I'm Going Back !!!


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I just got my new test date -June 12-14!! in Utica NY. I was hoping to go sooner, but I took the date and told them to call if they can get me a sooner date. It has been hard trying to review when you have no date, and it is hard to get focused after such a blow to the ego, I couldn't even look at my study material for a month! But I feel great and I am ready to get back on the saddle! This time I am going alone, no more letting other people drag me down, and I am bringing the trophy home this time!:D

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Rock on! You'll knock 'em healthy!


(exceedingly proud to be an Iowan today)

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right on!!!!!:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom:


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Glad to hear you're going to tackle it again! Best of luck!


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Best of luck to you!! :yeah:


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YEAH!!! go get um...:yelclap:

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you can and will do it!!!!! bring home that trophy!!! traci


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Good luck, ceb!

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Good luck, ceb!!!! You can do it!

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