How To Get a Job As a New Grad Nurse

The tale and advice of a brand new grad on how to stand out and score yourself a job as a new graduate nurse. I was the first in my class of 50 to score a job, and after giving out a lot of solicited advice, I've decided to write it out and share with other hopeful and passionate new grad nurses.


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I'm a new grad (April 2012) and I've been offered 3 jobs and have officially accepted an offer. . I have no nursing or medical experience. I tried getting in somehow by being a PCT but had no luck. How did I land a job? I took job searching very seriously. I spend hours upon hours perfecting my resume and applying to hundreds of jobs each day and receiving rejection letters each day. I was not picky on what floor or facility and I was willing to commute up to 1 hour for a job.

Yes it's hard to find a job as a new grad. I've been aware of this ever since nursing school. I kept applying and thankfully a small hospital hired me for their medical unit and this hospital is only 30 mins away. Bottomline dont' give up, keep applying, once you land the interview be prepared for it, and eventually you will land a job. Be persistent and don't give up.

I'm also a new grad with no medical experience. I've applied to many jobs online with no luck. Could you give me some advice as to what you did with your resume? I've been using a functional format lately but still no luck. Any advice would be appreciated.

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wow thanks for the lovely advice! will try to use it in the future been a nurse for over a year now and looking for better opprtunities

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This is a great article, wish I read it while I was in school. Never had the foresight to talk to floor managers where I had clinicas, and didn't do an extern position while in school.

My two awesome shots at getting a foot up in the industry are gone....

Now what? Posted a semi lenghty question in a post here. Any tips welcome.

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WOW!! You sound like a staight shooter and a go getter. Good for you. I can see that if you keep this up you may even become a nurse manager yourself one day!!:bow:

This article is great! I've been searching for job online for 2 months without landing 1 interview :( I should definitely try something new. Living in the Bay Area makes it a lot worse ...


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Love this post :) you have an awesome attitude and great tips ! I seriously need to step up my game with networking, I suck at that stuff.

Thank u for taking the time to share this with us!!! Any more in depth advice about how/what to do when u go in the facilities to apply? Besides dressing professional, having all the necessary resume, cover letter, recommendations, how should i go about talking to them? Ask the receptionist for the nurse manager/ BON? And what exactly do u recommend saying once I get to talk to them? I can obviously come up with alot of this on my own but I'd love to hear suggestions on what to say. I need whatever advice i can get on the subject. I want to come across as and be truly prepared. Thanks guys!!! I appreciate any advice u have. :)

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Thank you so much for the detailed, useful information.

Inspired me a lot.


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Great post. In a nut shell: in order to land a job you must learn to kiss @$$ lol. Hey it works after all as long as it is somewhat genuine!

Great article. Alot of people just expect things to come to them...they don't know how to go the extra mile to get noticed when they really want something and its sad. If you want something you have to go out and get it and show people you mean business to get what you want! And that's exactly what you did. Bravo!

Thank you for taking the time to write this post. I will follow your advice as close to the letter as possible :)

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Learn to sell yourself. You are the product, answer the question how can i help you? you see all interviews, employers have the same goal they are looking for that perfect employee who can do the job, is likable, confident, gets along with coworkers. so take stock of your personal strong points and write it into a sales pitch. In 30 or less secs you must answer 3 questions who are you, why are you here and what do you want. *smile* Hi my name is XXX, *extend hand for shaking* I'm an RN graduated from xyz school, I am trying to find work as a nurse at your hospital, I'd like to give you my resume. Can we schedule an interview or fill out an applicatoin. *hand em resume* Thank you for your time! May I have your business card? All done with a big smile, confidence, charm. You just showed them a mini demonstration of who you are as a potential employee and so what f they dont have a job to offer you either way you made an impression on you sometimes you get names and leads to other people who do have work. Anyways the end result is that a few months of this cold sales you'd have developed, learned the confidence that allows you to walk up to total strangers, talk to them, sell and ask for a job. These are the same skillset that nurses need and what employers are looking for.

Of course research the organization, know mission statement .. practice practice so when you knock on their doors you are ready, confidence, polished.