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  1. Laser hair removal gone wrong

    First of all I feel really bad and second I really need the answer on how can I do better in future. I recently started at laser clinic hair removal. I have been trained for one week and told that for old clients settings on laser stay the same unles...
  2. Would this be considered abandonment?

    Yes, I am responsible for all IV’s since LVN’s can’t hang them, I do transfers/change of conditions and I carry emergencies/codes, answers phone calls and coordinate pharmacy. I usually don’t take breaks because there’s nobody to cover, and then I h...
  3. Would this be considered abandonment?

    Thank you for the response. Yes, I think it’s time for me to go. I spent there only 4 months and I’m a new grad. It was an opportunity for me to get some experience right after my NCLEX and now I need to move on.
  4. Hi ?? nurses ! So I work in a poorly managed post acute/LTC we don’t even have DON at this moment (within the past 3 months it’s the third one that quit). I work 7-3pm only RN for 120+ pt’s and very often it happens that the next shift is either 2 h...
  5. Would you do that? New grad dilemma

    That’s out of the picture in my case. Thank you all for your responses.
  6. Would you do that? New grad dilemma

    It was written on the add that ‘new graduates are welcome to apply’ so I thought I have a chance
  7. Would you do that? New grad dilemma

    Thank you for your answers.
  8. Hello Nurses ! I passed my nclex 2 weeks ago and started applying for jobs. It’s been only 2 weeks so I’m still full of hopes for good position BUT it’s hard to find hospital job for new grad ADN. I don’t have much experience only 6 months as LVN in...
  9. American Career College LA RN

    HELLO ALL ! Is there anyone who have graduated from their RN program? How did you like it? Did you have clinicals scheduled on weekends? What are the pros and cons? Im a mom of one toddler who goes to daycare from 8-5pm and debating on going back t...
  10. Nurses that are moms plz I need your input

    thank you, and yes I am thinking about school now cuz later it might be even harder
  11. Nurses that are moms plz I need your input

    Good luck girl ! we r on the same boat heheh
  12. Nurses that are moms plz I need your input

    AA degree
  13. Hello ALL I am an LVN (working part time)and dreaming about getting my RN. I have 17 month old baby girl, she goes to a day care five days a week from 9am-3pm; I have no family where I live only my husband who works 12-14 h a day so most of the hous...
  14. OMG JUST GOT THE GOOD POP UP. But is it reliable?

    my nclex shut down on 85 as well, I did pvt 48 h after , I WAS SURE I DIDN'T PASS I even cried like baby in my car hehe , I got a good pop up tho. Yesterday I opened my mail after I came back from vacay and saw the letter , I PASSED YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  15. So I couldn't take it anymore and I did PVT

    Just a quick update I PASSED