I don't like what my job has become...

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I would be concerned too. I think a CNA passing meds is out of their scope???? And I definitely wouldn't be passing meds that I didn't pour myself.

I know it stinks when the only thing that dictates our practice is financial...

Best wishes!

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Good luck to you.

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Been there, done that, got the ulcers to prove it. Get out of that job while you still have a license!!

Best of luck to you. :)


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sounds purty dangerous both to residents and you, if you ask me. I am sorry. You sound soooooo very conscientious. You are better than that.....maybe you could move on?

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Yep sounds like time to move on. Don't let them put you in that position, its not safe and i also have to question whether letting CNA's pass meds is legal. It's your butt,, protect it at all costs.


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Sounds like your being used in a very wrong way.If someone were to be injured by a cna, do they expect you to take the responsibility for it???? I GOT TO WORDS FOR YA......G-E-T .....O-U-T !!!!!


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The ever present cost factor--affecting everything you need to do for your patients, is the reason I will never work Private Homes again. I like knowing that my residents get what they need-no matter the cost. Gimme State Facilities anyday.


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In this day and age working any sort of LTC or RCF setting is like playing russian roulette with your license, especially if your on the front lines. If you go look at your SBON's website (if they list such actions online) you will almost always see about 50% of actions on licenses are for nurses working LTC, and the other half are usual drug diversion actions.

I work for an agency and occasionally pull a shift at a state run LTC facility because the agency pays real well for LPN's to go there. Every time I leave I say I will never come back lol.


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Been there, done that, got the ulcers to prove it. Get out of that job while you still have a license!!

Best of luck to you. :)

Your avatar is a very beautiful picture.


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We have a penny-pinching administration at our ALF, too, and it burns me up. These residents pay upwards of $2, 500-$4,000 a MONTH to live there--what on God's green earth are the folks in mgmt. doing with the money???

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