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CarVsTree has 4 years experience and specializes in Trauma ICU, MICU/SICU.

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  1. CarVsTree

    Log roll transfer from Spinal Board

    XFR is short for transfer. Don't know what CID's are though!
  2. CarVsTree

    Log roll transfer from Spinal Board

    I work Trauma ICU so we don't transfer off of backboard. However, I would think you need to know how to XFR prior to clearing C-spine considering it is often impossible to clear a c-spine. For example, intoxicated, drugs, neck pain. All reasons NOT to clear the C-spine. I'm sure lots of trauma ppl will be able to give further insight. :)
  3. CarVsTree

    Trauma In Peds

    A patient with SDH is usually at high risk for falls secondary to confusion. Why is your patient so sick? Is your patient still intubated? If so, then they're also at risk for interrupting their treatment, for example, extubating self. HTH.
  4. CarVsTree

    in shock my daughters life on the line need your help!!!

    I'm so sorry you and your daughter are going through this. Take a deep breath and take it one day at a time. She will be in the right place soon. Not giving medical advice, but I just want to say I LOVE wound vacs :-) You and your daughters are in my prayers. {{HUGS}}
  5. CarVsTree

    when can nurses touch ventilators

    I'm still pretty new to ICU (XFR'd there in November) but that is solely the responsibility of the RRT. There is so much that goes into understanding and changing vent settings, I'm not sure why you would want that responsibility. Do you mean in an ICU setting, in sort of an RRT role? In what capacity do you want to work with vents? I can't imagine managing my patient's medical needs and having to be responsible for vent settings. Of course, I need to know what they are and to contact the RRT and/or resident when they are or are not working. However, I enjoy working with the RRT and problem solving together. I very much appreciate their expertise since they ONLY work with lungs. The only settings I use are O2 enrichment and standby if I have to disconnect the circuit (for example, when changing a cervical collar). If I need to travel the RRT disconnects from the vent, bags along the way, and reconnects in CT scan or the dreaded MRI. Hope my limited experience helps.
  6. CarVsTree

    Dilated pupils after seizure activity

    I have no idea. Let us know what happens(ed).
  7. CarVsTree

    ICU courses

    Ditto! I just completed the same online course for my hospital plus some additional modules in person for pulmonary, cardio, neuro, trauma, burn. At my hospital you would apply for a GN internship or an RN internship. Same course, but RN's have a 2 month shorter clinical component. Take care,
  8. CarVsTree

    How to get into ICU nurssing as a LPN

    You should study for you RN. I don't believe an LPN can work in ICU due to drips/IVP. I definitely no it is a big NONO in my state.
  9. jlsRN & KLKRN, Would you please kindly take your debate elsewhere? I'm sure the OP did not intend for her thread to be hijacked into a debate regarding white (or any other ethnic group) and their religions. However, I'm sure OP appreciates your input regarding her problem with nosy patients and their families.
  10. CarVsTree

    ICU visiting hours

    I'm still new to Trauma-Neuro ICU but we've had open visitation. Families can visit 9:30a to 6:30p then 8:30p to 06:30a. If they are in any way interfering with the patient's care (for example over-stimulating a neuro) we can tell them to leave. Just yesterday, I had mom & dad over-stimulating my SAH, Frontal Hemorrhagic Cont, DAI. I told them that he needs rest and quite, showed them his elevated HR and BP of 190's over 90's and told him that is a direct result of them talking to him. Dad wanted me to give him something for the BP. I told him he needs absolute quiet. They're welcome to stay but they may not speak - even to each other. Assured Dad that I will continue to monitor his VS and if the quiet doesn't settle him I can medicate him. Parents were very compliant at that point. But, I know not everyone is. Our hospital has had open visitation for a long time and it definitely is more labor intensive for the nurses, but we absolutely enforce the rules and we'll help each other out with bringing the point home. BTW, the above pt's SBP went down the the 130's and Dad actually asked me at what blood pressure can we start bugging him again. They just don't get it. Mom said, I just want to be able to read a book to him without his blood pressure/HR going up. I guess they hear what they want to hear. Hang in there, you may not be able to stop it, but make sure you have strong language for visitors about the rules and the nurses authority to enforce them. They harm/interfere with patient they're out. Good luck!
  11. WOW!!! ((((Nat)))) I'm so sorry that ppl are so rude to you. I agree with other posters. Definitely turn the conversation back to them, with a big smile on your face. I had a gangbanger that was in with either a GSW or a stabbing (don't remember - too many) who asked me where my daughter goes to school. I told him, "I'm sorry, but I don't give out personal information to my patients." He looked a little dumbfounded, even a little put off, but it stopped the personal questions. Again, if you tell them you don't give out personal information and they continue to press, say it again and turn the conversation back to them. "I'm sorry, as I've stated before, I don't give personal information to my patients. So, how is your pain now? Did the morphine help?" I find that telling patients that you don't give personal information to "patients" re-establishes the professional relationship. Reminds the patient that despite the fact I'm giving intimate care, wiping butts, etc. this is not a personal relationship but a professional one. I may be friendly, but please don't confuse that with friendship. Hope all the great advice you've received on this board helps.
  12. CarVsTree

    What nursing "invention" would make you famous?

    Don't know if it is truly a nursing invention, but it would sure make nurses happy... ETOH patches to keep the DT's away. Level 1 - Little bit ' O shakin' Level 2 - Straight Level 3 - Nice Buzz Level 4 - Pretty Drunk Level 5 - Plastered
  13. CarVsTree

    Dumbest thing you've done in nursing??

    Med error: Gave dulcolax supp instead of tylenol supp to a patient with exacerbation of IBS w/diarrhea x 3 days. I realized about 15min after I gave it. I then preceeded to try and retrieve it... Called resident (who could NOT stop LAUGHING). BTW, did not have any bm's for me after that. When I returned later that night, day shift reported that she had a big poop with no c/o.
  14. CarVsTree

    What is the dumbest order you ever read?

    Aw, it is sweet though!
  15. CarVsTree

    What is the dumbest order you ever read?

    Pt. already intubated via trach. :)
  16. CarVsTree

    What is the dumbest order you ever read?