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  1. NursieNurseLPN

    How much was your lpn program?

    Ugh my school was about $37,000, after grants and paying some throughout school, I am now the mortified owner of a $24,000 (now $20,000 after 2years of payments) student loan. I do not recommend doing this! At the time, i thought i was doing what was best for my future, and was scared to commit to my Rn. My payments are huge compared to my pay. I went to a private school and feel I received a great education compared to some nurses I know, but i would highly suggest others go for their Rn or anything else. What I wouldnt do to go back in time. Some Rn programs are only $10,000 around here. 😠
  2. NursieNurseLPN

    Confessions Of A Nurse With Poor Interpersonal Skills

    No worries :). This is what most of us do anyways. Seriously though, I think the fact that you recognize this and attempt to change it for other peoples' benefit shows very clearly that this is why you are a good nurse. I believe its better to fake it til you make it instead of just being rude or ignoring someone. You clearly have compassion for others, and that will make you a far better nurse than someone who can bs with the best of them.
  3. NursieNurseLPN

    The Interview that never happened...

    Ok, first of all: thank you all for replying and helping me realize it happens, time for me to get over it. In a way, I think maybe this was a good thing, because even though at first I was extremely disappointed and sick of trying, now that its been a few days, I have a renewed enthusiasm to find a job. I went to five places today to apply, and I was alot more outgoing than usual. I also expanded my search to a 100mile radius and just took the time to drive and apply. history loving lpn... oh my god.. just goes to show you that someone ALWAYS has it worse. Lol im sorry to hear you went through something similar but in a way it just reminds me someone always has it worse. THREE INTERVIEWS?!?! I am so sorry! Also, yeah i absolutely cannot stand to see jobs still advertising or back advertising after I applied there. I keep thinking to myself: Hire me! But I see you also found a job finally so I do think that sometimes we need these unfortunate situations to happen so we can put ourselves in overtime, desperately searching for a job. Im happy to hear you found something, especially something you love. YEAAA!! Nurse blob: yeah i wish i could too!!! Colorado's beautiful! I have found that since i started looking farther out in the middle of nowhere, the ltc facilities seem to be more open to newer nurses. But only time will tell. RNewbie: I sometimes think to myself, why even bother with a custom cover letter, etc? I know some unprofessional people who put in very little effort who were hired before me. And now i know that a lot of these places dont even read the cvr ltr, let alone any of the resume. I mean, really.. I can understand being so busy you cannot read every resume that comes in, but for the people you called in to interview, the 10sec's it takes to scan through isn't that much effort. Plus, it would save themselves time of by not wasting time meeting with people they absolutely know they won't hire. leinasmom: Congrats on the job!! Like i said before, I think maybe that upsetting situation was what i needed to just decide to go all out and committ even more to finding any job. I thought i was doing that before, but now i am more committed than ever before. But i must say, your a bigger person than me, because the only consolation i have is telling myself that when i am that experienced nurse they want, I refuse to go there for a job. Theres a quote (i'm not sure i have it exactly right): you can tell alot about a person by the way they treat someone who can do nothing for them. It's just how she handled it. I mean, i know it's not her fault they're not hiring new nurses. But she shouldve known i was new, or at least when she found out that day, she could've said I'm sorry, I didn't realize. Thank you for your time.. But instead she acted like I was gum stuck on her shoe or something.. LOL okay I'm sorry guys! I am getting over it. I just wanted to get back to each of you to thank you for your support and let you know i appreciate hearing your stories as well. Im so happy to hear most of you are working!! That's awesome. Good luck with everything!!!
  4. Although I see your point, I'd say theyre both "rich"
  5. NursieNurseLPN

    The Interview that never happened...

