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mama_d has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in tele, oncology.

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  1. mama_d

    Does anyone like night shift?

    I love love love my night shifts! I was a wreck when I worked days. Getting up with (or even before) the birds is just not right, I'm sure there's several natural laws that breaks. Plus all the coolest kids work nights on my floor.
  2. mama_d

    Breastfeeding and 12 hour shifts...

    I breastfed my oldest until he was 10 months old while doing LPN school full time & working nites. He did fine with formula every once in a while so my supply waxing and waning a little wasn't a big worry for me. My youngest on the other hand wa...
  3. The only way to know for certain is to ask your HR dept. Be sure that you speak to someone who specifically deals with insurance benefits. I was able to get my hubby and step-kids on my insurance before we were married...he qualified as a LDA (legal...
  4. mama_d

    Primary Nursing is for the BIRDS

    In my neck of the woods, "primary nursing" means no the nurse does all with no real assistance. ALL of the ADLs, code browns, feeding, blood draws, I & O's etc. on top of nursing duties. No backup when you have multiple patients on b...
  5. mama_d

    Head Lice - Protocol at camp

    I don't have anything to offer as far as the camp situation specifically...but I do know a remedy for lice that nearly always clears the nasty buggers the first time. I have no idea if you could use it or not, but wanted to throw it out there. Ge...
  6. mama_d

    Nursing school + working - WWYD?

    You're going to need to have a frank discussion with your hubby about expectations. I work full time (3 12's) and am in a bridge program. We're scraping by with hubby being a SAHD. He and the kids (15, 13, 12, and 5) know that when Mommy's in scho...
  7. mama_d

    Fainting... so dramatic

    As far as the *dramatic* fainting goes.. We had a patient who was apparently the matriarch of her family who was expected to pass any time. While her approximately 40 family members (no exaggeration) were in the waiting room, THREE of them "fell out...
  8. mama_d

    Fainting... so dramatic

    On my first day of first grade, I fell during recess and split my chin open. Even at that young age I knew my Mom could not handle the sight of blood. We were at the urgent care, and she insisted on going back with me...I had a sterile drape over m...
  9. mama_d

    Whats the point of a LPN license

    Because I couldn't support my family at my job at the time and couldn't afford to be in school for that long or wait the yearsit would take to get into the RN program. Also, I've only worked acute care...currently tele with at least two shifts a mont...
  10. mama_d

    something to think about

    For years I've tried to use the mantra "There are others worse off than I" to put things in perspective. My cancer patient's family is being needy and demanding...deep breaths and be glad it's not my mom in that bed. My shift sucks great big smelly d...
  11. mama_d

    Shift Work Disorder

    I've often wondered if those of us who are "natural" night owls see less of the health detriment long term than those who fight to adjust. I do nights at work (3 in a row) but then have to bounce to a day schedule during the week for school. It's g...
  12. mama_d

    LPNs: Myths and Misconceptions (Part III)

    Sadly, in my area at least, LPNs are no longer found in most hospitals...I was one of the lucky ones who was "grandfathered" in at my facility and able to keep working acute care while working towards my ADN. When one of the units in our hospital go...
  13. mama_d

    Need input from NIGHT SHIFT nurses

    Night shift friendly thing my unit has done.. It used to be that nights was solely responsible for the weekly or semi-weekly stuff..wound measurements and photography & central line dressing changs & port re-accessing. After literally years ...
  14. mama_d

    Need input from NIGHT SHIFT nurses

    A thousand times "Yes!" to the above! Also, nights (at my current place under current management) is expected to run short staffed if days was over to "make up for it" in the budget. Days does not have the same expectation b/c we are NEVER allowed t...
  15. I don't think the OP was aiming towards all the critical thinking, education, etc that many of the responses have been, instead more of a head-scratching at the whims of BONs (at least that's how I took it). I have no problem following "the rules", I...