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  1. Loubell RN 2B

    Interviewing-- What should I ask?

    I had an interview before we left and I think that I mentioned it was like a round table session where there were five people tossing questions at me. Mostly scenario questions. However, I just decided to do an interview with another hospital to give me some options and they just brought me in and told me about the position and asked if I had any questions. I did see some of the questions I asked posted previously but it just amazes me how different interviews can be... Well anyway, good luck with the NCLEX, I am sure that you will do great... Take care, Lynda
  2. Loubell RN 2B

    Cystic Fibrosis in egg donation

    My personal opinion would be to not donate your eggs but even if you decide to go ahead with it, the physician would (should) have to disclose that the eggs were CF gene positive. After hearing this, I am sure that someone would think twice before assuming longterm responsibility for passing this gene on. The reason I say this, is that, I had a brother pass away 6 years ago at the age of 27. He had some good years but most of his years were spent in the hopsital and very sick. I would not wish this disease on my worst enemy. If the gene continues to get passed on, and so forth, there is a likely chance that someone will end up married to someone with the gene as well. Then in turn, they will have to sit down together and make some pretty rough decisions, and that is it they even know that they have the gene. Good luck with your decision and I do think that it is a wonderful gesture that you are doing but please think long and hard. Lynda in VA
  3. Loubell RN 2B

    I got the job!!!

    Congratulations... I am looking around my area for a patient care tech position myself. I really would like to gain the experience prior to becoming an RN. Way to go... Lynda in VA
  4. Loubell RN 2B

    first semester down

    Well everyone, the first semester is over and I am so happy. I was a little bummed that I worked really hard in Anatomy, getting "A's" all the way through only to poop out on the final and come within points of getting an "A" as the final grade. I struggled through NUR 108 but got a "B" which I am proud of needless to say. Most of my class struggled and did worse than myself. So two "B's" this semester and I now know that I must start off real strong for NUR 109, Diet/Nutrition, Pharmacology and A&P II next semester in order to make it. Well right now I am trying to get my house in order which has been neglected for a while now. Christmas is so right around the corner and I am not even ready. Here is hoping that everyone has a wonderful break...:roll
  5. Loubell RN 2B

    End-of-semester stress! Aaahhh!

    Today we had to squeeze in all about cathiterization and enema's that we did not get to cover and we had to check off on it this afternoon. Who can say crash course...... We have a final in lecture next Tuesday with another check off and then the following Tuesday we have a final in lab. Believe me, I am working for that 4 week break... Lynda in VA
  6. Loubell RN 2B

    How much are your books going to cost?

    We were told to expect to pay about $1200. for the books in our program. Lynda in VA
  7. Loubell RN 2B

    I'm in, I'm in......

    Thanks again everyone.... Nadia, Thanks for the message... Good luck on the NCLEX June 30th... Lynda
  8. Loubell RN 2B

    I'm in, I'm in......

    Thanks again everyone... I officially received my letter today with a Letter of Intent to go back to the Nursing Department. You better bet I will be walking this in on Monday morning and watching them put it in my file... I still have to pinch myself... Lynda
  9. Loubell RN 2B

    I'm in, I'm in......

    Thank you so much guys for all of your kind and generous words... You do not know how much it means... Likewise, I wish you all of the very best whether you are waiting on letters, in classes now, or at the tail end of it all... We will all make great nurses some day... Lynda
  10. Loubell RN 2B

    I'm in, I'm in......

    I can not believe that I found out this morning, after waiting for what seems like forever, that I got into the ADN program at our community college... I thought that I was going to pass out after hearing the great news.... The competition was tough with only 37 spots and over 400 applications given out. Anyway, I will be starting Aug. 25th and looking forward to every moment.... Class of 2005, here I come...... Thanks to everyone that had your fingers crossed, saying a prayer, sending good vibes, etc. I needed every bit of it... Lynda in VA
  11. Loubell RN 2B

    Happy Mother's Day!

    My husband made breakfast for my youngest son (two other children are out of town with grandparents) and myself this morning. I got cards and flowers.. Anyway, my husband had to go to work but the little one and I went out to eat and shopping. It was a nice slow paced day..
  12. Loubell RN 2B

    Anyone still waiting for their letter? ARG!

    We will be waiting here until about the last week in May or the first week in June. It's a killer waiting and not knowing for sure. My calendar is marked and I will be stalking the mailbox the whole time.. Lynda
  13. Loubell RN 2B

    The wait is on......

    Angela, That does really suck.... I really hate that it comes down to this.. They are going to look at some numbers to judge whether you are going to get in right now or not... I am crossing my fingers that they see through all of that. I will update as I go along... It looks like I am in for a three or four week ride.. Lynda
  14. Loubell RN 2B

    The wait is on......

    Thanks RN2Be, CNA and Leesiebug... I am hoping that they have something similiar to the point system.. I did check just yesterday and they only have a handful of applicants with their folders complete, so they have decided to move the first applicant review back a week or two (they have no clue when). The only general ed class that I have to take is A&PI and II. I have taken it before but it was crammed into a one semester, 5 credit course. The nursing program wants you to have the two semester, 8 credit course. I received an "A" in it the first time, so I do not see why it would be different now, especially since it is spread out over two semesters. I am taking Microbiology, Dev. Psych and an microcomputer class thats required this summer. CNA, I am in Front Royal, VA about 20 minutes from the Winchester, VA. We are at the northern most part of VA. Thanks again for taking the time out to send me your thoughts and encouragment... It is greatly appreciated... Lynda in VA
  15. Loubell RN 2B

    The wait is on......

    Thanks for the kind words given... I really just need to take a deep breath and just see what happens... I will update everyone as things progress... Lynda
  16. Loubell RN 2B

    The wait is on......

    Well hello everyone, I am sorry I haven't posted in a while... I have been trying to get finished with the spring semester and get all requested items to the nursing department before they do their first review of applicants (thankfully I am done). If you are not in the first review, you might as well forget it. They passed out over 400 applications and there is only 35 spots available for new students. To top it off, this is the first time they have had to put a cap on the program, so they completely seem disorganized to say the least. (I am so frustrated here) They are doing there process different than before so I really can not rely on present nursing students to even tell me how it will go. They are not doing an interview and no essay to write. They will not even get to know the real me and why I despirately want to be a nurse. All they will know is that I have passed my NET test, a 3.0 GPA (not the best), all my pre-reqs done and only a couple of general ed's left to do. They will know that I have passed my current two classes (chem and sociology) with "A's but nothing else. How do schools pick an applicant like this? A point system maybe? I am just extremely worried and basically looking for some words of encouragment. Please send me some good vibes, crossed fingers, prayers perhaps.... Anything and everything welcomed.... Lynda in VA