I failed again, I'm done!

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I am really in disbelief right now. I took the Transitions to RN test today. The computer did not give on screen results; but as I stood up after taking the test.... I felt great, I was like wow that was easy... I'm sure I got a "B" Then I went over to the resistration desk and the lady hands me my results and states, "I'm sorry."

Huh?!? That's impossible, how did I fail this!

I passed Microbiology, I passed Health Saftey, I passed Chronicity, I passed Reproductive.

Did fiine.

Then last month I took HDLS 1 and failed; I shook it off, new i was just pushing myself toooooo hard. So I took a break, two weeks off, just to rejuvanate and rethink my studing plan.

Then today failing Transitions.

I QUIT! I'm done!

Just can't do anymore. I have lost the last six months of my life, the most important to me... my family. I have totally neglected my five year old daughter and every day have felt guilty and selfish for ALL THE HOURS I put into studing. And for what... Nothing!

I'm just too upset and can't possibly see another failing grade.


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((((((Lisa)))))))I'm sorry you failed and I wish you wouldn't give up but I understand; that is a lot time spent studying and the test fees do add up. Do you think that it would help if you modify your study habits? What materials have you used to study? I'm sorry if I'm coming off as an interrogationist but I was just wondering if changing how you study would help.


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Please, do not give up! Maybe you're pushing yourself too hard. Your mind needs to rest! Are your working also? I found that you need to give yourself a little r&r in between studying. I studied everyday, but depending on my work schedule and my family, I studied anytime between 1/2 hour to 2 hours a day. The 2 hours a day, I broke those up into 1/2 hour increments. I was able to pass all of my tests on the first try by not being so burnt out from studying ALL of the time. Don't quit, but take a break without thinking about studying. Good luck to you Lisa!


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Take a break, a substantial break, before you decide to quit or to forge on. Remember, you have seven years to do this, it doesn't have to be completed in nine months although we would all like that. You can't let two test failures keep you from your goal. Think about all the people who have to keep on trying to pass NCLEX, five, six, or even nine times. If the person who passed on their ninth try had quit after two failures, they never would have succeeded. Now you need to rest, and I mean really rest. Take some time for your family and yourself.

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hugs to you lisa!!! please don't give up, and please do not think less of yourself. you had to accomplish a lot to just be able to qualify for this program in the first place. do give yourself a good break to spend with family, especially your little girl...and then even when you have to study...it may take longer, but give yourself some time...alone time and family time. i "should be done" but life happens and sometimes you have to slow your pace, but as long as you are not totally idle you will reach your goals. believe in yourself. you can do this. good luck and best wishes to you as you list the pros and cons and decide what decision is best for you. take care~ traci:d


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((Hugs)) to you Lisa. Please don't give up. I also failed 2 exams HD2 and Transitions. I was very disappointed when I failed my second exam but I was determined to get through it and make it to the finish line. I ended up retaking both and passed. Passed the CPNE also. Now I am a RN working in a hospital. People fail the test all the time. I am glad that Excelsior lets us take them in 60 days. So pull yourself together and keep on going. You can do it! I sure did! :D Give yourself a small break and keep it moving. You are not a failure. You will pass them the next time.


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Lisa--First, Im sorry about your test. Please, please, please dont give up though. Like others have said. Give yourself a nice break. Spend sometime with your hubby, daughter, and most importantly---yourself. When you get back into the swing of things---focus on your weak areas and go back in with a confidence youve never known before. I believe in you!!! Call me if you need me. Ill give you a few days and I may give you a call. Talk to you later!



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Lisa, sorry to hear about the failed test. Remember it was just a test, YOU didn't fail. Take some time off, hang out with your child, but mull over what you can do differently. My child is a teen, but still needs my attention. I changed my dining room into a study hall and studied while making dinner, doing laundry, brought a book with me when I had to go to my son's track meets, waiting at the train to pick up my husband, etc. You will be surprised at how 15 min increments can add up while your studying. If your little one is in a playgroup, use that time. If your at the playground, bring a book. If you are waiting at the dentist, the doctors, bring a book. You might be able to mitigate your mommy guilt by studying this way. Stay in touch, let us know what you are using for study material, we may be able to point out some simpler methods that learning the textbook.

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Lisa, its happen to me too I did felt terrible after I failed the test but i did not give up i keep trying, Now, I have a good grades because i changed my study habit and im going to a study group with my classmate.

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I agree with most of what was said above, but here's another thought--Will you be able to be okay with the chance of failing the CPNE when it comes around? I'm not saying this because I think you will fail it at all. However, if it is very difficult for you to handle failing the computerized tests, failing the CPNE will really knock you for a loop, with all the money and effort that goes into it.

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I'm sorry you didn't do well...all these people have great suggestions.

May I also suggest you consider an "outside" study guide? It's been a LONG time since I finished my ADN through Excelsior, but when I did, I used Rue's materials. They weren't cheap, but I passed everything I used their study materials on. They have a workbook format, and if you put the hours in on the workbook, they guarantee you will pass.

It might be something to at least consider. They are not the only game in town, but I don't know enough about the other ones to speak to their quality.

Good luck.


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I don't accept your resignation.

I certainly understand how you may feel, however, EC allows multiple opportunities for a reason.

Now take the first couple of weeks of summer coming up to re-connect with your family.

Then start to make a plan for how you are going to pass those 2 exams.


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