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Ms Kylee has 4 years experience and specializes in Med Surg, Hospice.

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  1. Ms Kylee

    It's all good except for...

    I had the same problem. I was new to ICU and I swear my preceptor hated me on sight. According to her, I could do nothing right, yet when I was given a new peceptor when she called off, I did fine. 36 hours a week of being told how awful I was, I talked to my unit manager, and told her I didn't think ICU was a good fit for me. Unfortunately, there were no other nurses available to precept mebecause the ICU did a mass hiring due to retirements. I gave back the signing bonus and walked away.
  2. Ms Kylee

    Iv antibiotic running as primary?

    We run as primary.
  3. Ms Kylee

    Night Shift Advice?

    My unit is moving to 12.5 hour shifts starting in November. We will now work 6A-6:30P and 6P-6:30A. I have done night shifts prior, but only as an 8 hour shift, not 12. Early evenings were set aside so I could get a nap in before going to work, which I can't do now because of the new hours. Any advice on surviving these very long night shifts?
  4. Ms Kylee


    Easiest way for me to work through it and make sure all of my dates were correct was to keep my resume with me and refer to it when I was going through the form. It didn't take long to do, it just made me have to look at the resume a lot. I also have a Bachelor's in another field, so I put that in also. The credentialing person called me and told me I could take that out and resubmit; they only needed the information on my BSN. It takes about 6 weeks to be Vet Pro'd, but once it's done, it's a big sigh of relief.
  5. Ms Kylee

    Mispronunciations that drive you nuts

    Ambalance instead of Ambulance.... Tydenol instead of Tylenol... Outside of work... "To be Pacific" Really, you're being an Ocean? "Don't take it Personal" I'm not taking it personal, but I'm taking it personally.... "Adverdisment" "Coopon"
  6. Ms Kylee

    Charge Nurse Pay

    Zip. And nothing extra for BSN either.
  7. Ms Kylee

    Tablet advice & input

    I have both an IPad and a Kindle as well as a smart phone. I use the Kindle more than I do the IPad, although I have a feeling that is going to change next semester since I just heard about Moxtra. I also have a laptop and desktop. I just can't bear to part with them.
  8. Ms Kylee

    How much of your cohort did you "lose"?

    We lost a lot all the way up through Sophomore year. Mostly it was because they didn't pass the prereqs. One student in first semester Soph failed Anatomy twice, and was failing Micro and Assessment. Last fall, half of my class (who are all very intelligent and made it all the way to Junior year), failed Peds lecture. We had over 60 start Peds/Maternity, but only 35 or so went on for Adult Med Surg I. I do know that at least 2 left the program after that, not sure about the rest. One more semester to go, and I'm still terrified I'm not going to pass Critical Care.
  9. It is funny how your mind changes after your rotations. After mine, I definitely do not want OB/Peds. A lot of this could be due to my clinical instructor though. But, L&D/Maternity... you can have it... I just finished up Psych and Community Health. My Psych clinical instructor asked me to apply at her hospital for a position. Since I already have a job waiting for me when I graduate, I had to turn her down. With one semester left, here is my wish list: Want: Hospice, ED (But not after a couple of years of Med Surg experience), Radiology Wouldn't mind: Med Surg (I actually liked it, which surprised me) Definite NO: Anything with babies or kids.
  10. Ms Kylee

    Rough night in clinical, feeling discouraged.

    You're fine. Everyone has shifts like that. It sounds like you have your time management and assessment skills down. Stuff happens. Don't be so hard on yourself, and congratulations on your upcoming graduation. :)
  11. Ms Kylee

    Hate being a CNA

    I love being a nursing assistant, but in my first job, I really hated my job. It wasn't the job itself, but due to having no orientation and RNs who tried to constantly get me to go outside my scope of practice to do tasks I was not qualified to do. I was fortunate to find a very good nursing assistant position a year and a half later where I jumped at the chance. I was very lucky to have RNs and LPNs that not only were willing to teach me the ropes of the facility, but also actually helped out when I needed it. If it's just the people, then I'd say stick with it. The CNA experience does help you out in the long run.
  12. Ms Kylee

