I passed the RN-MNN exam today!


First of all, I'm completely shocked. This exam was extremely difficult, in my opinion. I would have rather taken the NCLEX again ! I felt like I guessed through the whole exam. There was so much pathophysiology that I did not study while preparing for the exam. I felt I would have done better on it or atleast had more confidence if I actually really sat down and studied hard for the exam. However, with a six month old and being tired from night shift I found it very hard to really study. I think what helped me to pass was first God, then attending a review class, and doing loads of practice questions. The review class was a two day course. The first day consisted of the instructors going over key points in the form of a ppt. The second day consisted of a practice exam. I did not attend the second day, due to extreme sleep deprivation. Anyway, I did loads of practice questions from the Core Curriculum Maternal Newborn Nursing book by Susan Mattson. I also did questions from a website provided via my hospitals' intranet specifically for MNN certification. Anything thing I didn't understand I looked it up in my book or simply googled it. My advice would be to focus mainly on Newborn and Postpartum. I'm glad I didn't focus too much on antenatal and intrapartum stuff. Good luck to those who are taking this exam in the future !!!


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Congrats to you!


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Great news! Congratulations!! :up:

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Congratulations! I knew you could pull this off!

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Yay, congrats!


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congratulations! Very nice :)