How much homework for CNA class?

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How many hours of homework are typical in a CNA class? The class I'm starting tonight is 120 hours/5 weeks long. I work part-time 20 to 25 hours a week and the school is 25 hours a week too. I'm concerned that I might be taking on too much if they assign several hours of homework a day. The textbook is a thousand pages long but I can't imagine we would have to read every page?! I've read other posts that a lot of the CNA class is common sense, but this is a totally new field for me. Any answers greatly appreciated :confused:

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I don't remember having any homework at all in my CNA class. It was 5 days/week, 8 hours/day, for 4 weeks, so there was ample time to absorb things during class.

I went to class for 4 weeks (5th week was clinicals) from 9 to 3 and I had two hours of reading homework a night plus filling out a worksheet. I read over 800 pages the first three weeks.

We did all of our reading in class as a group. Our only "homework" was to do a fill-in-the-blank worksheet and/or a crossword puzzle with vocab terms. It was a joke, really.

I'm still in class now, but we're onto clinicals and done with the book. Our class is Mon and Wed 8am-2pm, Aug 25th-Nov 10th. We had no assigned homework. We do have a workbook, but didn't have to do anything with it. I used it as a sort of test after doing my reading. Our book had 641 pages of reading and most nights I did do at least an hour or two of reading. (skipping reading on my two class days) I guess it just depends on how many times you feel you need to read something, I wanted to go through each chapter twice, then do all the workbook questions the night before each exam to make sure I knew everything. (Ended with 97% overall!)

Wow, they gave us our assignments before the class even started. We had to have the first 3 chapters read and review questions at the end of each chapter done for the first class.

We had to read between 2-4 chapters a night. We had quiz's on the those chapters the next day.

If you don't do the reading it will show when it's time for finals and clinicials. We started with 22 people in the class, only 16 made it to graduation.

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The class I am taking now is 3 days a week for 5 hrs/day for a total of 90 hours (including 3 days of clinicals).

I have had a single page paper, a 15 minute presentation and a 2 page ethics paper to do.

We have a study guide for the tests so all I do to study is take an hour after class, write down the answers in a binder and use that. When I study, I use the hour before class to review my notes. Our tests consisted of MC, T/F and lists along with vocab.

I agree with CoffeeMateCNA, this class is a joke. Our teacher at the beginning of class said that this class is 95% common sense, and she is right. I still have one unit exam and my cumulative final coming up in a week but I don't expect to study more than two hours TOTAL.

You will do just fine cantfindmyshoes, it's a breeze!

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We did all of our reading in class as a group. Our only "homework" was to do a fill-in-the-blank worksheet and/or a crossword puzzle with vocab terms. It was a joke, really.

Yea our program did the same. Honestly, its really easy. The hardest part of the class is the clinical portion. Its sort of intimidating if its your first time taking care of people.

We had to read 2 chapters every night and a study worksheet, with a test the next day. Watch videos too. We had a 4 hr class Mon-Thurs. And clinicals are 4 weeks and we have to pass all of our skills to pass the class. Then...the state test.

So lots of tests & reading/skills practice, but I will definitely be comfortable during the state test and caring for residents.

In my cna class we have to read about 3- 5 ch a week and that's all. We do a worksheet of 3 question once a week but not for a grade just for a review. And we have a workbook that we can do if we want to.

I was wondering this same thing. I start training on Monday. I am also in Anatomy and Physiology II and I have Sociology. I currently have a 98% in A&P II and i'd like to keep that A although I am already accepted in my RN program, which I start in June 2011.

I can't wait to start this though! Crazy as that probably sounds!! Excited to clean BM's all day....not really!!! HAHA!!

OBRA '87 requires 75 hours class time & 16 hours clinicals.

IL, where I am, requires 80 hours class time & 40 hours clinicals. There is a LOT to get through in the 5 weeks of class (4 days X 4 hours). Because clinicals are scheduled across the Turkey Day holiday, we'll have M-T-W that week; then M-F the following week, at 5 hours per day.

And, a C being required to pass the course, and be allowed to go do clinicals, is defined as being 77~83%--i.e., a pretty high C by more common standards.

Question is, how well do you wanna do, and how hard are you willing to work--or how much time are you willing to put in, to get there?

If you want the absolute minimum to get by, maybe you'll make that--not one point more than necessary to meet the absolute minimum requirements.

Wanna be more?--you gotta do more. Ain't no other way around it.

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