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  1. stillpressingon

    "Octomom" and continuing updates

    I'm struggling to write this because I feel so outraged!!!!!!! But here goes, even though I'm not saying anything new. I have sooooo many problems with this, and the more info comes out the more appalling the situation is!!!!! Valerie, tntrn, and Jolie have made such good points! She has serious issues with abandonment and HER needs, and HER wants!! And she's delusional if she seriously thinks she's going to be making enough as a "counselor" to afford 14 kids!!! Okay, so she has "herself" to give...so 7 or so hrs at school every day and she'll have what, 2 or 3 hrs for FOURTEEN kids??? This woman is crazy!! She said the reason people are expressing such outrage is that she's single. Um, no, I'm thinking the outrage has more to do with no stable source of income, she was on disability for a BACK problem, and yet she insists on having more kids...and no, she's NOT having them to give them a stable home where she can love them unconditionally and give them "what I didn't have." UGGGHHHHH!!!!! SOOOOO many problems with her that have NOTHING to do with her choosing to be a single parent!!!!! Steppin' off my soapbox...
  2. stillpressingon

    How long do you drive to work?

    With what you've posted, I'd do it if it were me.
  3. stillpressingon


    Have you considered working in an urgent care rather than hospitals? I know you want to go back to school for your bsn and work at the hospital that's affiliated with it, but maybe that's not a great option for you at this point. Just a thought. Working in an urgent care is obviously not the same - or even remotely similar to - working in an ICU, but maybe it'd be a good change. It sounds like it doesn't take much for you to feel very overwhelmed. Maybe ICU is not great for you at this point and an urgent care or another relatively low stress job would be something to look at at this point. I also agree with the poster who suggested LTC/ALF.
  4. stillpressingon

    I need an alternative

    Thank you for the clarification. Sounds completely different than how it was originally posted. Do you need to stay enrolled to qualify for another semester? I know some schools require students to take at least one class each qtr/sem in order to still be eligible for acceptance in the program. If that's the case for you, I'd suggest taking like an art class or something, or if there's a class that meets once a week that will NOT fall on the days you need to miss. Also, admin is usually understanding about religious commitments and depending on your academic standing may allow you an absence without penalty. If you DON'T need to be enrolled to qualify for acceptance, I'd take the qtr/sem off and enjoy the break. My
  5. stillpressingon

    I need an alternative

    Ok, I just really wanna chime in here! Oh my goodness!!!! The fact that you're even WONDERING is soooooo incredibly sad to me!! That you, as an adult, would even use the word "mandatory" is shocking to me! I know I'm prob'ly coming off strong, but wow, I mean, it's one thing for family functions to be "mandatory" as a 5 year old, but ... wow... I don't even really know what to say. I feel sad for you that you and your family are so enmeshed that family functions are "mandatory" to the point that you're even CONSIDERING dropping out of school!! Not trying to be harsh, or critical or anything like that...to me this would be a non-issue (I wouldn't go) I say this from DOING IT...saying "no," and just letting them be angry and have their temper tantrum...yes, it was extreeeeeemely difficult at first, but i made a decision one day: it's MY life, and I am the ONLY one who can live it and it's my job to do it! And yeah, sometimes that's included making very painful-feeling choices - that are good, even thru the pain.
  6. stillpressingon

    Tubal Ligation

    In short, yes. Not likely, but the only things that are truly 100% are abstinence and a hysterectomy.
  7. stillpressingon

    I got reprimanded at work for not using a bra !

    This is such an awesome thread! I've learned so much:lol2: And yeah, I've really enjoyed the comments from the guys...especially 09S=BSN:D
  8. stillpressingon

    christmas card exchange 2008

    Ok, so I've changed my mind - I pm'd you a while ago and would like to be involved in it!
  9. stillpressingon

    pts who say "it's ok" and it's not!

    I agree. It's not your job to be the "parent." If the annoyed pt is too "polite" to say anything, she's probably a major people-pleaser in general life and until she gets help for allowing herself to be walked over - even when someone is trying to help her - there's nothing you can do. I'm not trying to sound harsh - maybe Chatty Cathy is a bully and it's more to do with that than with the roomy being a push-over, but that's just my I also agree with the person who posted about it being harassment to Chatty Cathy because the roommate WON'T speak up about it.
  10. stillpressingon

    "I need someone who can give me regular IV's "

    :yeah:congrats!:lol2: Too funny! I wonder if anyone actually responded to it seriously...
  11. stillpressingon

    christmas card exchange 2008

    Just sent an email
  12. stillpressingon

    looking for advice

    What's "hha?" I'm assuming it's home health something, so...if it's home health, are you wanting to be a CNA or an RN or something else?
  13. stillpressingon

    Woman didn't know she was pregnant, gives birth -- now hospital is sued

    Hopefully the hospital lawyers will argue that! I mean, with her testing positive for cocaine, IS there a way to tell what REALLY caused the brain damage??