I'm a nurse!!!!


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I wanted to share the good news. I found out I passed boards yesterday. I am officially a registered nurse!!!

Yay me!!!!!:balloons:

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:w00t:Now put those books down for awhile!

Ms Kylee

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Congratulations! One of the GN's on my floor passed her boards yesterday too!


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Congradulations & Good Luck in your new career !

leslie :-D

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a well-earned congratulations!!!

now show them what you're made of.:balloons:



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Congratulations! It put a smile on my face to read that :). All of you that have made it thru give me great hope. Hope you find a fun way to celebrate! :balloons:

SharonH, RN

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Congratulations and welcome to the profession!

Ivanna_Nurse, BSN, RN

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yay for you!! I just passed mine on the 3rd and totally understand your excitement!!!! Congrats :) ~Ivanna :lol2:


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Thanks everyone!!! I'm taking a semester off so I can learn as much as possible about my new position. After that, I'm going back to school to earn my BSN. It feels so good to be able to call myself a nurse.


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Now you can catch up on reruns of all the TV you missed for those years!:lol2:


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congratulations!!!! :yeah:



ivanna nurse


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YAAAAYY!!!!Congratulations on your new career!!