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  1. Dixiecup

    working while in FNP school

    I worked forty hours a week and went to school part time ( 6 hrs a semester) It was not easy but I did it. I couldn't give up the income. When it was time for clinicals I worked every week-end to make my 40 hrs and used all the sick/vacation time I had. The last couple of months were a nightmare but it DOES finally end.
  2. Dixiecup

    Lab Interpretation

    Thanks for the replies. I DO research until I find my answer. I just wish I was at the point to where I could just look at the lab results and kind of know what to do without all the research! I guess that just comes with time.
  3. Dixiecup

    Lab Interpretation

    Does anyone know of a conference, class, website, ANYTHING to help with lab interpretation. They certainly do not hit on this in school. It is my absolute weakest area. Unless it's cholesterol or anemia I am pretty much clueless. I hate feeling so stupid in this area. Thanks.
  4. Dixiecup

    Care plans are stupid.

    I hear what the OP is saying. In LTC you have to care plan every little thing. If a resident decides they want soda with breakfast, it has to be care planned to CYA.
  5. Dixiecup

    Time for some introspective criticism perhaps?

    I just read two threads about new nurses not being able to find jobs after 1-2 years. This is so sad when obviously there are places in dire need of help!
  6. Dixiecup

    Time for some introspective criticism perhaps?

    Maybe I misread but I think what the OP was saying is, if someone is good enough to stay over and help, they ought to get a little help, or maybe the easiest assignment. I used to be the ADON at a LTC and when a CNA or nurse had to stay over, they got to pick which assignment they wanted. Afterall, they had already worked a whole shift.
  7. Dixiecup

    Is it RN,BSN or BSN,RN

    You DID work hard for that degree and you should sign anyway that makes you feel good! I just got my FNP degree a few months ago and I couldn't wait to sign my name Dixiecup APRN, FNP-BC and I sign the whole thing EVERY time. I earned it!
  8. Dixiecup

    Infection control logs

    Don't you get a monthly report from your lab. That's what I always used. The only info I had to look up was which ATB was used.
  9. Dixiecup

    Call schedule

    In my opinion the DON should not take call for the purpose of having to come in and cover a shift. Actually, I think it is against regulations for the DON to work the floor if your census is over 60.
  10. Dixiecup

    Any National Conferences Out There?

    Check out NPACE.com
  11. Dixiecup

    I don't get why you have to become a RN first ?

    I totally agree. Sometimes I feel like I went to the NP program just because it was required to get the degree. I honestly think I could do my job based on my 20 years of nursing experience. That's where most of my knowledge comes from when I'm working, along with the on the job training. I'm not saying I didn't learn ANYTHING in school but most of your learning experience comes from years of nursing and when you start to work.
  12. Dixiecup

    So...What exactly am I paying YOU for???

    Do you have any friends who are doctors or NP's? I had several and it saved my life because I sure used them! The only one I had a lot of trouble finding was a peds preceptor. (didn't have any friends in that area!). All the peds offices said they weren't taking students or were already booked with students. Start looking well in advance!
  13. Dixiecup

    Do Nurses in Recovery get hired for....

    At the time of the interview I was not officially on probation yet but I knew it was coming. I just told the truth and what happened. A good friend had previously worked at this facility and has had called the person who was interviewing me and gave me an excellent reference. They actually didn't care about it that much. They were just relieved my license was still in good standing at the time they hired me. I DID get put on probationary status after working there for about six months. By then I had proved myself as an awesome employee and it didn't matter that much.
  14. Dixiecup

    Is NP really worth it?

    If I was any happier I would bust! I too, like the "figuring out the puzzle" aspect of the job. I work in a rural clinic which is very challenging. MOst of my pts don't have insurance or money, so getting them treatment is a challenge. I doubled my salary when I became an NP. It feels so good to be able to help my family more. Especially my adult children. (I know everyone doesn't feel that way, but my dad was always there to bail me out and now I can do the same for my kids). It is also so easy to make extra money if you need to. I currently work a full time job and a part time job and my bank account is loving it!
  15. I am not saying that it can't be done, but as for myself. I draw probably 90% of my diagnostic knowledge from my nursing experience, not NP school. I would be lost without being a nurse first.