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Okay, so I've noticed in the past 8 months since starting in the medical field that I swear a lot more than I used to. Er, I should say, it comes OUT a lot more. I'm sure I was swearing before but it just wasn't out loud!

Got me thinking: what quirks have you "inherited" as a direct result of you working in the medical field?

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Several months after moving from ICU to ER, my wife says I went from someone who took forever to make a decision, into someone who figured out a solution to a problem (even non-medical) and made almost instant decisions.

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In the ER I learned that everything is NOT an emergency. I had NO idea how much BS comes through the doors of the average ER. More cynical too, have to curb that.

And yep, cuss more than ever, but I TRY to keep it under my breath.

Can ya tell I just came off a LONG LONG night? One more to go!


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I've started cussing like a sailor! It's one of my new year's resolutions to stop, actually.

Unrelated to nursing, but when I waited tables for a year, I had to yell "Corner!" every time I turned the corner between the kitchen and the dining area to warn anyone approaching from the other direction. It got to the point where I would turn a corner in my house and yell "CORNER!" to no one in particular. LOL.

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Cussin' like a longshoreman and being cynical...."Sympathy? You want sympathy? WHY?!?!?"


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Yes, swearing! Much to my chagrin I have also joined the sailor club. Nothing takes me by surprise anymore(welll just about).


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"What the *&^l do you *&^k@#g mean I'm *%c&%n@ cursing too @u*#i^# much?"

I don't curse infront of the residents unless I've just been clocked upside the head or I'm dealing with a resident who has ripped out his/her foley for the third time in 24hours. Away from the that's a different story.


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Haha, these are great! Keep 'em coming!

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I worked in a LTC/ALF for 4 years and I have picked up the habit of saying 'hon' or 'sweety' all the time like the other staff and residents. Now that I am working hospital again...oh man that so doesn't fly with staff or most patients. Curbing that one has been hard...can't believe I started that one up and really honestly didn't pay attention to it! (I remember that you really aren't suppose to say it, but after 4 years of everyone saying it...I think it bombarded my brain and stuck! LOL!).

As far as cussing...oh I had that tallent in high school and college! LOL! I just learned to say it with my eyes or in my I hear others doing it that I am shocked would even say 'darn it' too loud (LOL!), and I giggle. The other day I had nurses laughing at the front desk because something ticked me off and I said "oh nuts and berries"...everyone just paused, saw the cussive expression on my face...and busted up! Now our new phrase is "oh nuts and berries!"...LOL!!!!!!!

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Talking about disgusting things at the table or to people who might not be as appreciative of the subject matter as my fellow nurses.


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Thank heavens!! I thought it was just me w/ the swearing thing. I have everyone beat DH and I were at the pastors house visiting with him and his wife. I thought things were going normally, me being articulate and polite :saint: and of course christianly.

We leave and get into the car and my DH gives me a look and says "I can't believe you swore in front of them" :doh: and I was like "what are you talking about.. there is no way I swore in front of the pastor!" and DH goes "oh yea, you said the S-word a couple of times" Oh man, I wanted to crawl in a hole and honestly, I still don't remember saying it. Guess I have sailor syndrome really, really bad!


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I also swear more, have no patience anymore for drama, and my handwriting has totally declined to the point of being illegible even to me.

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