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I got the job!!!


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I just got an early Christmas present....I was hired on at one of the hospitals here as a Critical Care Tech (Nurse Apprentice I) in the ICU. I'm so thrilled!!!! I really, really wanted the job. Not only will the experience be great, but it pays $13-14 an hour. I will work one or two 12-hour shift a weekend, so it won't interfere with my nursing classes. Oh happy day!!!! And if I do well as the Apprentice I, then when it comes time for them to hire the Apprentice II (which is VERY competitive), I will have my foot in the door.

I really thought I screwed up my interview by talking too much. I become VERY gregarious when nervous and felt like maybe I said too much. I also got teary-eyed in the interview over a few of the questions (patient related and other subjects close to my heart) and thought that might have scared them off. But the HR lady said I was great and they would be thrilled to have me as part of the team. Yes, I will only be functioning as a CNA until my 2nd semester of school is finished, but that's what I wanted. I told them I wanted to start out doing what a CNA did so that when I became an RN, I could appreciate all that the CNA's do for the nursing staff.

I've been without a job since September of 2002 so this will be strange going back to work. And working in a hospital, no less. The only job I've really ever had is waiting tables. I'm kind of terrified, but it's a good terrified if that makes sense? :eek: :D


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Hi Melanie,


I am thrilled for you!!!



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:balloons: Congratulations!!!!

I agree working as a CNA really helps one understand how hard CNAs work, how important they are and it is also a great way for you to get a feel of the nursing field. Due to the fact I was a CNA in my younger days, I really appreciate the CNAs who work on my shift. They are a great team and really care about the residents. Plus you have a fantastic chance of advancing now.

It is scary at first, but that is true of any new position.

What a wonderful Christmas present for you. :biggringi


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Thank you. The only thing that bums me out is my classmate and friend interviewed right before me and didn't get the job. They hired a student from another nursing school to work in conjunction with me. It's a shame because she will make a great nurse and is a really hard worker. It's kind of hard to share my enthusiasm with her because I feel bad she didn't get hired as well.

But just the same, I'm excited for my first venture into the world of nursing. I'm thinking of shadowing before I officially start so I can get an idea of where things are at in this hospital. Anyone else ever shadow?


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congratulations. the experience will be great.

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Congo rats, Melanie!

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Way to go!

For any job, familiarity with the physical environment goes a long way towards feeling comfortable and confident - if you can shadow someone, even for a few hours, before your actual first day I'd definitely recommend it.

Best of luck to you,


Congrats! That's so exciting! As I've posted here before, I wouldn't trade my experience as a tech for anything.

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Fantastic news!

Congratulations... I am looking around my area for a patient care tech position myself. I really would like to gain the experience prior to becoming an RN.

Way to go...

Lynda in VA


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Congratulations!! I can just feel your excitement brimming over! Best of luck!!!:balloons:

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That really IS great news ! What experience you will gain...every ounce will help you as you continue on with your studies.

So very pleased for you ! Yaaaaaay !!! :)


I work as a hospital assistant cna as a float while I'm in school and I love it, I've learned so much, and the ICU is always my favorite place to work here because teh nurses are so attentive. I hope you have a good experience. I've been a cna all over for 10 years, but have only worked in the hospital a short while. Its like a different world here, lots of emotion and heartache and hope and love. Its really solidified with me that I want to be a nurse, but also showed me a bit of the kind of nurse I dont want to be.

It sounds like things are working great for you- I've been reading your posts and you are like, my model nursing student. :) :) :)

congrats!!! I too want to be in the ICU when the time comes. GO get 'em!!!

That's great!! When do you start? I start my student nurse/tech ICU job the week of January 12.

Originally posted by RNnTraining1973

Thank you. The only thing that bums me out is my classmate and friend interviewed right before me and didn't get the job.

Everything happens for a reason, I'm a firm believer. Your friend will find a job that is suited to him or her, you gotta believe.

Congratulations to you!!!

:balloons: :balloons: :balloons:

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