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  1. Hi,

    I want to ask a quick question regarding the msm messenger web site. I would like to have access to use it but everytime I download it and start it running I get horrible virus's, and I have to reboot my system which is a hassle and takes ages. I am convinced it is from the msm web site becauseI dont get virus's very often from else where.
    Does anybody else have this problem or it is just me? I have firewalls running and virus systems set up on my computer.
    I so desperatly want to use MSM when I go to US to live to be able to communicate with my frends back in Uk.

    Any helpfull advice
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  3. by   karenG
    I have messenger and dont have a problem with virus's etc..

    I also have 2 firewalls... a popup blocker..adsubtract with takes out stuff I dont want.. it has a venus fly trap function to pick up things before they actually enter the computer.. I have 2 virus checkers and a thing called 'stinger' which i run to look for the stray virus.........

    ok.. I'm paranoid!

  4. by   Fonenurse
    I know there are problems with msn Kay, but I only get viruses if I download files or images through msn - so I don't do it - as a means of chatting to folk, I love msn. Have you done a google search for answers? Sorry I have no instant fixes for you
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    I don't have a problem kay with MSN but you could also look at as they have IM and it is good. I use it a lot and have no problems plus it has better smilies than msn
  6. by   themadscotsman
    If you got to you can download the latest version of messenger and numerous "addons" to stop it from showing adverts etc

    I use and highly recommend Messenger Plus - stops all the microsoft adware nonsense
  7. by   Jessy_RN
    I have had problems with msn in the past. I'd download yahoo messenger instead.
  8. by   honeyb111
    Several people on another board I belong to have had the same problem the last few days. It runs fine if you already have it on your computer, but the download file is apparently infected. Wonder if msn knows????
  9. by   cariad
    hi kay, we use msn here for e-mails, messenger and with our webcam, did you say that you have downloaded the new version, maybe you should just use the old version at the moment, we havent downloaded the new version yet, as we usually have problems initially when we do.
  10. by   Fonenurse
    As the other say, there are all sorts of different messengers - Yahoo, ICQ, AIM. Yahoo is quite good, as is ICQ. All it requires is making sure all your friends in the UK are on the same one I guess!
  11. by   suzanne4
    Not sure why you are having issues with the download, especially if you are trying to use the latest version. Are you using a dial-up or broad-band for the download? Never had any problems with it when I added it to the newest computer.

    You may want to try Yahoo instead, if nothing else. I use both of them all of the time.

    Do you have a virus blocker on your computer that would catch anything?
  12. by   madwife2002

    Thanks for your suggestions, I will try using the version which comes with the comp and see what happens. I have Norton anti virus, Mc fee firewall on the comp at the moment. It was the download which caused it I am sure. So maybe it does have a virus in the download.