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I am extremely fortunate to have a WONDERFUL grandma who is pretty wealthy and has offered to pay for my schooling (again). She and my grandpa had money set aside years ago for my dad and my two uncles that was never used (my two uncles went into the service and my dad had no interest in college). There are five of us grandkids and I am the only one going to college (both of my bros have taken courses but nothing major) so all of the money is mine if I need it. The first time I went to school I tried to work at the same time (50-80 hours a week, and my grades sure showed it!) because I was taking care of my little bro and my fiance. This time I am older, wiser, and more humble about accepting help ( I will be working little to none while in school). This is the only way for me to achieve my goal of being a CRNA. I plan to make school my "job" for the next few years. I feel extremely blessed to be in the situation I am in and am so excited to be starting this journey. Good Luck to everyone in achieving their goals!!!!



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Sorry, somehow posted twice!



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I was in the Air Force for 5 years, so I get the GI Bill.


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Currently, I am taking pre-reqs to get into nursing school. I am hoping to start in Fall '04. Howvever, I am getting antsy about paying for it. I am one of those with undergrad and grad degrees and have been hit very hard during the last few years with the bad economy and I am in IT or at least was. I can not get most federal grants because I have degrees. However, I am praying that I will be able to somehow go to school. I am not afraid to cut out a lot of things because I am almost to the bare minimal now!

I will find out where the money is or is not when I am official accepted and can start applying for it. I have been looking at different money programs, however, I can not find out if any is there until I can apply for it. I will be like Tom Cruise & Cuba Gooding, Jr. in that football agent movie, Jerry McGuire, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!" :roll

I don't know what I am going to do, however, when I find out, I will let you all know.


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I just got a scholarship from the hospital for tuition and books. I am not sure if this amount will cover my tuition because I have to pay out-of state. However, I have applied for a part time job at the hospital so I hope to hear from them soon about that.

Please pray for me.


God has brought me this far and he is not about to leave me now! :D ;)

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We are pretty poor. My husband works full time (and he is also in school part time himself) and I am in school full time. We have 2 kids at home still. I am able to go to school because of Pell grant which pays my tuition and books and I also take out a student loan every semester to cover living expenses.

My dad also has lent me a truck that is paid for that they no longer use. So I am able to get around, without that I would be stuck at home all day (actually I lived that way for over 3-4 years and it was horrible).

So its not easy but we actually get by just fine. From my student loans we always have money for any emergencies, etc. We can not however, afford for me to have any medical insurance so that does suck. My husband gets home for free from where he works and the kids are covered though.



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Hospital Scholarship. They pay all tuition, fees, books. I give them a 1 year commitment after I graduate. :D


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Pell grant and staford loans to cover tuition, and out of pocket for my books. I was sooooo thankful that I didn't need any books this semester!:D Not that I saved any money, just redirected it to another bill.:rolleyes:


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Scholarship, student loan, and our pockets. I don't want to sign a contract unless I absolutely have to.


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I'm currently using GI Bill funds, Pell Grant and an unsubsidized stafford loan. I hope to receive some scholarships later on.



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I had money in savings that I used to pay for my tuition for the first 3 semesters. Now that it is all exhausted my boyfriend pays for everything for me. He'll pay for my NCLEX test as well. Eventually he will quit his job and retire for a year while I support him so he can play games and read all day.


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student loans, student loans, student loans. I already have a bachelors so I don't qualify for any kind of grants. I am going to apply for a scholarship for next year, so if I get that, I will use my loan money to live off of so I don't have to work as much!


ps. Mithrah, is that your kitty cat? it is one of the most adorable cats I have ever seen, next to mine of course! :D

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