How tough is it to take 2 science classes together?

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I am attending school in the evening, work full time, and have a 2 year old. Whew! My life is busy! I am trying to get my prereq's done in order to apply to the August 2004 nursing class and have 4 science classes that I still need to take - Chem, A&PI & II, and Microbiology.

With permission from the Science dept, I can take Chem and A&PI at the same time (chem is a prereq for a&pI while a&PI is a prereq for Micro) but that would mean I would be in class four nights a week - Mon through Thurs - for lecture and lab. I would take these 2 in the Fall and then go on to take A&PII and Micro together - again 4 days a week.

I know these science classes are alot of memorization, which I think I can retain and do while raising a family and working full time but I guess I just needed to hear from some others that have done it to find out how tough it is and did you also need permission from your school if one was a prereq for another?

I really want to get into the nursing program next year and not have to put it off another year (new classes only start once a year in August). I guess I could look into another program but this one has an evening/weekend program which is really what I need.

If there are any Philly area nursing students out there, do you know of any part time evening/weekend nursing programs other than Abington?

Thanks guys for your help!



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I'm in Delaware but I took API with micro and AP II with chemistry. It was really tough, especially when exams fell on the same day. But I did it. If you plan on doing this, remember that life as you know it now, will completely change. Your nose will be in your books every waking moment and you will have precious little time to yourself. If you decide to go ahead with it, good luck!

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I took AP II with wasn't that bad....some of the stuff coincides to a degree. I'm sure you'll do fine if you find time to study.


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I took AP I & Microbiology in the same semester. It was hard, and I had tons of lab every week, but I pulled it off with A's in both.

Donna :)

Agree with the above and if you have to be in class four nights a week doing it while your little one is usually in bed will help you maximize your time with him or her.

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I'm taking two sciences now--A&P II and Nutrition (which is harder than I thought it would be!). I also took two classes last semester. I work full-time. Some other people in my class wonder how I can take two classes at once, and another girl is freaking out over her two classes, and she doesn't even have a job!!

What I'm trying to say is it will be hard, your weeks will be long, but it can be done. I usually spend the weekend catching up on everything that slipped during the week, and I have absolutely NO time to relax and just hang out, read the paper, a book, or watch t.v.

Keep your eye on the goal....good luck!


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I took A&P 1 and chem together. It was hard but doable. When I

took micro, though, I took it over the summer and I WISHED that

I took all my sciences in summer session! 2 days a week for 5

weeks was sooo much nicer than 3 days a week for 15 weeks!


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My niece is taking A&P and Chemistry together 4 nights a week, but she does not work outside of the home, but she does have 3 kids. She did it last semester and this semester and has been getting As.

I myself couldn't do it, but that's just me. Good luck in your decision.

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I think you can do it. I think to get good grades though you need to make sure you are the type who studies really well and is motivated and not easily distracted. But I am a firm beliver that if you want to do something bad enough it can get done. I normally use the weekends to catch up as well (I have kids ages 4 and 14 montsh and take classes at night) and I also rely a lot on my tape recorder to listen to lectures over and over again during the week, Im always surprised at things I miss in class cause I am tired or whatever.

But if you are confident in it (and it sounds like you are) then I would say go for it!! I do it and many other, you can too! Its NOT easy though and I never have ANY time to do anything but study but its very well worth it!.

Good luck!



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My only thought is this: how strong are you in science?? If you have good study skills and (dare I say it) time management can be done...with a LOT of support at home.

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I took Chem and A&P I together. I took the Chem during the day--took a lunchtime class, then just extended my workday a bit to make up for time out, and took the A&P at night. It really wasn't that bad, but then the Chem was a repeat for me (had 2 years of chem for my first degree, but it was too old to transfer).


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I took Bioch 241 with A&P 1 and now Bioch 251 with A&P 2. I have found it to be manageable, even last semester when I took 5 classes and was a tutor in a 6th. You do have to have good study skills, find out what the teacher expects and then go for it. I, like you, don't want to put off starting my nursing so I am willing to work to get through prereq's.

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