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Havin' A Party! has 10 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in ICU, CM, Geriatrics, Management.


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  1. Havin' A Party!

    Concealed Carry...as a nurse?

    @heron -- Thanks for jumping in. Since it'd been four years since I was last on the forum, I did go back and re-read the entire thread, per your recommendation. Only found one previous comment by the poster I reached out to. That prior comment does not relate to the specific issue I inquired about. So I'm still not clear of the rationale underlying Muno's last post; and I'm just trying to fully understand her point of view on this.
  2. Havin' A Party!

    Concealed Carry...as a nurse?

    @Muno -- Please expand on the reasoning that cc in a hospital is far "more likely to be used for harm." Thank you.
  3. Havin' A Party!

    Changing to a non-nursing career?

    @gelman -- Was in the exact same circumstances as you 11 years ago... cum laude grad, who went straight to the ICU. Additionally, before going into nursing, I had already earned two advanced degrees / licenses in non-nursing fields, and was an older student (50s). Loved the medical environment, and was so appreciative of the opportunity afforded me... and consequently worked my butt off learning... both on the job, and on my own time... spending nearly all my free time devoted to the study of basic and advanced topics related to ICU practice. Long story short: the experience didn't work out. I encountered tremendous jealousy, and witnessed an unbelievable amount of immaturity on the part of co-workers, as well as a management team that was clueless / weak in handling this HR issue. I resigned after almost a year, but remained in nursing 10 years before retiring last year. Looking back, I think it may have been better to have started out in a step-down unit, and then moved up to the ICU after a year or so. Not knowing all the particulars of your own situation and personal factors makes it impossible to give specific advice. Generally though, my sense is to encourage you to NOT give up or drop out of nursing at this time... clearly, one year / one position does not make for a conclusive trial. Instead, I'd suggest checking out other options within this field. Please keep us posted. Hope things work out. Feel kinda like I'm looking back at myself in this post, gelman. All the best to you!
  4. Havin' A Party!

    Going "Above and Beyond" UGH

    After a short while in practice, think we pretty much all realize that the cr_p discussed in this thread ("above and beyond" or "whatever it takes... and more," or any other such phrases) is purely "Management BS of the Day." And the longer we're out there working our butts off, the more annoying it gets. Don't let 'em get to ya. _____________ As an aside though, I believe all patients are customers... because, while the reasons / circumstances may vary, there's always a choice involved for any type of treatment.
  5. Havin' A Party!

    12 hour shifts and weight/exercise.

    Wow... I'll exercise at 6:30ish or so, but at that hour... that'd be killer-tough for me, A. Hang in there!
  6. Havin' A Party!

    Feds investigating University of Phoenix

    Oh, oh... have seen this post here many... many... many times before. ;>) Here we go...
  7. Havin' A Party!

    Feds investigating University of Phoenix

    How does Phoenix get to pull this off??? Are their applicants mindless???
  8. Havin' A Party!

    Going "Above and Beyond" UGH

    Congrats... your's is the prize quote of the thread! Every facility I've worked in has their version of this "same ol' management BS." And I know we all know that there's few in those ranks that could handle even the basics of the floor staff's responsibilities. (Can we say... "hypocrisy"?)
  9. Havin' A Party!

    Anyone successfully leave nursing?

    Good luck, A!
  10. Havin' A Party!

    who has left nursing ?

    Hey Viva. Been away from AN for several years. (Semi-retired now... looking only for the right, very part-time, supervisory gig... no more than a shift or two max per week.) Just saw your disability post. Hope things are going well for you. Always considered you a treasure trove of experience / knowledge here! My best.
  11. Havin' A Party!

    Why I'm Leaving the Nursing field and Nursing School

    Agree... and those items listed in your post are only a few selected examples.
  12. Havin' A Party!

    Now that you're retired...

    Sort of retired last December. But continue to look for a very part-time (no more than two shifts per week), no-stress position in nursing -- so far haven't found it. ;>) In the meantime, have joined other Boomers in a musical group... which I'm totally enjoying. Have also upped my exercise sessions, time dedicated to hobbies, improving the house, spending time with friends, going to the beach, etc. And can't believe how fast the weeks go by!
  13. Havin' A Party!

    Now that you're retired...

    Love this... and oh so true!
  14. Havin' A Party!

    Thinking of going back into nursing....

    Glenn -- Totally feel with what you're saying... and gotta say that I agree that the poster would be wise to give a lot of consideration to your comments.
  15. Havin' A Party!

    My Life with a Nurse: A Man's Perspective

    Liked it, Ken!
  16. Havin' A Party!

    Nursing is slavery Period!!!

    You're correct, K. Meant to write "2012." My expressed sentiment remains the same. Have a great weekend!

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