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  1. I was looking up unique looking resumes for format ideas and I liked the ones that have a picture of the candidate. But is that too much for a resume?
  2. bibay45

    Failed NCLEX twice with 265 both times

    I received a fail letter a couple of years ago with 2 subjects "above passing" and the rest "near passing" At the time, I had taken all 265 questions.
  3. bibay45

    Quick run down from a multiple test-taker

    ***Update*** Received license certificate on 12/23, nearly 4 weeks after taking the exam
  4. bibay45

    Need advice, waited too long to take NCLEX

    I would use Uworld and just continue to do questions daily. Review the basic lab values and pharmacology. You can't possible recall everything but if you do questions daily it will keep your brain always working and critical thinking
  5. Graduated in 2006 and have taken NCLEX multiple times. Uworld: the one review that worked for me because I could read the rationales of both my incorrect and correct answers. The important think to do is remediation and make up exams from even your incorrect questions so you understand what you need to know. The best think I kept in mind was that the NCLEX is making sure you are a safe practitioner. You don't have to memorize all types of rare diseases. Understand the concept of what how things affect the body. I loved videos from RegisteredNurseRN.com and NurseJaxx (and c'mon, you need to watch Nurse Blake for laughs) 11/26/19 Exam in CA (I did 265 questions and took up all 6 hours) 11/27- PVT test 24 hours after exam = good pop up Longest Thanksgiving vacation ever... 12/9 - just short of 2 weeks later, I realize "California-RN" is listed as a participating state for quick results! I paid the $7.95 and received PASS unofficial results (my name and license number still hasn't posted on Breeze) 12/13 - I called BRN (35 minutes wait) and a very nice person confirmed I passed the exam and that they will message the licensing department. Shortly after, my name popped up on the Breeze site. *** If you have failed the NCLEX before, don't give up!
  6. I kept reading everywhere that California did not participate in quick results for years (I'm not a first-time test taker.) I stopped reading the details on the NCSBN site a long time ago. So 2 weeks after I took my exam (11/26), I had a "good" pop up using the PVT, no news via a CPR email, no name on the Breeze site.... the wait was killing me so I went browsing on NCSBN and I realized "California-RN" was listed as participating state in quick results! How long has CA been participating?! I feel like such a dork.... but I PASSED!
  7. bibay45


    Congratulations! You mentioned you paid for quick results, but California does not offer that. I’m confused how you were able to get those results. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for results too (after a good PVT pop up) and I’m anxiously waiting for any news
  8. bibay45

    Friending patient families on social media?

    I've often thought of this over the years. There are always the patients that were with you for months at a time and you feel close to the families. I feel like you really shouldn't "friend" patients while they are still in-house. Wait until they've been discharged. Also, if you friended every "special" family, you'd end up with tons of people you look back and think, "who were they again?" Over the years, there will be many families special to you, but maybe not enough to keep the hundreds as friends on social media.
  9. bibay45

    Ca Reapply Nclex

    I don't think there is a way to make the process go faster. I've applied several times and I never understood why the minimum days to take the exam again is 45 days in California but it takes 10-12 weeks to even get approved! I'm sorry, I know you're anxious to take it again. The only way to take the test right at the 45th day mark is if you already submitted an application to re-take the exam BEFORE you even sit for your test AND then you'd have to schedule your exam (which is harder to do if you want to sit for the exam within a few days of receiving the confirmation letter.)
  10. bibay45

    June NCLEX takers

    Took it in Cali on June 1st, received bad PVT pop up at 48 hours. Awaiting official mail results (usually takes a week to get the "did not pass" letter) I've tried many courses and this isn't my first exam. But my favorite has been the Uworld questions. I loved the rationale and the test was pretty much SATA and priority like UW. I hope to try again soon.
  11. bibay45

    June NCLEX takers

    Took mine on June 1st in CA, waiting for results
  12. I figured we could all encourage each other as we count down to our exam
  13. bibay45

    NCLEX 1/7/16 California

    Thank you! I have 3 months until my next test. I extended my Uworld subscription (I didn't get to do all of them.)
  14. bibay45

    NCLEX 1/7/16 California

    Just an update: Took my exam on 1/7/16, and did 75 questions (75th one was correct). Did the PVT on the 5th day after test and got the "bad pop-up" and received the confirmation letter that I failed 2 days later (exactly a week to the day I took the exam.)
  15. bibay45

    Pearson Trick

    Took my exam on 1/7/16, and did 75 questions (75th one was correct). Did the PVT on the 5th day after test and got the "bad pop-up" and received the confirmation letter that I failed 2 days later (exactly a week to the day I took the exam.)
  16. bibay45

    CPR (Candidate Performance Report)

    I received mine exactly a week later

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