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OK guys, I am an male RN I have 1.5 years tele, medsurg, and ER experience how do I work abroad but still make enough to pay student loans of $400 usd/month, thanks. Links would be helpfull.... Read More

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    Quote from cluv2nurse
    Can you be a little more helpfull than that?
    erm, all of your posts are requesting basic information that could be easily found utilizing research skills you should have acquired along the road to becoming an RN.
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    There's a lot of countries in the world. Perhaps if you narrow it down some, people could provide more helpful info. Usually you apply to the localnursing board, get your transcripts evaluated and sent to them, sit any exams necessary, pay a whole lot of money, and get a local license. Then you have to figure out the immigration requirements to be actually able to go and work there.

    For example, for Australia:
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    Does anyone work in Panama? I am interested in moving there and working.

    There are many sites with information but it is most helpful to have an inside view from someone who lives in the country you are planning to move to.
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    Hello everyone. I am a ER/Telemetry/home health nurse currently, yes three jobs at once as I'm sure many work this. I have no kids, I am a 24 year old male with a BSN with no commitments or attachment and I have intentions on seeing the world. I want to live in a different country for a while such as brazil or Argentina and work as an RN there. Please would sombody be so kind as to provide me with instructions on the process to achieve this goal. I have done some research and I'm kind of stuck at this point.

    As with any post, if you don't have anything constructive or helpful to say than dont leave a ******* comment, I hate when people just post comments saying stupid stuff or arguing, thankyou.
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    The steps will vary by country, you'll need to check with the professional licensing entity and immigration for whichever country you choose.
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    Wow. That's fairly strong language at the end of your post, and rude for someone seeking advice. No need for that.

    If you have at least 2 years experience, you should be able to sign up with an agency for travel contracts.
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    You'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    Hope that wasn't interpreted as a "stupid stuff" type of comment, or an argument.

    Then again, I don't really care if it was.
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    the poster just wanted constructive feedback, not critique of his post.

    cluv3nurse, in South America nursing is not a very well paid career as it is in the United States, for example I am from Puerto Rico and I know that they make around the same hourly rate as a PCT in the North East.

    I suggest maybe looking into relief work which will be highly rewarding as well as grant you an opportunity to see the world. Best of Luck!
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    In the past I considered the peace corp. Some fellowships are available for nurses. Try browsing the site:, see if you find anything interesting.
    The other, probably obvious idea, is the U.S. military.
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    If I was in your place I would consider becoming a Nurse in the Air Force.
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    You need to narrow it down to a country and then we can help you a bit more.

    What your asking is like me saying to you I want to live in "America" (that is a massive area you couldn't give me a definitive answer). with out being more specific it is impossible to answer your question. Get a map or globe out and narrow it down.