I got the CRUD

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I got the crud I dont know who gave it to me , but I want to hunt them down and just let my nose drip on them.... My nose is playing which side will be stopped up today, Im drinking theraflu like its the best thing since bottled water, tylenol ever 4 if I need it or not, I actually tucked a PUFFS tissue up my nose so I could atleast sleep some without it draining like a leaky faucet. I left Egypt for this??? Is this my welcome home present???? I wanna curl up and die somewhere only to find the surviving part of me is the germ itself... If the theraflu doesnt work Im moving to the Moonshine and honey therapy... Anyone know where I can get moonshine in Cali, at times like these I miss Bama and GA.



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you either got it from me or from hoolahan...lol...welcome back stateside!!!


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Me, too!


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Oh, poor Zoe!! :o

I got it too!! :o

So does my DOC!! :o (why do I always feel shocked to see a sick Dr???)

So you're in good company. Get some nice chicken soup and garnish with garlic croutons, curl up and watch tv and get better. :kiss


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i got it too...... have had it since saturday.....


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Sorry Zoe, hope you feel better soon!


LOL is this crap being used as chemical warfare or what..... I feel like I have been beaten with a hammer in my sinuses.... Its good to be home but this crap can stay somewhere else lol, I actually had an interview this morning over the phone and the woman thought I sounded like a man.... luckily she had just gotten over the same crap.... and understood . Im getting chapped lips just from mouth breathing.... Just how much is the lethal dose of VICKS shoved up your snoz?

Is this viral or just me changing climate???? I will wait it out, and keep it from going down my chest but should I run and go get the bucket now??? or just a drip pan ?



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Hey Zoe,

Sorry to hear you gots the CRUD. My mom just got over it and she said that she took a new medicine made by Tylenol. It might be Tylenol Sinus or something like that.

Anyway, she said that it was the best stuff she has ever taken in her life. Dried her nose right up and didn't mess up her sleeping schedule.

It might be worth a try.

Hope you get to feeling better soon.


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Originally posted by ITSJUSTMEZOE

I got the crud I dont know who gave it to me , but I want to hunt them down and just let my nose drip on them....


Can't be too bad, you still have a sense of humor.... :D

Hope you feel better soon!



LOL If I loose my humor Im dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just scared the crap out of Kim lol I walked to her to hand her the phone and I got 2 puffs shoved up my snoz!!!!!!!!!!! lol she looked at me and busted out laughing and asked me how long I planned on wicking my nose lol



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Originally posted by ITSJUSTMEZOE

Is this viral or just me changing climate????

I don't know about you, but I always get sick after long flights. There's always 4 or 5 people with the plague, you're packed in like sardines unless you're in business or first class, and they recirculate the same damn air because it saves on fuel. I came home from Manila once and immediately came down with a case of sinusitis and bronchitis that put me down for a week.

You sound miserable, but you're doing all the right things for yourself! Get lots of sleep and feel better soon!

We may not have 'shine here but there's always Wild Tturkey.

I'm partial to Nyquill, usually stops the drippy nose and lets me get some sleep.

With any luck you'll bypass the GI version. Hear from friends that's an experience worth waiting for.

Someone once told me their some older relative drank lots and lots of pineapple juice. Don't know if it helps but isn't as bad on a scratchy throat as I would have expected, and fluids help.

A classmate in library school was a fan of hot and sour soup.

Try vaseline on your nose, if you don't need it yet, you will.

A warm bath with some stuffy nose baby bath stuff in it can't hurt, and since I'm the one who takes care of me when I'm sick, it helps me feel cared for.

Hope you feel better soon, or in three days, whichever comes first.

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