I passed NCLEX RN at 95! PVT Works, too! Here are my tips:

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I took the test last September 9. I stopped at 95 and at first, I'm shocked! The test is neither easy nor difficult. I told myself that there is chance that I failed but the chance that I passed the test is higher. Sometimes it is difficult to tell others that the exam is "NOT-REALLY-THAT-HARD" if you still don't know if you passed. Just to be on the safe side.

I got 2 SATA, 2 pictures, 1 exhibit, prioritization, familiar drugs(Yes, familiar), and infection control. No delegation. I tried the PVT 6 hours after the test and got the good pop up! And yesterday, I just found out that I really did pass!

Guys, seriously, all you need to buy is the LaCharity and Davis 2010 book by Kathleen Ohman. I have Saunders and Kaplan as well though. These two(La Charity and Davis)books, if you will really understand the rationale of each questions and choices, are enough to pass the test! Whenever you answer a question from these books and understand the rationale behind each options, you are also reviewing the content indirectly.

I am so happy because in an RN now! To everyone who passed, Congratulations as well!:yeah:

To those who failed, try the LaCharity-Davis combination!

To this website and all admins, Thank you so much! This site has helped me a lot! Cheers!:)

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Congrats! How much did you use the Kaplan & Saunders books?


Congratulations!!! I purchased the Davis book last week. I will be using the CD for questions and I also have La Charity. Thanks


I was not able to finish Saunders(I finished up to Chapter 50 and the rest? I just breezed through it)... I barely used Kaplan (I find it not that helpful)...

Davis 2010 by Kathleen Ohman and LaCharity books ARE ENOUGH for you to pass NCLEX. In fact, NCLEX is not as hard as Davis' and LaCharity's questions. Saunders got the easy questions. Kaplan has average questions. Davis and LaCharity definitely got the MOST DIFFICULT QUESTIONS.

Gold, I live here in Indiana but I'm a Filipino though. Focus on Davis(Kathleen Ohman) and La Charity... Forget the other books but make sure that you digest the rationale of the correct and wrong answers of these two books.


congrats and thanks for the tips. I have Lacharity, but not the Davis book.

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