I just applied to Excelsior! GULP!


I just applied online and my stomach is in knots! I hope I know what I am doing!! I have read so many threads on here, trying to find out the best way to do things. I have a question about study guides. I have read that some of you buy them off EBAY. When I looked on there I didnt see very many listed. Can someone tell me a trick to this and any tips to a newbie would SOOOO be appreciated!!!!!!:o

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Hi, there. I wish you the best of luck with your studies!

I went to http://www.Ebay.com and typed 'The College Network' in the search engine, and received 19 results a few minutes ago.

I went to http://www.Ebay.com and typed 'Excelsior Nursing' in their search engine, and received 42 results a few munites ago.


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Good luck. Glad to see that you are in this program. The best advice I can give you in a nutshell, is DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! There is an ultimate time limit to complete it, and you will have to allocate a good portion of time on just waiting for a test date for the CPNE. So don't put off anything. Besides that, they change the requirements on occasion, and you don't want to get caught up in any changes that might make it more difficult for you. You can't always expect that you will be grandfathered for any changes to the program. Hope to see that you've successfully completed the program in several months!

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there are many study guides for excelsior. i used lisa arends cd's and get them off ebay for 10 bucks. check out the yahoo groups often the students sell their study guides after they are finished with them ( tcn or rue guides). if you need the addresses of the yahoo groups then let me know . i am on my laptop now and i have them stored on my other computer. i have been satisfied with lisa's cd's many people think there are better study guides out there , maybe but these are cheap and comprehensive. i do supplement my studying with textbooks i picked up from my local half price bookstore.


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Wow I just applied today too! I paid for my 1st test yesterday and thought I may as well apply and have my transcripts evaluated while I wait to enroll. Maybe we can help each other to get through this since we are starting at the same time! Good luck to you.


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Wow I just applied today too! I paid for my 1st test yesterday and thought I may as well apply and have my transcripts evaluated while I wait to enroll. Maybe we can help each other to get through this since we are starting at the same time! Good luck to you.

Good Luck to you all. Change, I'm so glad you bit the bullet and enrolled. I'm taking the third test Dec 26th. Good Luck!


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I applied yesterday too!!! I know what your feeling believe me haha! I'm excited but confused at the same time. They are evaluating my transcripts now and say it will take up to 2 weeks. So now I wait!

Congratulations, frosh!

I'm I guess an Excelsior senior. I'm waiting for the CPNE dare, having finished the tests.

You can do this!


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Thanks for the encouragement and glad to hear there are some newbies starting with me. I would love to keep in touch and help each other through this process.

I want to get my prereqs out of the way before starting nursing classes, so waiting for my transcripts to be evaluated before I start anything. Impatiently waiting!!

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Congratulations to all you newbies and keep us posted. I can't wait to be in your shoes next year this time!!! I'm actually thinking of taking NC1 and Clepping a few classes before even taking my PN state boards. I know I'm well ahead of the game but I figure since I'm not working now and just concentrating on my PN program which finishes in August, I might as well test out what I can.


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Congrats on enrolling with EC. SMart move! Being an EC grad here is my advice. Do try to buy used if possible. I preferred Chancellors' over all other study guides. They come with CD or cassettes to listen to as well. Next in line would be The college network study guides and Rue last. Next advice....go online with EC, pay for the exam, then schedule it with the company for a month or however long you need and stick to that schedule. That way you will be forced to study in that alloted time frame, it really kept me on task. Also, just yahoo sudy groups and discussion boards, get all the free tips, junk, email, whatever and use it as you see fit. Most EC people will share and help each other out. Lastly the most important advice. GO to a CPNE (clinical test) test PREP site for practice and guidance. There are several out there and all are probably good. These are third party vendors who make money doing this but usually know what they are doing. I went Chancellors CarePlan Lab. It lasted a week and really made it possible for me to pass first time with no repeats. EC also has CPNE workshops...GO these are helpful and cheap. If you sign up for CPNE practice labs with Chancellors or another company most will give you access to their website, which is awesome. Their forums and helplines are just incredible as students helping others is the way to go. Money is always a concern and my suggestions obviously will cost money but hey, worked for hundreds of people and I know it worked for me. Watch ebay and start buying! Also, if you can find some other in your area, you can buy new or used and split the cost. I know some students from my LVN class all signed up with Chancellors or TLC and each one signed up for one module study guide and all signed up for the Practice lab. They they share the books and take turns. All are RNs now I am pretty sure! You will find a way. You will fine EC Grads are great people who will share in anyway they can.


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congratulations! :monkeydance:

i bought all the texbooks and the workbooks that came with them, some of the questions on the NC tests were from the workbooks. also, each textbook comes with a cd and there was another set of questions...i read as much as i could, worked as many questions as i could, make sure you read the rationale for each question you get right or wrong, it will help you a lot. i also took the practice exams (another 200 questions) 2-3 days before the big test and kind of gave me an idea where i stood...always scored lower on those than what i got on the actual test...reading the rationale, again...helped!

somebody said...don't procrastinate! i scheduled all my exams ahead of time, each about a month apart...as i was getting closer, i rescheduled some of them, it depends on how well you think you know the material. i made myself a calendar and put it on my desk, would put my work schedule on it (work full-time) and count how many days i really had to prepare for this exam. scheduled everything else around my exam dates. it helped me keep focused on the real thing. i made sure i was off 2 days before the exams, so i could relax and be well rested, have my mind clear...won't say cramming...LOL

good luck to you...

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