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  1. Twinkle007

    Would this be considered abandonment?

    Yes, I am responsible for all IV’s since LVN’s can’t hang them, I do transfers/change of conditions and I carry emergencies/codes, answers phone calls and coordinate pharmacy. I usually don’t take breaks because there’s nobody to cover, and then I have to do the time adjustment paper. The only plus of that place is that time goes fast and I’m getting practice with IV and meds, they pay on time but it’s the lowest pay for RN’s where I live. I wasn’t picky as a new grad and got this job a week after NCLEX.
  2. Twinkle007

    Would this be considered abandonment?

    Thank you for the response. Yes, I think it’s time for me to go. I spent there only 4 months and I’m a new grad. It was an opportunity for me to get some experience right after my NCLEX and now I need to move on.
  3. Hi 👋🏼 nurses ! So I work in a poorly managed post acute/LTC we don’t even have DON at this moment (within the past 3 months it’s the third one that quit). I work 7-3pm only RN for 120+ pt’s and very often it happens that the next shift is either 2 hr late or non show. Last Sunday I worked by myself and of course nobody showed up for 3-11 pm shift, administrator made me stay even though I didn’t want to and ended up doing 16hr shift ( I have a baby at home to take care of). They paid me extra but I really don’t want their bonuses I just want leave on time. The most frustrating part of this is that nobody informs me about who is coming to the next shift and usually at 4 pm I start calling ppl and finding out that there’s no one to work. I’m so frustrated, my question is: If I clock out at 3 pm and go would that be considered an abandonment? Technically my shift is over at 3, I just feel bad for residents that’s why I stayed but I can’t be doing this over and over again.
  4. Twinkle007

    Would you do that? New grad dilemma

    It was written on the add that ‘new graduates are welcome to apply’ so I thought I have a chance
  5. Twinkle007

    Would you do that? New grad dilemma

    Thank you for your answers.
  6. Hello Nurses ! I passed my nclex 2 weeks ago and started applying for jobs. It’s been only 2 weeks so I’m still full of hopes for good position BUT it’s hard to find hospital job for new grad ADN. I don’t have much experience only 6 months as LVN in assisted living. Anywho I found hospital position for LVN on med surg unit ( I have license ) and was thinking to work in that hospital and once they have opening for RN to move up ( usually it’s in Feb). I know this might sound a little crazy but since I have no hospital experience I thought this would help me a little. Another option is SNF or home health.I got call backs from these two places. What’s your opinion ? Do you think it’s stupid idea? Thank you 😊
  7. Twinkle007

    American Career College LA RN

    HELLO ALL ! Is there anyone who have graduated from their RN program? How did you like it? Did you have clinicals scheduled on weekends? What are the pros and cons? Im a mom of one toddler who goes to daycare from 8-5pm and debating on going back to school :) Thank you
  8. Twinkle007

    Nurses that are moms plz I need your input

    thank you, and yes I am thinking about school now cuz later it might be even harder
  9. Twinkle007

    Nurses that are moms plz I need your input

    Good luck girl ! we r on the same boat heheh
  10. Twinkle007

    Nurses that are moms plz I need your input

    AA degree
  11. Hello ALL I am an LVN (working part time)and dreaming about getting my RN. I have 17 month old baby girl, she goes to a day care five days a week from 9am-3pm; I have no family where I live only my husband who works 12-14 h a day so most of the housework and baby care is on me. I found one private school in my area that offers prerequisites and full time RN program from 9am-5pm. I am not planing to work while in nursing school but I'm worried if this will work out. Mainly I'm concerned about study hours and my child (she will have to stay longer hours in her day care, she will be 2 years old when I start). How do you guys managed school and motherhood, do you have any tips? Thank you ❤️
  12. Twinkle007

    OMG JUST GOT THE GOOD POP UP. But is it reliable?

    my nclex shut down on 85 as well, I did pvt 48 h after , I WAS SURE I DIDN'T PASS I even cried like baby in my car hehe , I got a good pop up tho. Yesterday I opened my mail after I came back from vacay and saw the letter , I PASSED YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  13. Twinkle007

    So I couldn't take it anymore and I did PVT

    Just a quick update I PASSED
  14. Twinkle007

    So I couldn't take it anymore and I did PVT

    Thx AverageMan it's very informative
  15. Twinkle007

    I just cried in my car :'(

    I was so overwhelmed at first but then I checked the web and I got a "good pop up"
  16. Twinkle007

    Took my nclex pn stopped at 85

    I took nclex 2 days ago , it stopped at 85 I was CONVINCED I failed , but today I got a good pop up. Good luck to you !

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