone was declining that rapidly ..............
    Either way, the whole thing is very unfortunate and rather sad.
  6. by   joecalifa
    [HI I am a nurse in California, and just wanted to know about more about OZ and NZ. Do they have protocols in the E.D?, how is the relationship between MD's nurses? Is it well staffed the E.D( techs, assistants, resp therapists).
    I really wanna there and visit some hospitals, and maybe attend a conference in E.R or Trauma. I highly appreciate any info, thanks a lot.
  7. by   joannep
    The case has been thrown out of court, but how stressful for those involved!,00.html
  8. by   Grace Oz
    Thank you Joanne, for posting this.

    Having been in the situation of being the spouse of a patient who suffered due to medical negligence, I can tell you, the health industry tells lies and covers it's backside! BIG time!

    Having being a nurse, I also know that sometimes dreadful things happen.

    My sympathy goes out to that family who have lost a loved husband and father.

    If indeed, those two nurses were blameless, and I don't know because I wasn't there, then they have also been through a stressful and trying time. And, this outcome is good news for them.

    If they aren't blameless, I hope they both do some serious re-evaluaton of themselves and how they practise nursing.

    I hope also, that the system as a whole, if negligence was a factor, takes measures to improve itself and better protect and care for those entrusted into it's care.

    I hope the family find peace eventually.
  9. by   susieok
    thanks for posting as i had been interested in this case.

    i agree with GraceOz. if they did their best, but were merely used as a scapegoat then hopefully the nurses can have piece of mind now and get on with their lives and careers.

    however if there was some negligence on their part, then they really reconsider their options re whether to rtn to this profession.

    Think this should be an example to those nurses who aren't pulling their weight and not acting when pt's become acutely unwell.

    i have worked with and am sure will continue to work with staff that do not understand the implications of not providing a duty of care. they are there in a professional capacity, and their pt's rely on them to protect and care for them. there's a very blase attitude out their now, people don't want to do more than the basics, and it is tiring for others to pick up their mess over and over again.
  10. by   talaxandra
    I was concerned that they were charged before there had even been a Coronial investigation. I absolutely feel for the family, but also for the nurses, who (whether they contributed, singly or jointly, to his death) have had this hanging over them for so long. I'd really like to know more about what actually happened, but doubt more facts will come out.
  11. by   Grace Oz
    I think you're correct in saying no more facts will be revealed.
  12. by   talaxandra
    But I want to know!!!
    I think that's my idea of an ideal afterlife: knowing everything - is there a Bermuda Triangle, what happened to Amelia Airhart (that doesn't look right!), as well as the smaller stuff
  13. by   Grace Oz
    Quote from talaxandra
    but i want to know!!!
    i think that's my idea of an ideal afterlife: knowing everything - is there a bermuda triangle, what happened to amelia airhart (that doesn't look right!), as well as the smaller stuff
    yer a nosey lil bugger aren't ya??!!! .... wanting to know it all!!!!!

    ps: it's spelt: earhart!
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