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I interviewed at a local hospital and I was called on Friday. They offered me a position on the cardiac unit! I am so happy. It is the floor I had hoped for. All I have to do now is graduate...lol. So far so good. I can't wait for May! Spring break is this week and I am looking forward to it. :)

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Great news! Kudo's to you, and good luck !!! :balloons:

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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All I have to do now is graduate...lol.

....and THAT you SHALL !!! :)

Congrats on the job and enjoy your break... might be the last one you get for awhile !!! Milk it for all its worth and have some FUN !!!

maire, ASN, RN

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Awesome, congo rats! :)


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All I have to do now is graduate... and pass boards! Congratulations! :balloons:


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congratulations!! :balloons:

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That's great news! Good luck and congratulation. :balloons:


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Congrats! That's great!


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Congrats.. Better you than me working cardiac.. I hate hearing someone say "I'm having chest pain" gets me everytime.. :)

I will stick to my broken bones :)LOL

nurse2be in ny

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Congrats and best of luck. :balloons:


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Congratulations!!! That's wonderful....your on your way!!!!!!




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Thank you everyone. I am so excited. So far I am doing well in maternal/child nursing.(keeping my fingers crossed here.)

I have always loved cardiac. It just makes sense to me. Good luck to all of you in your searches and I wish you all much sucess in all that you do! :)

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