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  1. Dixiecup

    I failed my FNP boards...help.

    I don't think it has anything to do with the way you study it's the test you get dealt. there are several versions. I believe there is one test that very few pass and only by luck. I failed the AANP the first try with this horrible test. It was like reading Hebrew. I knew about 30 minutes in I was not going to pass. Never heard of about 98% of the questions that were asked. Immediately did my required CEUs signed up to take the test again and did so three weeks later. Finished in three hours and was confident while taking the test. Passed without a problem. Studied the exact same way for the one I failed as I did the one I passed. If I would have gotten the same test again I would have failed again. Hang in there. You will pass without a problem if you get a different test version.
  2. Dixiecup

    Looking back, would you obtain NP credential??

    Would absolutely do it again. Just wish I had done it a little quicker. Started out as an LPN at 30. Worked, went to school and repeat. I am now 57 and have been an NP 5 years. It's worth it if for nothing else to be able to take care of my family. It's great not having to go to thw ER anymore when someone needs stitches!
  3. Dixiecup

    Only a nurse will understand...

    Had a job where we had monthly staff meetings. They were always scheduled at 1PM. They were mandatory. So if you worked night shift you had to get up, clean up and be there by 1pm usually half asleep and then go to work that night. I suggested that one month we have the meeting at 1pm and the next month have it at 2am and alternate each month. They didn't like that idea.
  4. Dixiecup

    LPN Starting pay in your area?

    I live in rural MO. Not an LPN but I was a ADON at a skilled nursing facility a few years ago. Starting salary with no experience about 15 an hour. But at the hospital medical clinic, Dr office LPN only started at 9 and hour! Crazy!
  5. Dixiecup

    Productivity Bonus

    I worked family practice for about three years. I got five dollars extra for every pt I saw over 12 per day. It was paid annually.
  6. Dixiecup

    no compete clause in NJ

    I think this is becoming more and more common. I just got my renewal contract for my current job and there is a no compete clause in it now. Also a new clause that says I can't get a second or part time job without the permission from current employer. Neither of these is a problem for me as I am old and don't intend to leave my current position. But I can see where it would be a problem for an NP just starting out looking to switch jobs! I live in Missouri.
  7. Dixiecup

    Contract negotiator

    I don't see why you would need a professional to review the contract. Read through it very carefully, several times. Make sure what you require is in the contract and note what is in the contract you don't agree with. Discuss with potential employer.
  8. Dixiecup

    How does your program verify clinical hrs?

    Most of my clinicals were in very rural areas. Some days we would see 25 pts, other days 3! I still got to claim eight hours of clinical time if I was there eight hours. I had one instructor actually acuse me of forging my preceptors signature! My preceptor was a physician at the time and he was red hot mad when I told him! He wrote a personal letter to my instructor telling her what a pleasure I was to work with and what a wonderful NP I was going to be!
  9. Dixiecup

    Anyone in Advanced Patho?

    Most difficult course in the whole program! Some people love that stuff, I am not one of them! Thankfully my instructor also offered a study guide for tests. Otherwise I would have flunked. Also my school only required a C to pass non-nursing classes and I barely scraped out a C! As long as your GPA was 3.0 you were good. Good luck to everyone taking this horrible class. So glad school is behind me!
  10. i was in a totally online program. Took two classes per semester including summers. I worked as an ADON at a skilled nursing facility. I could flex my hours to fit my needs as long as I got my 40 hours in so that was nice. The last year I pretty much worked every weekend and then the rest during the week. Mostly days but I could also come in on evening shift after doing clinicals in the day. I was lucky to work at a facility that let me pick and choose my hours! Still had BIG student loan debt as my job just paid the bills and the school I attended was expensive!
  11. Dixiecup

    online np program

    I could not have got my degree without it. I worked fulltime during the whole program! Couldn't afford to quit. It was tough but doable.
  12. Dixiecup

    Negotiating the new job

    The deciding factor in my job now (it's a convenient care walk-in clinic. similar to urgent care) was a monthly stipend of $650 a month for student loan repayment. I have a large student loan debt and this almost makes my whole payment. Pay is good too!
  13. Dixiecup

    Job opening for FNP in Missouri

    what part of Missouri do you live in?
  14. Dixiecup

    Failed AANP

    Just register and take the test again. Unless you get the same test again, you will pass. I was in the same boat as you are about 3 years ago. I have come to the conclusion it's a money making scam. There are several tests and you never know which one you will get. When I took the test the first time I felt like I was reading something in Hebrew! I can honestly say I was only sure of about two questions on the whole test. I didn't have a clue where any of this stuff was coming from but most of it I had never even heard of! The same day I took that test a BUNCH of people also failed it. I was devestated like you are now. But I immediately registered to take it again, went ahead and did the silly CEs for everything! Didn't wait for my letter. I was set to test again in three weeks. I studied exactly the same way, didn't change anything! The second time I took the test I breezed through it in 3 hours where as the first one I didn't think I was even going to finish. Felt confident about most of the questions. Passed easiy. But if I had drawn the first test again, I would have failed it AGAIN! There is just one test out there I don't think anyone can pass unless you get lucky! So take the test again and hope you get a different test and I am sure you will have no problem!
  15. Dixiecup

    The raw truth about what NPs really do

    I refuse to work for salary. I get paid an hourly wage and time and a half for every hour over that.
  16. Dixiecup

    NHSC-Anyone with experience??

    my clinic's score was 19