How does the recession affect your job?


Has the current recession affected your job at all? I work in a small LTC in a small community. We hold 60 but census has not been above 32 in over a year. Our marketing nurse said she discovered many unemployed adult children are taking Mom or Dad into their home and useing the SS income to pay the house paymants. Becaause the census is low, we only get scheduled for part time. Like 8 or 9 days a pay period and they always have one nurse leave her shift an hour early. What have you experienced in your area?


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I work for the state of Idaho department of health and welfare. We all had to take 24 hours without pay within 3 months. There are talks of more cuts.


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I think it really depends on what area of the country you live in. I'm in southern Ohio (Dayton/Cincinnati area) and my hospital has 30+ openings for RN's and many more for HUC's, PCA's, etc. In fact, on my floor we have a "needs book" where we can sign up for as much overtime as we want. I worked 108 hours during a 2 week period (and paid for it too!) last month. So if anyone is looking to relocate, my area is desperate for staff.

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Many hospitals around here are trying to freeze raises and take away benefits. They are trying this with union facilties, but they can only ask that we agree, since we have a contract. It's up for a vote next week..I know what I'll be voting.. a big fat NO.

They need to start their cuts at the top, considering one of the CEOs at one of the hospitals makes 3 million dollars a year. And no, that wasn't a typo either. :banghead:


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I am a foreign educated nurse with an approved petition for an H1-C visa waiting for a job availability in a hospital in Texas. My employer told me that they have to delay bringing in any more H1-C nurses to their facility because of the very slow economy. I have been waiting for so long and there is still no job availability for us. Nurses who are currently employed in that hospital said that they are understaffed and overworked. Others are asked to work undertime when the census is low. I'm worried that this situation will really take a while and that I will have to wait longer to be able to work in the US.


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From agencies to hospitals in New York City, all the nurses can feel the heat! I am sure there are jobs openings in some rural areas. As soon as the economy is improving, the jobs will be available again. Stay tune!

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The per diem nurses all seem to be picking up more shifts. The full-time staff seems to be picking up more overtime.

Add that all up and I get cancelled more than I used to.

Being cancelled because there are too many nurses used to be a rare thing; used to be that work would call on your days off looking for nurses to work extra.

My phone does not ring much now.

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I live in central IL and the hospitals here aren't hiring at the moment and have cut all matching contributions for 401k's as well as cut OT, increased pt loads, etc..

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I'm in the St. Louis area at a hospital w/average census of 370-400. We don't get bonus pay for extra shifts, tuition/loan reimbursement and 403(b) matching is gone, senior management isn't getting raises, they won't pay for inservices/seminars not held on campus, and our staffing grid has been revised. From what I can tell, there's an unofficial hiring freeze going on as's been months since we've had a new hire in house, and they've fired a few people and some have quit.

And we've been told that further cuts are in the pipeline, although I have no idea what there's left to cut :(


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A unit on my hospital was closed due to lack of adequate funding from medicare. That's all I can really think of - we still have travellers and floats and per diems.


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I'm in a large metro area, in a LTC. We have a max load of 72, with 24 beds available for subacute/rehab. Our census has been running between 66-72. I am scheduled 9 days/pay period, which is a FTE of approximately 0.8-0.9. I get asked to stay at least an extra 1/2 shift daily, we are often short staffed, and I typically get calls asking me to work doubles or come in on my days off, oh, daily.

I can't find a job in a hospital, and a lot of my classmates can't even get LTC jobs. I needed extra hours, but wanted it in a different venue, so I took a home care job two days a week. So, I have more work hours than I know what to do with right now.

All of the area hospitals laid off last year, so the days of new nurses walking into a dream job are over. I'm very, very lucky to have the jobs I do.

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Its good to read that its not bleak everywhere. In my area Balto/DC things are different but still good in my experience. Definitely not as sweet for new grads as it was a year ago but still plenty of places hiring. I recently interviewed at three facilities and started a new part-time position they hired 3 full timers also. At my long term job they are using the economy as an excuse, imo, to drop our staff numbers but they aren't replacing nurses that have left so we are still working as much as we want. Things like this come and go so the key is to be financially prepared for lean times and just wait it out.

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