    I am a recent LPN graduate (June 2012). I've been putting my ALL into looking for a job. From custom cover letters, to a professional resume, wearing business attire when walking in to apply, as well as minimal make-up, short clean nails, etc. Lol basically every hint ever given on allnurses. Two weeks ago, I walked in to apply at a ltc facility about 45 minutes from my house after a family friend referred me there. I was ecstatic to be asked to wait for an interivew (this has never happened, they usually dont even want a new grad to waste time applying). I think because i was referred there, the administrator was polite enough to see me and I was extremely grateful. I figured worst case, it would be a good experience to help me interview better in the future and allow me to practice all those interview questions I've looked up and memorized.:) So i gratefully waited about an hour to interview. I believe for my first real nursing interview, I did very well, and I hope I made new graduates look good. I had done my research, and was well aware of the facility (recent awards, services, etc). But of course at the end, I got the expected: Im sorry but we prefer RNs, or at least experienced LPNs at this time. But we will keep you in mind and contact you if anything opens. The following week, I received a call asking me to come in for another interview. I was so happy! I thought to myself, I did the right thing by looking further than my initial comfort zone and doing all that research into interviews. I agreed to come in the following day, so I spent allllll night preparing my portfolio, questions and responses, etc. With all my nerves, I drove there (leaving extra early in case of traffic, which i ended up stuck in for one hour), and arrived 15minutes early. I waited for 45minutes while a CNA and RN were interviewed, and was taken on a tour of the facility with them. This was all great until it was my turn. The DON called me into her office, everything seemed great, I felt we had a good rapport. The second we sat down, she looked at my application from last week (that boldly said in red pen- new graduate/no experience), and looked at me and said "We have no positions at this time for non-experienced nurses. Try a flu-clinic or anything where you can get some experience." She stood to walk me out and that was that. I had no opportunity to comment and truthfully i was stunned. I mean to me, this was my second interview, and although I tried not to get my hopes up and be realistic, I truly was unprepared for this. I understand new grads are not in need at this time, i really do. But they called me! At the very least, I feel she could've said, "I apologize, I didnt realize you were a new nurse, Thank you for taking the time to come in." Aghh how quickly a new grad can go from up to down!! Sorry for this long post, I just had to post somewhere where hopefully someone can sympathize. To hiring managers or DON, please have more respect for peoples time. My resume clearly states im a new nurse. At the very least, dont be rude. I felt like absolute garbage walking out of there, dismissed after only 15 seconds. To top it off, i got stuck in traffic for another hour on the way home (in tears). Anyways, thanks allnurses for giving me a place to vent my frustrations!!
  6. Im a new lpn seeking employment. I plan on furthering my education as well. Im interested in seeing who you think will benefit us nurses the most (in terms of jobs, continuing education, etc). Im not trying to start an argument, but I would like some opinions from fellow nurses. Ive been researching this and thought it would make an interesting thread, especially considering election day is tomorrow. Thank you all! I look forward to hearing from everyone!
  7. NursieNurseLPN

    LPN New Grad looking for networking in CT

    Hi! Im also a new grad lpn in ct. Have you had any luck?
  8. NursieNurseLPN

    Who hires newly license LPNS???

    Ok this is good to know! Ive been looking for work for a few months and i was wondering if it would be okay to apply for some jobs looking for a MA. So now i think i will. THANKS!!
  9. NursieNurseLPN

    Hard time finding LPN work in new haven

    Well, im a new grad lpn and ive been applying everywhere with no luck. Geez if you have years of experience and cannot find anything, im really screwed! Lol good luck to you though!
  10. NursieNurseLPN

    Poll to " former" new grads. How did you land that 1st job?

    Thank you all so much for taking your time to respond!!! Its good to hear all your different success stories! Good luck to you all!!
  11. NursieNurseLPN

    Can't find a LPN job for a new grad in Connecticut

    Thats ok! Thank you for responding! Yeah the only other place i found was community health network. Them and all the Maxim offices said they're all set for this year though. Lol aggghhh i need to find something! I'm hoping all my walk-in applying will pay off in the long run, and maybe ill receive a call over the next month or so. Honestly I had no idea it would be so hard to get hired. My expectations for pay are low, and I would be happy to work 2nd and/or 3rd shift. Oh well, THANK GOD FOR ALL NURSES!!!! All the advice I've received on here has been so helpful! THanks CT Pixie! good luck to you!
  12. NursieNurseLPN

    Conn Nurses Meet N Greet

    Wow yes i would definately be interested in that. Especially stratford. Would you mind messaging me any info about the company or how i can apply? I want to say THANK YOU because a lot of people dont take the time to help. I want you to know its very much appreciated and once Im in a position to, ill pass it forward and try to help other new grads. Even if nothing comes from this, thank you so much!!!
  13. NursieNurseLPN

    Conn Nurses Meet N Greet

    I live in new haven county but pretty close to fairfield county and all major highways so im extremely open about working anywhere around here. Yes apple rehab is one of my top choices actually! Theyre really well-known and a reputable company. I actually applied to two apple facilities with custom cover letter, resume, etc but nothing so far. Getting discouraged. But ive been going to about 3 places a day so im hoping something comes out of it soon!!! Thank u for responding!!! I didnt think itd be this hard! Im open to any pay and available days/nights, weekends.. Im trying to stay positive and hope all my efforts will pay off sooner or later! What about you? Are you from ct?
  14. NursieNurseLPN

    Where to buy scrubs, etc.?

    On the post rd in orange/milford, theres work n gear and then further up theres scrub wearhouse
  15. NursieNurseLPN

    Can't find a LPN job for a new grad in Connecticut

    HI CT Pixie!! Do you have any advice on how to get into flu clinics? The impression im getting is that its too late now because I have called all the Maxim offices i could find in CT and theyre all full so far. Do u know any other way to get involved? I cant seem to find anything through google and dont know any nurses who've done the flu clinics. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. NursieNurseLPN

    Conn Nurses Meet N Greet

    Hi I'm Jenn! Im a new LPN looking for employment in long term care/ rehab. Any advice?:)