    Graduate RN at 57 years old

    Whoo Hoo! Another one who pursued the dream that was over the age of 40! It's so nice to find another who decided to just go for it. I went back at 46 to start my BSN program. I did 4 years of part time before finally winning a scholarship at work (they only took 1 person out of my city, and I was fortunate enough to be the recipient) and was able to start full time in January 2012. I will graduate in December... at 51. And I have a job waiting, so I don't have to go through the will anyone hire me phase. My Mom just told me about a lady who goes to water aerobics with her who has a daughter who started nursing school when she was 60. She graduated at 64 and is currently employed and has no plans to retire. So, yes, you can get hired after 50. Congratulations on your graduation! It's nice to find another kindred spirit. :)
  13. Ms Kylee


    I'm heading into my final semester as well. There are days that I sit back and wonder how I ever got to this point. When I started part time 5 years ago, this final semester seemed so far off... like the day would never get here. While I'm happy to be at this point, I'm also very nervous and still wondering if I will make the right decisions when I am out there in the real world. I took RN Predictor on Monday and scored an 87% chance that I would pass NCLEX on the first try. I'm still doing 100 questions a day in order to bring the score up higher. Only 141 more days to go.,,, Good luck to my fellow about to be graduates!
  14. Ms Kylee

    The Little Old Lady

    I was doing the usual end of shift vitals when I walked past what had been an empty room all day. In the room, chair sat a very petite lady looking very lost and scared. I walked in, shook her hand, and introduced myself. She told me her name and followed it by "I had a doctor's appointment today and he sent me right here and wouldn't tell me why. I don't have anything either. He wouldn't let me go back home and pack a bag." I told her that we had stuff on the unit, and I'd pack her up a goodie bag and be right back. I returned a few minutes later with the usual patient goodie bag, blankets, gown, lift pad, towels, washcloths, and tissues. Sensing she wanted to keep her independence, I handed her the gown and asked her if she needed any help getting undressed. She told me no, but asked me to stay with her anyway. After getting her vitals and getting her into bed, I found her nurse and told gave her a report. I followed it up with her being very scared. I stayed with her for another hour and missed clinical, but it was worth every hour I had to make up. I had the pleasure of taking care of her for almost two weeks. During her stay, we had wonderful talks and she told me all about her life, her family, and she gave me a wonderful recipe for red gravy. One morning, I was told she needed to go downstairs for a test. I brought the stretcher into her room and I could tell immediately she was scared. As she got on the stretcher she said to me "Kylee, I'm scared I won't survive this test." I tried to offer reassurance, but nothing came past the lump in my throat. Instead, I gave her a big hug. Before I could think of something to say in reassurance, transport came to take her downstairs. Two days later, I returned from my day off and didn't see her name on my patient list. As I was puzzling things out, the nursing assistant that I was relieving came to give me a report. When she gave me the first report, my stomach just dropped. My beloved patient had stroked and was life flighted over to our trauma hospital. I held things together until the report was finished, then I made a visit to the bathroom and cried my eyes out. When I returned to the floor five minutes later, I got funny looks from the staff, but nobody asked me, and I didn't volunteer any information. A week later, I read her obituary in the paper, and I cried as I read it. All I could remember was how she had told me she was afraid to go for the procedure, and how she felt she had another few years of life left to give. I also remembered how she loved bread from an Italian restaurant in town. I remembered that last hug, and those final words she said to me. "Kylee, I love you. You're going to be a wonderful nurse someday." RIP Miss B. I love you too.
  15. Ms Kylee

    School starts Monday!! AHHHH!!

    I start on Tuesday. Since I have to go part time, I'm just doing 2 General Ed classes. I'm not permitted to do any Nursing classes until I have all of my sciences done.
  16. Ms Kylee

    NA 2, is it worth it?

    I took it and passed.. the raise wasn't much, but I get so much more back in skills... I get to put in Foleys and straight caths, do EKG's and pull IV's in addition to other things. I figured I would need to know these eventually, so going for the certification was a win win situation. I get to practice my skills which can only be a help further on down the road.