How are you paying for school?

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Are you getting student loans, pell grants, scholarships, tuition reimbursement programs, hospital career programs or going it on your own?


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Full-tuition scholarship from hospital with commitment to work for them afterwards. Financing living expenses, books, etc. with Stafford student loans.


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I am married with 3 children so I think that affects my financial aid here in WI. So far it has been covered totally by pell grants and state grants. It gives me enough for my tuition and books and a little extra. I always complain that I should of gone before I had kids but this really helps because I don't have to work so much. I also work one day a week and everyother weekend to help with our expenses. Our hospitals reimbursement program sucks so I am not willing to make the 2 year commitment for only $500 a semester (less actually because they take out taxes first).



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I'm married with 2 children, but my H makes about a $1000 over the line for any kind of grants. I am ineligible for a Stafford loan, if you can believe that. So I am paying for everything out of my pocket, which has been incredibly difficult and I'm not sure where the money is going to come from for next semester. My husband takes classes full time in order to receive his GI Bill which pays for the extra income we are missing from my not working, but that doesn't cover my tuition and books. I will be spending my Christmas vacation wondering how I will be paying for the next 3 semesters of school....ack!!!


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oops..posted that twice accidently :D


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I am married w/ three kids too but my husband must make too much for grants also (not that we make that much money!! - we live paycheck to paycheck pretty much)... I got Stafford loans. I've been thinking I should do the hospital pay thing if one around here does it but I'm not sure I want the committment later... how is the repayment arranged if you fail to work for them in the end? What kind of interest? The Stafford loan interest is super low right now.


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No grant money, but stafford loans and scholarships pay my tuition. I'll be working hard to pay off the loans... or I may be lucky to get a hospital to do it!

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I'm 36, married with one child. We're paying for nursing school with a home equity line of credit - by the skin of our teeth. Very, very stressful!

The upside is, I've been a stay-at-home mom for several years, so when I graduate, and (God willing) pass the NCLEX and am working, it will be about a 30% increase in our household income.

Mitchsmom - sometimes the tuition/employment arrangements work out well, but you need to be careful. I know of some where if you leave your position before the contracted date, the entire pro-rated portion of your tuition is due and payable immediately. Be really, really sure you like the facility before you make a commitment like that.

Gotta go balance the checkbook, ha ha ...



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I am single w/no kids. I received enough in state grants to cover my tuition plus an extra $80. I am also taking out stafford loans to pay for books and living expenses. I also work 15 hrs a week. I have surprisingly been doing OK. I am fortunate to have a BF that can fix my car and he will cover me on anything I can't pay for. (Nothing yet, thank goodness!) It kind of makes me feel guilty but this will all pay off in the long run!

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Stafford loans and out of pocket. A lot of that out of pocket has come from my mom who felt bad for not being able to send me to college when I was a young thing out of high school. Bless her, she saved and squandered for MY rainy day. I'm covered till the end of Spring. Then I may have to take one of those indentured servitude scholarships in addition to the stafford loans.


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I am currently going to school with the aid of loans, pell grants and scholarships. My tuition is 4200.00 per semester and the remainder of the money goes to pay for monthly bills. We are a family of six with an income of 20000.00 per year. My husband wants to go to school also as in two weeks he will be out of work. Does anyone know if it is possible to go on welfare while both parents are in school?

Thanks for your response.

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I took out a private loan for the full amount of my tuition and then some, so I can get back a refund and take care of any expenses that are suffering since I decided to start nursing school. Still waiting for that refund. Things are rough, but I'm I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end when I can put those 2 letters after my name in '05.


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