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  1. BishopLPN

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Geographic location: Nashville,TN Pay rate: $19.43/hr (I work for a small non profit and overtime is plentiful. I made $57k this past year.) In which area / specialty do you work? Developmentally/Intellectually Challenged (ICF/DD) What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)? LPN What type of degree and/or certification do you have? LPN Diploma How many years of experience do you have? 3 years Are you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status? Full-time What shift do you work? 6am-6pm Do you receive any shift differential? $1 for evenings, $2 for nights, $3 for weekends Are you a manager or supervisor? No
  2. BishopLPN

    Lock in prices before the deadline

    What is te price changing too?
  3. BishopLPN

    Definitely made mistake, now paying for it...

    My heart goes out to your current predicament. *Though I can not offer any advice about the current situation with your license, I can provide some input with your job situation. I'm sure that you're doing everything you can think but I just want to make sure you're exhausting all of your options. I live in Middle Tennessee and as my username states I'm a LPN. The city I live in the majority of the hospitals no longer hire LPNs. So I have to look beyond the hospital setting for employment. Sometimes I feel too many nurses develop tunnel vision when it comes to nursing and only look towards hospitals for employment. Make sure you're exhausting all your options. Look to long term care facilities (which are plentiful and always need people), home health (with the growing cost of healthcare , this setting is currently booming), Hospice, Doctors offices and clinics (don't pay much but offer mon-fri day schedules with weekends and holidays off), mental health facilities, agency work, PRN jobs. I can go on and on. *I know here in TN most LTC if you walk in off the street and ask if they are hiring the DON or whomever does the hiring will interview you on the spot. It's just up to you to followup. The most important thing is to keep an positive attitude and everything will work out in the end. Good Luck!
  4. BishopLPN

    Excelsior Exams and Saunders

    How are you using Saunders to study for your exams? Does anybody have an outline they've created for themselves that they're willing to share? Thanks,