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dbscandy has 37 years experience and specializes in Renal; NICU.

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  1. dbscandy

    Dear Nurses: Please Forgive Me

    This should be required reading for every nursing student. Thank you for a very important lesson. Blessings of comfort, peace and strength.
  2. dbscandy

    Clinical awakening

    Great story and exactly the reason I could never be a Peds nurse! I am going on 26 years in the NICU, high-risk birth certified and NIC certified; however, floating to Peds gives me PVC's! I kid you not. Fortunately, I have floated exactly four times in 23 years and the kids survived, haha. You are going to go far, and please, keep writing about your experiences. You'll be the nurse others like me, an old-timer, would love to work alongside. I loved reading this article.
  3. dbscandy

    Coworker nurse trying to ruin my reputation...

    Absolutely no durg testing. You are accused but innocent. It is up to the co-worker to prove this. Ask for a meeting with your lawyer, the administration/your immed super and this co-worker. Force her hand to accuse you and prove the accusations. Do not leave without having these accusations settled. It will make you look guilty otherwise.
  4. dbscandy

    Being Naked Where I Work: A Nurse With Cancer

    I recently endured two weeks and 3 surgeries in 'my' hospital for a rather large (so am I) and deep perineal abscess. My surgeon was a wonderful, dignified, Indian man who was very respectful of me. However, by discharge, my crotch had been seen so many times that I just didn't care anymore. He joined the discharge nurse, my nurse and a male nursing student to observe and approve the home dressing procedure. When the DN was about to start, I said, "Oh wait a minute. That guy from Housekeeping isn't here yet. He hasn't seen it". We ladies just laughed and laughed, and I even got a red-faced smile from the surgeon. That young student looked as if he wanted to find a door; however, he did learn something that day, and my body was the teacher. Ruby, I wish you smiles AND your dignity as you're enduring. You have a great attitude. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. BUT, don't be in too big a hurry to get back to work. It will all be there waiting.
  5. dbscandy

    Learn from my STUPID mistake

    I still occasionally find myself doing this after +/- 30 years. Holding the sometimes almost full IV bag against my chest with my arm while I unplug the line to vent a new bag. It always seems like a good idea at the time, and IS if the bag is EMPTY, goofball!! I really try to not to do this for it's just not professional!! heehee
  6. dbscandy

    Retired, now what?

    Could you not do work as a telephone nurse? Perhaps you could look into that?
  7. dbscandy

    Avoid a Nursing Degree

    AKarl Farmer...not funny.
  8. dbscandy

    Avoid a Nursing Degree

    You know, everybody keeps talking about the shortage that will occur when all us oldies retire. Well, how many of us will be able to retire? I'm 57yrs old but thank God I have a really small house payment compared to others and no kids. I just have to maintain for my kitties, and they know they had better behave!!!
  9. dbscandy

    Avoid a Nursing Degree

    NickiLaughs, can I put my homemade pie stand next to your hot dog stand?? We could really pull in some cash!!!!!
  10. dbscandy

    Funny things lay-people say...

    I worked in Dialysis for over 12 years, and my mom STILL pronounced it 'dialys'; made me crazy, finally just ignored it.
  11. dbscandy

    Getting overpaid. Should I tell payroll?

    I can't believe you even have to ask!!!
  12. dbscandy

    Central Line Question

    In my NICU, only PICC team members or the NP can remove them. Oh, and the MD but most likely one of the others.
  13. dbscandy

    The "dirty" side of nursing...

    Oh Jordanl, you will get a more use to it as time goes by, but there will always be that one thing that just pushes your puke button. After 37 years in nursing, I still have a few. If I hear a person 'hock a lewgy" (?sp), I feel it, even if I'm NOT in a clinical setting; dirty dentures; the smell of pseudomonas in a trach (shooting mucus up to the ceiling); the smell of warm vomit; just to name a few. But the eye??? Oh man, when the retinologist sticks those 'metal sticks' behind that baby's eyeball and pushes it around, I just about hurl. I swear I could eat lunch in the middle of an autopsy, but if they start on the eye, I am out of there! We played the game in the unit one day: What would you do for a million dollars? There was a suction bucket half full with GI suction from a baby. The qualifier was all the antibiotics you would need and medical care. Would you drink some of the contents? There were some takers!! If I had a million dollars, I would test them on it HAHA! Seriously, to me, the smell is what gets me most often so if you are going to a task that you know may be a problem, keep some Vicks in a small lip balm container, and put a little under your nose. It helps, but everybody thinks you have a clogged nose!!!!!
  14. dbscandy

    Smile! You're on Video!

    These are funny, but I have to go to the dark side on this one!! In the NICU, the EEG's are on for 24hrs of course, but when the audio recording was added, uhoh, it bit some people in the butt. There was some, uh, embarrassment when the EEG tech reported back to the Director. The alarms in the open unit were going off waayyy too long, and some of the staff conversations were not quite appropriate. Needless to say, there are now signs posted everywhere when there is an audio/visual EEG going on. Even the parents are warned.
  15. dbscandy

    Central Line Question

    :eek:AAAGH!! No cleaning, no flushing, cap and call the MD!!! Actually, you couldn't pull the line without an order, and if the MD let it stay in, it's on him/her. Did the patient at least get antibiotics to cover this situation???????
  16. Bows to you and your clinic!!! The reason hosps and clinics are not run this way is because everybody is so infected by 'customer service' that good staff AND patients end up on the short end. If every institution gave forewarning and stuck to their guns, we could all work in a less stressful environment, and I think patients would get better care.