Laser hair removal gone wrong


First of all I feel really bad and second I really need the answer on how can I do better in future. I recently started at laser clinic hair removal. I have been trained for one week and told that for old clients settings on laser stay the same unless they are tanned or can’t tolerate pain. I had a client 4 days ago ( no tan, no pain during procedure, no redness)I did his neck and he came back today with tiny scabs at the hair follicles, and one red spot 1 cm diameter. Area was not painful, or blistered . It appears like the setting was wrong. I checked the chart and that was his regular setting at every visit. What can I do to get better at this, how can prevent situations like that. I’m not experienced in this field but I really enjoy the place. Also I’m thinking I didn’t get enough training or something was missing. 
thank you ?



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Hi! I only have 2 months of experience but I understand the anxiety that comes from an adverse reaction. The tiny scabs at the hair follicles are likely folliculitis. Folliculitis are not necessarily due to mistakes during the procedure. They are usually due to poor aftercare, such as sweating after the procedure, scratching/scrubbing treated areas, and using harsh chemicals on treated areas. They can be treated with bacitracin topicals.