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How did you study differently after failing at 75 questions?


You guys, I'm burnt and stumped.

This is my 7th test and the first time I only took 75 questions. I did the PVT at 48 hours and got the bad pop-up. All the other tests I've had, I've taken all 265 questions.

I've taken Kaplan, Lifesavers, NCSBN....

I have the Priorities book, Saunders.

I've taken the time to read through the basics, gone through the systems, and have done 1000's of questions.

Any pointers and tips, please?

Did you know that the number 8 is considered lucky in the Chinese culture? You totally got this! :D

I do have some questions.

-What does your CPR say?

-What are your strengths and weakness when it comes to studying?

-HOW are you studying or been studying?

Kdoolay,ADN- you are sweet :)

I haven't gotten my CPR yet. I was studying in the mornings, reading content and doing questions for about 3 hours. My weakness is that I get distracted easily with "house" stuff (laundry, kids stuff.)


I recently passed my NCLEX RN.

PLEASE DO NOT LOSE HOPE. And if you think all of your studying did not work, try mental conditioning. There is a mantra that I always repeat to myself when I want good things to continually happen: "The world gives what your mind had conceived." Your thoughts have a big factor on your performance. I know it is hard as hell to be confident when you had failed so many times, but you have to pick yourself up. If you step in the arena thinking that you have lost the fight even before it started, don't go on because you will surely lose. What I'm saying is that, you have to maintain a positive outlook.

There is a BE, DO, BECOME principle.

1. BE: In the exam, THINK like a nurse. In every choice, ask yourself "Is this how a nurse will act?" "Am I having a nurse's mentality with this choice?"

2. DO: You will be able to select the right choices like an RN.

3. BECOME: After this, becoming an RN will only be a formality.

To be honest, I wasn't thinking straight during my exam. I think it was pure optimism that brought me the title "RN".

I have posted an article with the materials I have used.

GOOD LUCK, future RN. You got your 8th exam. I don't know you but I believe that you can. Claim the title!



Sun0408, ASN, RN

Specializes in Trauma Surgical ICU. Has 4 years experience.

When you did the PVT did it just take you to the CC page or did it try to charge your CC and then declined the card?? I ask because everyone goes to the CC page now. You must put in your CC info before it will give you the good pop up or attempt to collect payment for the bad pop up.

Sun0408, ASN, RN

Specializes in Trauma Surgical ICU. Has 4 years experience.

I'm sorry to hear that. Hang in there.

I failed first time at 75 questions, Second time took me to 235 questions.. I guess if it took you to 265 questions means your good in Contents and your struggling at Test Strategy! Try Joan workshop or caring 4 you tutoring.. I am going to study more contents such as Saunders focus on my CPR weakness also you can go to NCBSN website read throughout the things they ask in questions focus on them.. I know someone they went over all the details with Saunders and she passed!!!

Don't overwhelm yourself your close to pass.. Stay positive..


Your Be, Do, Become is by far the best NCLEX test advice I have read yet. thanks for posting it.

I made a post btw if you want know how I passed :D


Just remember...

-choose the patient that may kill them soon if they ask about which patient to see first.

-DONT RUSH but always go with your gut. Read the question again and look answer...does it make sense?

-MACHINES DON'T MATTER. Never pick that answer because the focus is the PATIENT.

-you need to know your basics before you can think critically.

-utilize test-taking strategies! i.e. ABCS, Maslows, Umbrella options, and etc.

-if you can dream it, you can achieve it :D