I just cried in my car :'(



I took nclex-pn and I have gut feeling that I failed.

I studied a lot , I did Kaplan 1300 quest (my readiness was 73%) , lippinocotts 2100 , LaCharity , Saunders and alternate formats. I got a lot of SATA , it was so much that I've stopped counting. I was just clicking and every other question was SATA. I lost my cool, I feel like a wimp. I am trying to put myself together and all I can think of is how bad I did. I am not planning on doing pearson view trick cuz I don't want even more disappointment. I don't really know what should I do now , should I start studying again? Looking for another review? or what ?

xoxo Twinkle

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((HUGS)) Breathe....you don't know for sure so don't freak out. Everyone who walks out feels like they failed.

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I have taken both the PN and RN and I cried like a baby for the rest of the day both times convinced 100% I failed. I even cried during my RN test. I passed both on the first attempt. Big hugs, take a break and wait until you know for sure before you even start thinking about more review. Be kind to yourself. If you failed come back and we'll help you find the next step. Hugs.


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Just want to give you words of encouragement and empathy. I know how it sucks after failing RN- nclex twice! I had over 30 SATA questions and they would not stop coming, literally. It will take you a couple of days to battle the emotions. Take a breather, it will be all right!

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I never met anyone who walked out thinking they passed. I was 100% sure I failed as was a classmate of mine that took it the day before I did. I did Kaplan and she did Hurst and we actually made plans to renew then switch courses. I cried all the way home, told my husband I failed and sat up for two days doing more Saunders questions. Both of us passed.

What you feel is normal, but it is not definitive!!

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First, congratulate yourself on taking the test!

I didn't know I passed when I took my NLCEX-PN either; I panicked when I got the minimum. There wasn't a PVT when I took the exam either, but I waited 48 hours and looked on my BON site and found out that I passed.

When I took the NCLEX-RN, I felt I did well, only because I knew about it; although I was still afraid to do the PVT, and even when my friend talked me through it, I still waited and checked the BON.

Do something relaxing; go out, spend time with friends, etc. before finding out whether you passed or need to take it again; IF you need to take it again, come back and post and there will be plenty of posters willing to help you, including myself, prepare for the exam again.



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I walked out of my NCLEX in tears as well. I had shut off after 76 questions in 30 minutes. An employee at the test center looked at me on my way out and said, "WOW, We have never had anyone take it so fast!". I promptly burst into tears and was convinced I failed. But I HAD passed...so take a deep breath and relax! You will be fine!

Thank you so much for support. I know that I am not the first and the last one that feels this way but this test was challenging. It was just different, when those sata questions were popping out my eyes were getting bigger and bigger. I kinda new the subject and was trying to answer sata as true or false but I was doubting every statement that's why I have a gut feeling that I failed.

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Now, this makes me sooooo nervous because for one, I'm about to take the test in three days. I don't know how I'm gonna do because it's my first time taking the test. I've reviewed, read, and practiced answering NCLEX-style questions. I'm somewhat confident because I've improved so much and I already know how to answer question in NCLEX format.

I was so overwhelmed at first but then I checked the web and I got a "good pop up"