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  1. By all means I am not looking down on PN's as a career, I m mainly stating for me if I had a choice I would rather go for the BSN because I want my masters and I did not want to go thru all these different programs to get to my goals. Hey BX_RN2B if...
  2. You are right about the pre reqs but if this is something you planned for you could have done the pre reqs at any local community college in the summer which is usually two semesters avail (in the summer) so that's four classes already, and most peop...
  3. I am so glad it worked out for you that way, but in my area(NYC) even after you take the LPN you must work for a year before you can go to that second phase of the 1+1 program, to return back to school to get an ADN you still have to do those same P...
  4. I am sorry to cut in but I am just giving my two cents...I had an associate degree before I pursued nursing and I refuse to do an Lpn program because going back to get a BSN would take what seemed like forever to me. I started nursing school after a...
  5. Question I tried Pearsonvue "Trick".. and paid

    Pearson Vue doesnt give refunds they clearly state that on their website or if you call and speak with an operator
  6. Kaplan Question Trainer

    I did all if the book questions then the cd. The cd even has a stimulated exam lkike the nclex where it gives u questioins until it decides that u pass or fail and gives u ur results like nclex where u were weak are strong but no scores
  7. Kaplan Question Trainer

    I think kaplan is helpful but to me the closest to the actual exam is the questions from exam cram they are short and give u very little info. the kaplan questions are way longer then the actual exam question and they give u much more background info...
  8. for me I used saunders for most of the content then I did the chapter at the end of the chapter that I reviewed and I also did the corresponding chapter in the lippincott ninth ed. do as much questions as u can and understand the rationale rather the...
  9. congats:yeah::yeah:
  10. did you use ATI for nclex rn review

    I did not use the online info or questions but I did use the books that was given to us at school esp the medsurg and pharm one because they go straight to signs and symptoms and nursing considerations which are important to know for the boards
  11. Thank you allnurses, I passed!

  12. How did you prepare for your Nclex -Rn

    thank you
  13. I will keep u in my prayers and keep telling yourself u will and can do this
  14. Congrats and I wish you all the best:yeah::yeah:
  15. How did you prepare for your Nclex -Rn

    Hey guys I wanted to keep everyone updated on my status ....well I took the boards on wed in the city and found out on fri march 6 that I passed. I got 75 questions with lots of priority, safety and infection control 4 SATA and about 6 meds which I...