I passed my nclex


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Let me tell you about my nclex story. I took my boards on Monday March 2, 2009. My husband and I went to a hotel the day before. The night before my boards, I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned all night long. Although we had our alarms set on the cell phones, I still had a 5:30 wake up call, because I was afraid that I would over sleep. On Monday March 2nd was a snow storm that you wouldn't believe. I had to report to the testing center at 7:30am and the exam would start at 8am. According to mapquest, it was a 10min drive to the testing center, because the weather was so bad, we left the hotel 1hr before. To make a long story short, my husband and I was lost for 2hours & 45min. I was sooo upset, mad and crying that I was ready to give up, go home and loose my $200.:cry::banghead: Anyway, my persistant husband was determined to find this place. Not to mention we went to 2 gas station, a police officer and the residents and nobody could give us the correct location of this place. Needles to say I was furious. Well my loving husband, was not giving up. He need to find this place regardless of the outcome. He felt sooo bad for me. Well after the 100th time I told him to get back on the highway and take me home, well we found the testing center. I went in and the proctor could clearly see that I was soo upset. I started crying right infront of this total stranger. He told me to get myself together and come back in 5min. Well I sat down at the computer, I said a prayer. I asked GOD to calm me down and right at that moment, I felt a weight had been lifted off of me and I started my exam. In my state of mind, I was prepared to do all 265 questions. I was on question 70, so I started preparing myself to take a break after 75 questions. All of a sudden, the machine cut off. Well I sat their thinking that someone had played a bad joke on me, better yet I thought I was being punked. I was the last 1 to come into the testing center and I was the 1st one done. I went to the state BON at 9:30am this morning and what did I see, my entired name with RN behind it.:nurse: The point to my story is, no matter how much of bad day you are having, say a prayer, take that test and be confident that you are going to pass.


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:yeah::ancong!: The happiest ending to the long journey. Good luck and best wishes as you move on in your career. :nurse:


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:up: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! :yeah:


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Wow! What a testimony! :)

Thanks for sharing. Congratulations!!!

God is good indeed!


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Congratulations! i would have been crying to! But you didn't give up and now you're a nurse!!!


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:yeah:Congratulations on you becoming an RN!! Praying does help if you believe in yourself and in God. :bowingpur Now go out and celebrate!! *wine


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That made my day. Praise God!!



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Congrats, Pebbles! I am taking a Saunders NCLEX-RN Review Course at the university I'm attending here in the Southeast US. If I don't log 70% accuracy on the PRACTICE quizzes, I DON'T Graduate. :crying: I have heard KAPLAN praised up one side and down the other, and I'm taking that course in April. Did you look at the quizzes to figure out your knowledge gaps before you actually took them, or did you just skim the pages, answer, and figure out why the answers were right or wrong? :banghead:

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