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  1. I'm at a COHN review conference right now. I can't say it's helping my anxiety about the exam. So much info!
  2. tater.jake

    Housing spiked, wages did not

    I was given an awesome (sounding) job offer in downtown Seattle. When I did the math on housing vs commute times, I couldn't bring myself to accept it. Are downtown nurses having problems keeping up? Wage increases are minuscule while housing is outrageous!
  3. I have to continue working full time, so I would prefer online part time school (or otherwise manageable while working 40+ hours per week). I live in WA. I have a BSN with a 3.0 GPA I have looked into Gonzaga. I am concerned with clinical hours and preceptorship, though. I don't want get in over my head.
  4. tater.jake

    Professional Journals

    some NPs at work regularly have this one in print: http://www.npjournal.org/
  5. I have heard a great many things and googled the guts out of this topic. All I can come up with is "it depends on where you are and which school you go to." Please correct me if that is wrong. If anyone has reference to reliable info on the topic, I would love to see it.
  6. I'm an occupational health nurse. I like my job, but I feel like the longer I do this sort of work, the more screwed my career is. I want to get into some acute care as a per-diem so that I can maintain my experience. It was a bit disheartening to have a nurse staffing agency reject my application based on being out for 2 years. Any advice? I'm already working on a RN to BSN.
  7. I think that learning how to cut to the chase and having faith in your knowledge would save a student oodles of time in this program. Learning how to "trim the fat" on the course info will save lots of time and effort. Brave the tasks and get them in the bag. Course mentors, in addition to your main mentor are actually helpful and surprisingly available/quick to respond. I decided to take a term break for 3 months so that I can enjoy my summer. Applied Healthcare Statistics I got spooked on this one and really dragged it out. There was a pre-assessment that was way harder and focused on different chapters than the actual exam (OA). It turns out that they have updated the PA within the last few months so it's not so scary. I studied a lot and watched the lectures. I passed on my first attempt. The lectures (videos) are actually helpful. This class had lots of terminology and concepts, but not a lot of calculation. History It's easy to get caught up in the wrong details on this. Feels like a lot of work for 2 one-credit classes, but I might have made it harder than it needed to be. Biochemistry Probably the "bear" of my first term, though it still wasn't that bad. I followed the 20 day plan (found in the student success community) to the T and passed. 3 of my tasks passed on the first try, 2 of them had to be resubmitted more than once. Health Assessment (OA) I failed my first attempt on this by 2 points. There was a lot of provider-oriented material, but I found it to be a great refresher on assessment. Applied Health Assessment Pretty straightforward, follow the instructions. Helps to do it after you pass the written exam (i.e. I had no idea how to assess sinuses and tactile fremitus until I took this class). They want you to use certain software to produce a video, which complicates things a bit. Care of the Older Adult I thought this OA was pretty easy, but I used to work LTC as a CNA. Passed it on the first attempt. The most challenging material was on medicaid, medicare, and healthy people campaigns.
  8. https://fortress.wa.gov/doh/providercredentialsearch/SearchCriteria.aspx
  9. tater.jake

    November 1st

    ready to rock and roll on this.
  10. most likely, but I guess it depends on the specific school in question.
  11. I haven't begun to investigate, but the enrollment counselor says about 1/2 of the programs won't take WGU credits.
  12. tater.jake

    November 1st

  13. I was hoping for a description from an actual student who is going through it.
  14. dang, it turns out that Ohio U will only take apps from 5 states, and mine isn't one of them. thanks anyway.
  15. thanks. someone else was recommending that. sounds good because I do have lots of other credits.
  16. tater.jake

    RN to BSN without clinical

    A handy link to UT arlington https://www.uta.edu/nursing/rn-bsn