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  1. Hi all, I've been a nurse for almost 4 years now and started my career at a major Level I trauma/teaching hospital doing acute med-surg, that was back in 2012-2013. I then worked at a free clinic doing mainly clinical trial management and routine pri...
  2. hakunamatata

    Am I a Product of My Environment, or Just a Crappy Nurse?

    OP, just read your post - did not read any replies. Here is my initial though, day after day, when scrolling these forums and posts: It takes someone with true compassion to post their potential flaws on the internet, to a bunch of strangers on the i...
  3. hakunamatata

    PMHNP Psych NP Questions

    I have been an RN for ~3 years now in multiple specialties, and just applied to a PMHNP MSN program. I've always found that I love psych, although I'm not currently working in that. I actually got so exhausted with nursing that I went back to bartend...
  4. hakunamatata

    New Grad Jobs in California

    I feel for you, OP. I was in the same situation as you; but I had no savings, no parents to live with, anything like that - and I was offered a job before I even graduated in Missouri, so I am here now getting my experience. I must tell you, most peo...
  5. Thanks all for answering, even the ones bickering - I'm always enthused to hear both sides of the story :) I had to laugh at some of the responses, haha, I definitely don't have a drinking problem. I exercise 6 days a week (run, bike, yoga) and ...
  6. You guys rock - thanks. ;D
  7. I am a new grad RN - got a job before I graduated on a high-acuity, fast-paced medicine floor at a top 5 (inner city) hospital, where everyone is super sick (or super MEAN). I've got a lot of common sense and am a well-educated and emotionally mat...
  8. hakunamatata

    Any Advice for student going into OB who wants to do L&D?

    Yes, my advice is to network and get yourself a job! That is a hard area to enter, with and without experience. Most places often require that you have L&D experience to get an L&D job...so network your pants off to start there. Ask for the m...
  9. Thank you SO much for your reply! I don't get shaken up easily, so I'm thinking I can handle it. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Hi all! I am a newer grad and I am so excited that I just landed a PRN psych job at a State Hospital to supplement my full-time job on the floor. I wanted my "medical" experience, but psych is my passion, so I wanted to dive back in. I was offered...
  11. hakunamatata

    What does it take to be a good psych nurse?

    Definitely a dark sense of humor, among other things. And tolerance to sit and listen...for extensive periods of time.
  12. hakunamatata

    HRSA loan repayment

    Do your research on the website, and some Googling. It can be overwhelming, but you need to put the time in if you are serious about it. You should be able to find all of your answers on the main site.
  13. hakunamatata

    Going to Cali after one year experience...possible?

    Thanks palmbeach - I have looked into the travel thing, but I am specifically talking about securing a job at a hospital, not traveling. Thanks for your help though - this may be a good option for me! :)
  14. Hi all, I was in the typical new grad dilemma of wanting to go to Cali for my first nursing job, but due to the economy, have taken a job in the Midwest (I was offered it before I even graduated - couldn't say no). I'm at a Top Ten Hospital (and M...
  15. hakunamatata

    UCSF NEW GRAD RN Training Program!! 2012

    It stands for Intensive Care Nursery (you can Google these things, btw ). I didn't think they were going to make phone calls until July at least, but that's awesome.
  16. hakunamatata

    Who enjoys med/surg??

    I was actually going to come on here today to post some positives for the same reason you're talking about - it seems like there are none on here! I am a new grad on a super busy Medicine floor at a large, teaching hospital (and Top Ten Honor Roll Ho...