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i passed!! it's over. i'm done. soon to be r.n. but...did anyone else feel kinda depressed when school was over. i think my body has been used to going wide open all the time and now it's like i slammed into a brick wall. ptns disorder (post traumatic nursing school). my stomach hurts all the time, i still feel nervous and anxious, depressed. i thought when the stress of school was over all that would go away. maybe it just takes a while for the body to unwind again. but still...i'm done and they can't take that away from me. looking forward to working believe it or not.

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Congratulations!!!! A few weeks and I'll be with you suffering from PTNS!!!


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What you're feeling is normal, I think. I felt that way when I finished LPN school and again when I finished the ADN. I felt as though my safety net of the 'student nurse' was gone; now I was IT!! The NURSE to whom the patient would look for healing, caring and understanding; the one the doctors would yell at, order up, and expect to be perfect; the one the 'older' nurses would have for lunch!

Those days did come, but I knew what I knew, I had confidence in my ability. No lie, it took awhile to feel really comfortable in this, but I persevered...I was trained, tested and had proven myself, and as time went by, it all paid off.

It's been 30 (?!) years since I earned the Clinical Nursing Award; my career has spanned the spectrum from LPN to RN to Charge Nurse and Nursing Supervisor. I WAS yelled at, abused and yes, even eaten alive a few times. Each of these made me stronger.

BUT, the times I remember best are the tender touches, grateful smiles and even deaths made perhaps a little easier because I was there. I am a nurse, proud of it and grateful for all the experiences which have molded me, as a professional AND a person.

May it come to you...know your self, know your ability and feel confident that now YOU ARE THE NURSE!!!


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Congrats ! Good Luck on the N-CLEX:)


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Jealous that I won't have PTNS for awhile.


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Congrats and best of luck on the NCLEX. :)


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Congratulations!!! Enjoy some down time.


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Congratulations to you, atenpen! You have worked hard to get to where you are, and you should be very proud of yourself!

I do know what you are talking about--I have been back in school for almost 3 years to finish my BSN (originally a diploma grad) and I will be graduating from the MSN program in 3 weeks. It is bittersweet, one one hand it will be a HUGE relief to be finished, and on the other hand school has been the major focus of my life for 3 years and soon it will be over. And yes, I do think it will take a while to unwind, but we'll get there!

Happy Graduation to you (and me!) :D

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:balloons: CONGRATUALTIONS!!!!:nurse:

I remember when I finished school...it was a weird feeling, but don't worry...you've got a whole new excitement ahead of you!!

Good luck on the NCLEX!!!


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Congratulations to you and good luck on the NCLEX. I am sure that you will do just fine.


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I remember feeling really insecure when I first graduated. You will feel much better after you work for a while. It just takes time.

Good luck with your NCLEX!

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