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BishopLPN is a BSN and specializes in Psychiatric Nurse/Addiction Nurse.

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  1. BishopLPN

    CARN/CARN-AP test advice

    Thank you! Where did you acquire your CEU’s ?
  2. BishopLPN

    WGU MSN - Post Masters

    For those who have completed their MSN at WGU, did you have any issues obtained a post masters certificate? I’m interested in doing an MSN in informatics at WGU. I would like to possible obtain a post masters as a Psych NP.
  3. Having trouble passing med surg exams any advice 

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    2. Nickki2456


      I use her but the select all that apply kill me 

      Do you use any other study materials 

    3. It'sYaGirlK

      It'sYaGirlK, CNA, LPN

      These videos were helpful.... 


      to better help me understand NCLEX style questions including SATA questions 

    4. Nickki2456
  4. BishopLPN

    Nashville nurses

    You're applying for a "Residency" does that mean you're a new nurse? Most of the nurse residency programs pay pretty low. $21-$22 hourly and they require you to sign a contract. Also the cost of living in Nashville is getting out of control because it's one of the "it" cities now. One bedroom apartments average $1200-$1400 a month. Staff nurses make anywhere between $21-$35 depending on experience and shift.
  5. Hello BishopLPN ASN, I just received my acceptance letter to the LPN - ASN Spring 2020. The only prereqs that I'll be taking with the nursing courses will be Micro. I would love to get your insight on the program, how to CLEP(what books you used, how much does it cost to CLEP, etc), how was the program, when/how was your graduation, how was the classes, what to look forward to etc. Literally any and everything is greatly appreciated. My email is Doniquewilson03.dw@gmail.com, please feel free to email me. 

    Thank you

  6. BishopLPN

    Starting WKU's ONLINE Lpn-RN Program!

    The clinical days during second semester is only Monday or Tuesday. Practicum during third semester is based on your preceptors schedule. Some people were able to get preceptors that worked weekends. The main book that was used was Hoffman Sullivan Medical-Surgically Nursing. You have to purchase it new to access the online content/quizzes for school.
  7. BishopLPN

    Starting WKU's ONLINE Lpn-RN Program!

    There isn’t a clinical the first semester. There is a skills course that you’re able to clep. The second semester clinical is completed at one of the local hospitals near bowling green. The third semester is your practicum. They try to get you a practicum site close to you. I ended up driving an hour for my practicum. I lived outside of Nashville.
  8. BishopLPN

    Starting WKU's ONLINE Lpn-RN Program!

    You’ve describe every nursing exam including the NCLEX-RN. You’re going to get varying opinions on their exams. So take what I say with a grain of salt. Each exam will have multiple recorded audio Power Point lecture videos to help you prepare. I personally was able to successfully pass the exams by watching those videos. All the material on the exams is covered in the videos. no papers or discussions. We just had quizzes. You had to get a certain percentage of the questions right before you got credit. It literally takes hours sometimes.
  9. BishopLPN

    Starting WKU's ONLINE Lpn-RN Program!

    I think each med Surg course had 5 exams, final and a HESI. You also have a lot of busy work assignments. They’re not difficult just time consuming.
  10. BishopLPN

    Starting WKU's ONLINE Lpn-RN Program!

    Hey! The CLEP exams (OB, Mental Health and Peds) are basically HESI exams on the subject. I think you have to get a 76% or 77% to pass. I used Saunders NCLEX-RN to help review. The skills clep is in the WKU skills lab. You have to demonstrate three skills from a list of 10 (I think). The instructor testing you chooses which skill. One of the skills will be a sterile procedure. You have to clep a course before the semester you are scheduled to take the course. I.E. if you're scheduled to take Mental health in the Spring. You have to CLEP it in the the previous Fall semester. You only have one chance to clep. If you aren't successful; you have to take the course. There are only four nursing courses you can clep. Skills, Mental health, Peds and OB. You still have take all the med surg courses, your clinical rotation and practicum rotation. There is no way to graduate earlier than three semesters. If you clep you will just have fewer courses than those who choose not to clep. I can't speak to the none courses. I completed all of those before I started the program.
  11. BishopLPN

    Starting WKU's ONLINE Lpn-RN Program!

    https://www.wku.edu/nursing/asn/lpntoasncurriculum.php The only preq classes are developmental psy and A&P I and 2. I strongly suggest completing all none nursing courses before starting though.
  12. BishopLPN

    PMHNP Time Management advice

    I’ve been a nurse, in Psych, for over a decade. I started as an LPN- then I obtained my ASN and recently received my BSN. I busted my *** every step of the way. I’ve been on interdisciplinary teams, worked alongside psychologists, social workers, psychiatrist and pmhnp; helping plan patient’s treatment. I’ve cared for a diverse population; Veterans, adolescents, individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, geriatric, etc. This not something I want to do “on the fly”. I’m passionate about mental health. One of the reasons I want to become a pmhnp is to increase my knowledge about the specialty. If I’m not able to work full time and go to school part time- so be it. That’s all you need to say- instead of making blanket assumptions.
  13. BishopLPN

    PMHNP Time Management advice

    Well, your username checks out! I’m not sure what part of my question made you “nervous”. You seem to have made a few assumptions about me. Kinda makes me wonder what type of provider you are. You ASSUME I’m attempting to complete a program as quickly as possible. Nothing in my question alluded to that. I even said I don’t think it will be possible to do a program full time. I honestly don’t care how long it takes. Time is going to pass regardless. I was merely looking for personal experiences of other people with my challenges. Anyway, I was able to find a very helpful pmhnp group on Facebook. The members were extremely helpful and encouraging.
  14. BishopLPN

    PMHNP Time Management advice

    Hello, I plan to start a PMHNP program fall 20’. I’m looking for advice or personal experience with time management in a PMHNP program. I’m currently the primary provider for the family; not working is not an option. I don’t think I can really drop down to part time either but I would be off 4 days a week ( 3 12’s schedule). I also have two young children. They’ll be 2 and 4 when I start the program. I would like to do the program full time but I don’t think it would be possible. My friend with no children had to drop down to part time to complete her FNP. So I’m a little discouraged. Any advice or recommendation is greatly appreciated. I’m looking at East Tennessee State University program. It’s a state school. It’s all online. If you live in the state they assist in clinical placement. Full time is 18 months. Part time is almost three years I think.
  15. BishopLPN

    Starting WKU's ONLINE Lpn-RN Program!

    If you have the extra cash. I recommend purchasing access to uworld for 30 days and answer all of the questions to whatever clep test you're taking. If you're taking the peds clep answer all of the peds questions on uworld. Make sure you read all of the rationales too. Good luck! I graduated Fall 18'
  16. BishopLPN


    This is dependent on your geographic location. I suggest looking up the local community colleges near you and see if they have an LPN-RN bridge programs.

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